Aspects that matter most while buying a laptop: 91mobiles survey

Here are some insights on aspects people consider important while buying a laptop

A lot of thought goes into buying a new laptop, which isn’t surprising at all given how important these devices are for most of us. Buyers need to consider a number of aspects before spending thousands of rupees on a personal computer, ranging from the brand down to each individual specification. We are constantly looking for that perfect laptop that can offer the most bang for the buck, and this is especially true in a price-sensitive market like India. One also needs to consider the fact that for most households, laptops used to be shared devices at one point, but in recent times, have evolved into personal gadgets to the extent that each member of the family needs one of their own. In order to understand the aspects buyers consider when purchasing a laptop, we at 91mobiles recently conducted a survey. After analysing the responses from over 8,000 laptop buyers, here are some insights on what matters to people the most when buying a laptop.

What matters most when buying a laptop

  • The biggest factor when buying a laptop is performance, according to our survey group. In fact, 72.6 percent of people chose performance over other aspects like battery, storage, design, and display. This hasn’t changed much from last year’s survey.
  • We broke down performance further into processor, RAM capacity, graphics card, SSD, and benchmark scores to understand what buyers mean exactly when they say performance is an important aspect. Here, a majority (63.7 percent) said they cared about the processor of the laptop.

  • As far as processor brand is concerned, Intel leads with roughly 8 out of 10 people having heard of the chipmaker over others. Apple came in second, which is impressive considering the Cupertino giant only recently started shipping Macs with its own processors.
  • Over half of the survey takers prefer an Intel-powered laptop, which speaks about the brand’s dominance in the laptop segment. Apple-powered laptops came in second.

What matters most while evaluating a laptop’s display

  • A laptop’s display is apparently the least important aspect when buying a laptop. Still, we wanted to know what factors come into play while evaluating a laptop’s display.
  • Roughly 42 percent of people care about the screen technology i.e. whether the laptop’s display is IPS LCD or AMOLED.
  • Display size and screen resolution come in second and third in order of importance when considering a laptop’s display. Refresh rate is the least important factor.

Most wanted features in a new laptop

  • Around 4 in 10 people want a good camera and speaker quality when purchasing a new laptop. This makes sense with work from home being the new reality for people. A good webcam is needed for meetings and online classes in the pandemic era.
  • Interestingly, the second most wanted feature for our survey takers was biometric authentication i.e. fingerprint reader or face scanner. This ranked marginally above wanting a hybrid or convertible laptop.
  • It seems people don’t consider having a shutter for the webcam as an important feature when buying a laptop, although it is considered an important privacy feature in today’s digital age.
As we can see, things haven’t changed much from last year. Buyers still consider the performance of a laptop as the most important aspect when buying a new laptop. Intel ranks at the top in terms of brand preference for laptop processors. The most notable change from last year is the entrant of Apple as the second most considered brand for laptop processors. In a little over one year, Apple has launched several custom silicon chipsets starting with the M1 chip. The Cupertino giant has refreshed its entire Mac lineup to include its own processor and replacing Intel CPUs. It will be interesting to see what the coming year has in store as Apple looks to take on Intel at its own game.