“Feast your eyes on this cool concept laptop from ASUS, featuring dual touchscreens”

Time and again, we’ve commended Taiwanese brand ASUS for being one of the few laptop makers that have always strived for innovation. Be it the Transformer series or the ultra-slim laptops in the ZenBook range. Once again, the company has taken a leap forward by showcasing the Project Precog Concept laptop. As the name suggests, it’ll come with AI capabilities to enhance the user experience. Physically, the device features a convertible design with dual touchscreens and a glossy finish on the outside. Like other concepts, it’s still in development stage. But unlike others, ASUS isn’t only showcasing the product at Computex… it’s also announced that the device will ship sometime next year.

While the company is keeping mum on the specs and even the screen size of the Project Precog, it has announced that it’s working on the device in partnership with Microsoft and Intel. ASUS has also teased some of the abilities of the upcoming laptop, such as adaptive input experience, which will automatically recognise if the user’s fingers are nearing the secondary touchscreen and offer a virtual keyboard. Similarly, the laptop will know that one has removed the external keyboard or mouse, so that the secondary display should show the virtual keyboard. This will also help creative professionals, as the primary screen will let one use a particular app, while secondary one will offer additional controls, making it easier to create or edit photos or videos for example. Thanks to AI, the company claims that the device will be able to deliver long battery life. The laptop will come with support for Intel’s Movidus to enable hardware-accelerated visual intelligence, real-time face detection and support for deep neural networks. Thanks to the convertible design, the Precog can be used in various modes – normal, tent, book and flat.

While we’ve to see how well the brand delivers on its promise and what kind of AI capabilities it’ll offer, for now, we’ll now leave you with the images of the Precog concept for your viewing pleasure.