Ather 450x, Ather 450 Plus electric scooters get new SmartEco mode for ‘true range’

The SmartEco mode enables users to extract more range without losing power. Read on to know more.

  • Ather Energy rolls out a new SmartEco riding mode for its Ather 450x and Ather 450 Plus e-scooters
  • The new feature comes via an OTA update in a phased manner to users subscribed to the Ather Connect Pro plan
  • The mode enables riders to achieve true range without compromising on power 

Ather Energy has rolled out a new SmartEco riding mode that enables riders to achieve the e-scooter’s true range without compromising on performance. The Bangalore-based startup has introduced this new update on its Ather 450x and Ather 450 Plus premium electric scooters.

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The new SmartEco mode aims to adjust the range and performance in a dynamic manner. It will replace the current Eco mode in Ather’s e-scooters. Customers will have to activate the Ather Labs option on the app to access this feature, which is only available to users subscribed to the Ather Connect Pro plan.

Ather launches new SmartEco riding mode for Ather 450x and 450 Plus e-scooters

The SmartEco mode will be made available to existing users of the Ather 450x and Ather 450 Plus e-scooters via an OTA update. This new feature will be rolled out gradually and not simultaneously so some users might be receiving it earlier than others. 

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The new SmartEco riding mode will slot in between the economical Eco mode and performance-oriented modes (i.e. Ride, Sports and Warp). It aims to achieve the scooter’s true range without having to compromise on power. This can play an important role in day-to-day usage in which case riders would want to extract maximum efficiency. The e-scooter will smartly detect and understand riding style, the total load on the scooter, terrain, etc and will dynamically adjust response from the motor while also keeping power consumption in check. 

The new feature also displays a power reserve graphic on the digital instrument cluster to help riders gauge the e-scooters in real-time. When the bar in the graphic is blue, riders can utilise the e-scooter’s power reserve to accelerate quickly. This can come in handy while closing gaps in city traffic or making quick overtakes. When this reserve is depleted, the rider would be shown a red bar. Riders can switch to more powerful modes to access power in this case. 

Ather SmartEco mode: How to download

The Ather SmartEco riding mode can be installed on the Ather 450x and Ather 450 Plus e-scooters via an OTA update. This feature however will come to users who are subscribed to the Ather Connect Pro subscription plan and will come gradually as the rollout will be done in a phase-wise system. 

To begin with, a user would have to enable the Ather Labs option on the Ather app and then download the latest version of the Atherstack software. Ather Labs allows users to experience new features that the company rolls out. In the recent past, new features such as Trip Planner and Savings Tracker have been made available. 

In the case where all pre-requisites are fulfilled, the user can head to the Settings window on the e-scooter’s touch screen display and select the Update Now option. The update should normally take five minutes. When the SmartEco mode is engaged, the riding mode will be displayed as SmartEco and riders can easily switch between the other modes as they remain unchanged.

Ather electric scooters price in India

The Ather 450 Plus and Ather 450x are priced at Rs 131,647 and Rs 150,657 (ex-showroom post FAME II subsidies). This pricing includes an Ather Dot home charger / portable charger bundled along with the e-scooter. The charger, battery and electric scooter come from the factory with a 3-year warranty.