Battlegrounds Mobile India launch gets closer as Krafton teases “it’s almost time”

It's almost time for Battlegrounds Mobile India to launch.

Battlegrounds Mobile India release is inching closer now. With just a few more days to go before the PUBG Mobile rebrand comes back, Krafton is teasing the arrival by saying “it’s almost time.” Krafton is yet to reveal the Battlegrounds Mobile India release date, but the game is widely believed to release on June 18th. The latest teaser doesn’t reveal anything new but only means to get fans excited about the Battlegrounds Mobile India launch. Past teasers have revealed a bunch of similarities between the upcoming game and the banned PUBG Mobile, including the maps, vehicles, and the fact that the URL on Google Play Store mentions PUBG Mobile.

Battlegrounds Mobile India launch teaser

Battlegrounds Mobile India

The latest Battlegrounds Mobile India teaser reads “it’s almost time” while also mentioning “Chicken Dinner”, which fans will immediately attach to PUBG Mobile. It seems Krafton is not shying away from drawing comparisons with PUBG Mobile, but this could also backfire for the company. Reports of politicians seeking a Battlegrounds Mobile India ban have been doing the rounds. Many believe the upcoming game is nothing but a rebadged PUBG Mobile.

So far, Krafton has revealed that Battlegrounds Mobile India will feature the Erangel map, UAZ off-road vehicle, and more. These details suggest that the upcoming game is indeed going to be identical to PUBG Mobile. Krafton has revealed a few tweaks such as green blood instead of red blood splatter and fully-clothed characters. However, it is unclear whether these changes will be enough to protect the game from being banned like PUBG Mobile. We will know soon if Battlegrounds Mobile India will get the go-ahead to launch or not. As of now, it seems the game is on course for a June 18th launch. We expect Krafton to announce the release date soon enough.

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