5 ways Battlegrounds Mobile India is different from PUBG Mobile

Here's how different Battlegrounds Mobile India is from Pubg Mobile India.

  • Battlegrounds Mobile India early access is now available to Android users. 
  • The game is fairly identical to PUBG Mobile but adds a few minor QoL changes here and there.
  • Here’s everything that is new in Battlegrounds Mobile India. 

Those who signed up for the Battlegrounds Mobile India early access can finally play the game. Not wanting to miss out on the hype train, we gave it a spin, too. You can read more about our take on the game here.  As expected, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI in short) is little more than PUBG Mobile with a fresh coat of paint. There are, however, some minor QoL improvements that set the game apart from its doomed antecedent. The Battlegrounds Mobile release date is still unknown, so you can try out the beta version by signing up as a tester here. You can also download the APK from third-party app repositories, but there’s no guarantee that it will work. Let’s take a look at what Battlegrounds Mobile India changes (H/T MySmartPrice).

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Kills are no longer kills 

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India has now reclassified ‘kills’ as ‘finishes’, presumably as a desperate bid to play the “look we’re not encouraging violent behaviour” card; in a game that incentivises you to kill everyone around in innovative ways. Then again, PUBG Mobile’s Chinese counterpart —Game of Peace (loosely translated)— employs a similar mechanic too. It is to assuage the minds of millions of oblivious parents who still think that video games cause violence. 

Gameplay Management System

While immersion is a key aspect of any game, players tend to get a bit too immersed in gameplay sometimes. That’s why Battlegrounds Mobile India keeps prompting you to be cognisant of your environment while playing the game. The above prompt shows up every time you fire up a game and asks you to check your posture, check your surroundings and ensure that you don’t get too immersed in the gameplay. Interestingly enough, the prompt still refers to the game as PUBG Mobile, which is amusing. 

Server selection

While the original PUBG Mobile did allow players to select a server of their choosing, it was later restricted in November 2020. While the default selection works fine most of the time, some players will want to avoid a local server and play elsewhere due to internet issues. Battlegrounds Mobile India lets you change the server with relative ease through the Settings page. 

Audio prompt

Battlegrounds Mobile India sends you a friendly reminder that you’re in a game. Just in case you forgot. Not quite sure what purpose it serves, but someone at Krafton thought it was necessary, so here we are. 

The ability to change Blood colour

Battlegrounds Mobile India lets you select between three colours of blood- none of which look like the real thing. This, in conjunction with the renaming of ‘kills’, appear to be yet another attempt at making the game ‘less violent’.

There are a few other cosmetic changes to find in Battlegrounds Mobile India. However, there is no denying the game is pretty similar to PUBG Mobile in terms of graphics, gameplay, maps, weapons, and so on. We will have to wait and see whether this could potentially lead to another ban in India.