Apple Watch Series 3 could be discontinued this year, says analyst Kuo

After five years, Apple Watch Series 3 might finally call it a day.

  • Apple could discontinue the Watch Series 3 later this year
  • Apple Watch Series 3 was released five years ago, and its hardware is said to be obsolete for the coming WatchOS updates
  • Users have been facing frequent issues with Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 has been alive for five long years, but it seems 2022 is the end of the line for the smartwatch. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that Apple Watch Series 3 could be discontinued in Q3 2022. Kuo believes that Apple’s third-generation wearable is too old to handle the latest version of WatchOS. In Kuo’s words, the device’s “computing power can’t meet the requirements of the new watchOS.”

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Apple Watch Series 3 was initially announced in 2017, and its been around for five years now, which is quite extraordinary for any wearable device. However, lately, after the WatchOS 7 update, the device has been running into issues such as randomly rebooting or freezing, running out of storage, and battery drainage. Users are also facing problems while updating their Watch Series 3 to the latest version of WatchOS due to low storage, and users are often asked to reset the Watch to initiate the update. It’s quite surprising how it still managed to survive despite the introduction of the Apple Watch SE. 

With the introduction of WatchOS 9, the Watch Series 3 is expected to get obsolete due to its frail hardware. Apple will be unveiling the WatchOS 9 at the WWDC 2022, which might drop the support for the Watch Series 3. If rumours are to be believed, Apple is expected to bring three new Apple Watch models this year – the Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 8 and a rugged Apple Watch Explorer for sports enthusiasts. And, there might be no spot for the Watch Series 3 in the keynote.

Apple Watch Series 8 is tipped to get a new flat design in line with current iPhones and iPads. Further, it might come with a body temperature sensor. The Apple Watch Explorer could have impact shock resistance and a rugged protective exterior.