Apple Watch reportedly recovered from under 25ft water after two weeks

“Surprisingly, this has not happened for the first time, and a previous Apple Watch was recovered after spending six months underwater.”

The Apple Watch wearable devices have featured waterproofing for a while now, and of late, one particular Apple Watch went through an unexpected durability test. The incident occurred recently with the Brookfield Police Department, which recovered an Apple Watch from a lake bed 25 feet deep, and where the Watch had reportedly spent two full weeks after its owner lost it.

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Miraculously, even after spending such a long time underwater, the recovered Watch is said to still be operational, which even by Apple’s durable hardware standards is quite a feat. However, this is not the first time that an Apple Watch is found to have withstood extreme underwater conditions for long spans of time. According to a previous report from California, a surfer had lost his Apple Watch in the ocean near the shore, and subsequently managed to recover it nearly six months after the smartwatch was lost.

It is important to note that an Apple Watch is rated to withstand the pressure and atmosphere at up to 50 metres underwater. While the 25 feet deep lake bed falls comfortably within the maximum depth at which an Apple Watch can operate, the Watch itself is not rated to remain operational through prolonged underwater usage and is typically rated to be functional for short spurts at such underwater depths. The durability factor sounds even more impressive when you consider the previous incident, where the Watch remained functional at a higher depth and in the saline seawater, that largely differs from the conditions of pool water.

Despite competition from Android device makers, Apple has managed to retain a market lead in the wearables segment. Both the Apple Watch and the AirPods enjoy a considerable lead in their respective categories, with the Apple Watch growing nearly 50 percent in shipments and capturing almost 50 percent market share. The AirPods, too, enjoy the majority of the market share in the truly wireless earphones category, with the combined sales of the two wearable accessories somewhat compensating for the decline in iPhone sales in the near past.

While such extreme cases might still be accounted for as one-offs, it still lends perspective to how durable Apple’s products are in general. Given that losing an expensive smartwatch in a lake or in the ocean might not be an everyday thing for the common user, it is reassuring to note that despite being slightly pricey, the Apple Watch can indeed take a beating if doused occasionally in water either by accident or by choice.