Apple Watch Series 7 may come with blood pressure, glucose, and alcohol monitoring capabilities

  • Apple Watch Series 7 could feature advanced sensors for monitoring blood sugar, blood pressure, and alcohol levels
  • Apple could release these features as early as next year
  • These sensors will be developed by Rockley Photonics in the United Kingdom

The upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 could come with the ability to monitor more than just your heart rate and SpO2 levels. According to a new report, the company could include sensors that will be able to monitor blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood alcohol levels. Glucose monitoring is something that a lot of people have been wanting in a wearable, but it’s very hard to do. However, Apple may have figured out a way to bring this to the Apple Watch and other devices. If the report is right, you can expect the Apple Watch Series 7 to include advanced health-tracking sensors.

Apple Watch Series 7 leaked features

The reveal comes from James Titcomb, who penned down a report on The Daily Telegraph in the UK about Rockley Photonics. This is an electronics startup in the UK that has revealed its biggest client is Apple. It builds sensors for the company and stated that its newer sensors could be used in Apple products as soon as next year. Rockley Photonics is preparing to go public and has released listing documents, which revealed these details. 

Apple Watch Series 6

Most of the revenue made by Rockley Photonics came from Apple’s business. The company is currently in a contract with Apple, but didn’t reveal if the sensors would be specifically available in the Apple Watch 2022. It is true that Apple has been working on bringing Glucose monitoring to the Apple Watch. Patents from earlier this year had revealed this information. It is possible that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 could offer blood pressure monitoring to start with, while the Series 8 models could make big advancements with glucose detection. 

Apple Watch is currently one of the most feature-packed smartwatches out there. It accounts for most of the global sales for wearables and offers several essential tracking sensors.