Bajaj Avenger 220 EV conversion kit launched by GoGoA1: price and specifications

  • Bajaj Avenger electric-hybrid conversion kit has been launched at a price of Rs 27,760
  • The conversion kit plugs onto existing architecture and keeps the ICE setup intact rendering it to be a two-wheel-drive setup
  • The kit has a claimed range of 40-50km and a 60kmph top speed on electric power only 

An electric-hybrid conversion kit for Bajaj Avenger 220cc has been introduced in India. The kit by GoGoA1, which previously launched a similar kit for Splendor, includes a full set of EV components for the bike that can be purchased online. This kit when fitted to the ICE-powered Bajaj Avenger 220 will allow users to drive using electricity. Now, since it’s a hybrid conversion kit, you will be able to drive the bike on petrol as and when required. This dual-powertrain nature of the GoGoA1 conversion kit makes it an interesting proposition for the Avenger 220cc bike owners and gives it an upper hand over other conversion kits. Here’s everything we know so far about GoGoA1’s conversion kit.

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Bajaj Avenger 220 EV conversation kit specifications 

The Bajaj Avenger 220 conversion kit by GoGoA1 takes a hybrid approach and does not replace the ICE that comes with the bike from the factory. The kit consists of – a 2kW, 17-inch brushless Hub motor, a regenerative controller, a wrist throttle, a disc with catcher, mounting plate and a coupler. This solution is claimed to be a DIY plug-in; however, as we see in the video, the conversion job is extensive and might require the help of a skilled mechanic. 

The GoGoA1 conversion kit starts off with replacing the front wheel setup with all the necessary mountings and mechanical paraphernalia. The hub motor mounts directly onto the wheel and adds a redesigned disc setup with housings to connect to the battery pack and the clutch/brake cables. The battery pack is mounted at the rear along with the fenders where a typical side pannier is installed. The enclosure for the battery pack houses a 72V, 35A Lithium-ion pack. The controller is installed with slight modifications to the bike’s inherent electrical system.

The conversion kit essentially renders the motorbike into a two-wheel-drive setup instead of the traditional rear-wheel-drive setup seen on motorbikes. The rear wheel is driven by the ICE onboard while the front wheels receive power from the mounted hub motor. The setup is claimed to provide a range of between 40-50km on a typical full charge and can propel the bike to 60 kmph on electric power alone.

That said, there is no word as to whether the conversion kit is RTO approved or not. The sticker price on the conversion kit alone has been fixed at Rs 27,760.