BGMI update: Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 20 release date, rankings, royal pass, and everything else you need to know 

As per the official announcement, the upcoming BGMI Season 20 will arrive on July 14th at 7:30 AM and Season 19 will end on July 13th at 5:30 AM IST.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) the popular online multiplayer has successfully conducted its first esports tournament and it seems that the game has started catching up the pace. According to the reports, the game developers are also working planning to bring an open-to-all esports tournament, which is expected to commence soon. Apart from all this, the company has made some important announcements, including the arrival of the next BGMI Season 20. On its official forum, the company announced the Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 20 release date. This also means that Season 19 will come to an end soon. In this article, we have listed a series of changes that are going to launch with the upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India season.

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Battleground Mobile India Season 20 release date

As per the official announcement, the upcoming BGMI Season 20 will arrive on July 14th at 7:30 AM and Season 19 will end on July 13th at 5:30 AM IST. The end of the previous season means you won’t be able to access the RP benefits until the new season arrives. Do note that the arrival of a new season means the ranking level and RP level will be reset. The BGMI Season 20 download will be available on Google Play Store for Android users.

Battleground Mobile India Season 20 changes in Ranking Season

With the launch of the BGMI Season 20, Krafton is going to make some important changes with the Ranking Season. Krafton seems to implement a new term called a cycle, long story short the ranking seasons will be classified as a cycle, a combination of three seasons will be calculated as one cycle. The player can also achieve additional rewards by completing challenges.

  • From Ranking Season 20, Cycle will be applied; 3 Seasons will be combined as 1 Cycle.
  • Additional rewards can be obtained by consecutively achieving a specific tier within a Cycle.
  • When a Cycle(3 Seasons combined) ends, Cycle 2 begins and will proceed as follows: C2S1 -> C2S2 -> C2S3

Battleground Mobile India Season 20 changes in Royal Pass

The official announcement suggests that Season 20 will run on a monthly basis and the abbreviation of the season will be changed from S1, S2 to M1, M2. This means the upcoming season will be named Season 20 M1, Season 21 M2.

BGMI Royal Pass: Things to keep in mind

  • Royal Pass is a seasonal item that can only be used until the end of the corresponding season. It cannot be used after the season ends, and needs re-purchase when a new season opens.
  • When Royal Pass Season 19 ends, both the Royal Pass level and RP will be reset.
  • You must claim all the Royal Pass Season 19 rewards before the end of the season.
  • RP claimed that a purchase of a crate from the end of Royal Pass Season 19 to before the opening of Season M1 will not be applied. (Applicable only to purchases after the opening of season M1)

Premium rewards from BGMI Season 20 (M1)

Here is the list of free and premium rewards which are expected to arrive with the new Battlegrounds Mobile India aka BGMI Season 20 (M1).


RP Require to Claim

Tidal Wargod Set and Dust Camo Soldier – M15A4

Unlock at RP 1

Tidal Wargod Mask

Unlock at RP 5

Tidal Wargod Helmet

Unlocks at RP 10

Night Stalker Parachute

Unlocks at RP 13

Hahaha Emote and RP Avatar (M1)

Unlock at RP 15

Neon Hopper 2-Seat Motorcycle

Unlocks at RP 20

Groovy Teen Outfit

Unlock at RP 25

Tidal Wargod Ornament and Night Stalker Emote

Unlocks at RP 30

Alien Technology – QBU

Unlocks at RP 35

Tidal Wargod – Scar-L

Unlock at RP 40

Night Stalker Cover and Night Stalker Set

Unlock at RP 50

You can purchase the Elite Pass in Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 20 (M1) for 360 Unknown Cash aka UC and Elite Pass Plus for 960 UC. As mentioned above Season 20 will end after a month which mean the game developers will end the season on August 13th, 2021 and the new season will release on August 14th.