Battlegrounds Mobile India series 2021: How to register for BGMI esports, prize money, and more

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is all set to conduct its first-ever open-to-all esports tournament called the BGMI Series 2021. Last week the company officially announced the tournament. Krafton revealed that the BGMI Series 2021 will be launched with a prize pool of Rs 1,00,00,000 (Rs 1 crore). Alongside, the game developers have also disclosed the format of the tournament, eligibility, and a lot more. The BGMI series registration is now live. In case you’re wondering how to register for the BGMI series 2021 in India, then you have landed on the correct page as we have explained everything about the esports tournament in this article.

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How to register for BGMI series 2021 tournament

The BGMI series registrations are now open for everyone. To take part in the competition, all you need to do is follow the given below steps and you are all set to go

BGMI series 2021
  • First head to the official Battlegrounds Mobile India series 2021 website
  • Tap on the registration link
  • Enter your BGMI ID along with your name, email address, contact number, and more
  • Once you’re done you need to fill in the same details for your entire squad
  • You can add one extra player to the registration form in case any of your teammates is unable to play then you have an additional player to fill in
  • Once you’re done with the form hit the Registration button and you are all set to go
  • You will receive a successful registration popup and email
The BGMI series registration will be live until August 2nd. The tournament is strictly meant for mobile game players in India. It will be conducted in five phases: in-game qualifiers, online qualifiers, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and grand finals.

BGMI Series 2021 prize pool

As mentioned above Krafton has announced a prize pool of Rs 1,00,00,000 for this inaugural series, which will span across 3 months. The company is aiming to provide one of the biggest platforms for gaming enthusiasts for competitive gaming in India. Here is the prize pool of the upcoming BGMI series 2021.



First Place

Rs 50,00,000

Second Place

Rs 25,00,000

Third Place

Rs 10,00,000

Fourth Place

Rs 3,00,000

Fifth Place

Rs 2,00,000

Sixth Place

Rs 1,50,000

Seventh Place

Rs 1,00,000

Eighth Place

Rs 90,000

Ninth Place

Rs 80,000

Tenth Place

Rs 70,000

Eleventh Place

Rs 60,000

Twelfth Place

Rs 50,000

Thirteenth Place

Rs 40,000

Fourteenth Place

Rs 30,000

Fifteenth Place

Rs 20,000

Sixteenth Place

Rs 10,000

Special prizes



The Longer Ranger

Rs 50,000

The Rampage freak

Rs 50,000

Most Finishes by a squad

Rs 50,000

The Redeemer

Rs 50,000

Battlegrounds Mobile India series 2021 tournament format

The tournament is divided into five parts including in-game qualifiers, online qualifiers, quarter-finals, semi-finals, grand finals. Here are the details about the date and number of teams which are going to be qualified in each stage.

In-Game Qualifiers

Online Qualifiers



Grand Finals

2nd Aug – 8th Aug

17th Aug – 12th Sept

16th Sept – 26th Sept

30th Sep – 3rd Oct

7th Oct – 10th Oct

1024 Teams Qualify

64 Teams Qualify

24 Teams Qualify

16 Teams Qualify


In-game Qualifiers Criteria

  • Players registered for Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 will have to play a total of 15 matches with their registered team. This needs to be done on or before August 8th
  • Only the top 10 matches of the teams will be considered for scoring.
  • In the case of ties, parameters like finish, survival time, accuracy, kills, and more will be considered.
  • Top 1,024 teams will make it to the next round.