Apple wants to know if iPhones can detect COVID-19

  • Apple has launched a study to figure out whether Apple Watch and iPhones can be used to detect COVID-19 and similar diseases
  • It will be collaborating with the Seattle Flu study and the University of Washington 
  • People enrolled for the study will have to fill out short surveys via the Apple Research app 

Your iPhone and Apple Watch could soon be able to detect COVID-19 and other similar diseases if Apple’s latest study is a success. According to a report by Apple Insider, the Cupertino giant is collaborating with the Seattle Flu Study and the University of Washington on a new study. The company is looking to find out if Apple Watch and other Apple devices can be used to detect diseases such as COVID-19. The study is now live and already has people testing it out by providing vital information to Apple.

iPhones, Apple Watch to detect COVID-19

With COVID-19 pandemic showing no signs of slowing down, the race is still on to find ways to detect the disease in a much faster way and deal with the new variants that are spawning every few weeks. Apple has now joined the race and wants to find out if its products, such as the Apple Watch and iPhone, can be used to detect breathing issues related to COVID-19 and other diseases in the early stages.

The Seattle Flu Study has started the study for Apple, and several people have already signed up for the same. They’re looking for people living in the greater Seattle area who have a higher risk of developing respiratory issues through work, health issues, etc. Those who enroll for the study will need to complete short surveys on the Apple Research app on their iPhones. They will also get free COVID-19 tests at the start of the study, as well as for other respiratory-related issues that may come up during the study.

The participants will need to wear the provided Apple Watch at all times, even when they go to sleep. Basic requirements for enrolment include that the participant has an iPhone 6s or later, should be older than 22, and know-how to speak/read English. As per the report, the may last up to 6 months. If you’re from the greater Seattle area and meet the requirements, then you can sign up for the study here.