Battlegrounds Mobile India release date gets leaked once again

Battlegrounds Mobile India release date is tipped to be in the third week of June.

  • Battlegrounds Mobile India release date is tipped to be in the third week of June.
  • A recent report claimed the game will be launched on June 18th.
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registration for Android is already open.

Battlegrounds Mobile India release date will be in the third week of June, according to a new leak. The game does not have an official launch date yet and there have been rumours about a June 10th or June 18th release. It now seems the Battlegrounds Mobile India June 18th release date seems more likely. According to team Solomid coach and content creator Abhijeet Andhare aka Ghatak, the Battlegrounds Mobile India launch will take place in the third week of June. The upcoming battle royale game is already available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store for Android, while an iOS version is expected.

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IGN India reports that Ghatak’s record in leaks is patchy, but he serves as a coach to esports pros like Jonathan Amaral who helps Krafton promote the game in India. However, the discourse in the community suggests the Battlegrounds Mobile India game launch date June 10th. There are theories that say Krafton may unveil the game on June 10th, which happens to be a solar eclipse – something that was suggested in a teaser image. Since these are just mere rumours and speculations, we suggest you take this news with a pinch of salt and wait for an official confirmation from Krafton on the Battlegrounds Mobile india release date.

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Separately, Arunachal Pradesh MLA Ninong Ering in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi had demanded a Battlegrounds Mobile India ban. Ering’s three-page letter posted on Twitter claims the new name is a way to “sidestep the laws and deceive the government and Indian citizens.” He believes Battlegrounds Mobile India is nothing but a PUBG Mobile relaunch. We have also spotted a few PUBG Mobile ties to the upcoming game, which could make it problematic for Krafton.

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