Got an Apple Watch Series 8 or Apple Watch SE? Now get these 8 Free apps to take it to the next level

These Apple Watch apps are free and worth checking out

If you have got your hands (or should that be ‘wrists’) on the Apple Watch Series 8 or an Apple Watch SE, the first place you should head to is the App Store. For while it has got a truckload of sensors onboard and a very premium design, it is the apps that run on it that take the Apple Watch to the next level. Of course, the Apple Watch itself comes with a number of health and fitness apps and features, and also by default installs watch-friendly versions of apps that are already on your iPhone, but there still are a number of apps out there that can totally transform your Apple Watch experience. Best of all, a lot of them are totally free. So if you have got an Apple Watch Series 8 or Apple Watch SE and want more from them without spending a penny, go ahead and grab these eight free apps.

(Note: To see Apple Watch apps, you can go to the App Store on your Apple Watch Series 8 or SE. If you wish to see them on the iPhone, go to the Apple Watch app, select the Discover tab, and then select the Explore Watch Apps option, where you can see some Watch Apps.)

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Bear – Markdown Note

Making the Apple Watch Note-worthy

Some might find it a tad hard to believe, but the Apple Watch still does not have a proper app for note-taking, although it does have a Voice Memos app. Fortunately, there are some excellent note-taking apps out there for the smartwatch, and if you want one without paying a penny, go with Bear. The app has a simple interface and allows you to record your notes not just by typing on the tiny keyboard on your watch but also by converting your voice to text. So you can speak into your Apple Watch Series 8 or SE and see the words appearing in Bear. You can also edit the notes, and switch between voice and keyboard as input in the same note. Very handy, and of course, it syncs smoothly with the iPhone app, which is also quite powerful and hooray, also has no price tag (although you do have the option to shell out bucks for a premium version with more features).


You got YouTube on your wrist

Watching YouTube on a tiny display might seem a bit like tech overkill. Until you actually do so. WatchTube brings the YouTube experience to the Apple Watch and does a remarkably good job of it, especially with the larger 45mm cases. Videos are reasonably sharp and even sound levels are impressive. We are not saying that this is a substitute for watching a video on your iPhone or for binge-watching, but it is certainly more than enough to check a quick video when you do not feel like taking out the phone. You can like videos and also view comments on them and even share them. We would advocate using the app with caution, though, as it does tend to drain battery heavily and the Apple Watches are not quite battery champs. Not yet.

Thirstic Smart Water Tracker

Never forget a drink (of water)

Although the Apple Watch comes with a number of health and fitness apps, there is rather remarkably, no app on it to remind you to keep drinking water – something that is of critical importance. The very cleverly named Thirstic Smart Water Tracker looks to accomplish that very task. It works out the amount of water you need to consume based on your age and weight, and also throws in some extra smarts by factoring in your level of activity. The app comes with a clean interface that not only tracks the amount of water you have taken (you have to enter it), but also tries to work out your current level of thirst, which is a nice touch. It also reminds you to keep drinking water, thus ensuring you meet your healthy water consumption target daily.

Microsoft Translator

Mind your language… in any language

Oh yes, we get the not-so-subtle irony of recommending a Microsoft app for an Apple product, but more seriously, if you are the type that travels to different places and are not a multilinguist, then this is pretty much an app for you. You can speak or type a sentence into it and get its equivalent in another language, both in written and in spoken form. There are dozens of languages to choose from, and a number of Indian languages as well. It is simple to use and delivers results swiftly. Once again, it lets you keep your phone in your pocket, which really is one of the core competencies of the Apple Watch.


Wikipedia is literally a glance away

Who the heck wants the whole Wikipedia on your wrist? Well, ridiculous though the concept might sound, it is actually rather cool. MiniWiki is a very impressive app for not just browsing Wikipedia but even for getting information about places around you. The app also shows images associated with the item you have searched for, and if the articles seem to be endless (well, there’s only so much you can see on a tiny display), you can use the crown of the Apple Watch for scrolling. An excellent resource to have right on your wrist for those moments when you do not feel like digging out your iPhone.


Name that song!

Shazam on the Apple Watch is really a one-trick pony. That said, it is one heck of a trick. If you hear some music playing and want to know what it is, just launch the app, tap on the symbol and…hold up your Apple Watch-ed wrist. Shazam will identify the song for you. You can also hear a preview of it, and it will be saved in your recent Shazams (just use the crown to see it). That might sound rather basic, but the good part is that it works brilliantly. We actually find using it a lot easier on the watch than on the phone.

Foursquare City Guide

So where do you want to go?

A few years ago, Foursquare used to be an app that you logged into whenever you arrived at a certain place, with the opportunity to get special benefits and designations (there were ‘mayors’ of cafes and roundabouts!). Since then, however, the app has evolved into a very handy city guide letting you find out about restaurants, bars, cafes and other locations in different parts of the world. On the Apple Watch, the Foursquare is great for quickly looking up places in your vicinity. You get brief descriptions, a few visuals, some user comments and even directions on how to get there. It is extremely handy to have at short notice right on your wrist.

Snappy Word

Time for a wordy time waster

The Apple Watch has some very innovative games on it, but most of them are either cramped by that relatively tiny display or come with a price tag. However, if it is just some mental exercise that you seek, then Snappy Word is a great game. It is a variation of the iPhone game and as in it, you have to form a word with the four letters that appear on the display, even as the clock keeps ticking. It is well-rendered and runs smoothly. It might seem simple, but it is not as easy as it seems and some of the words can be tricky. An utterly awesome way to while away some of those short intervals in the day when you do not have too much to do and cannot be bothered to try something more elaborate.