Battlegrounds Mobile India data sharing with China reportedly stopped after new update

But is Battlegrounds Mobile India still facing a potential ban due to similarities with PUBG Mobile?

  • Battlegrounds Mobile India update fixes issue with data being sent and received from China servers.
  • The update is automatically applied when the game is started and weighs just a few KBs in size.
  • This should come as a relief to Battlegrounds Mobile India fans.

Battlegrounds Mobile India game is currently available via early access, with no official launch date in sight. Our first impressions showed the game is not all that different from PUBG Mobile that was banned in the country last September. Recent reports have suggested that Battlegrounds Mobile India game makers Krafton is secretly sending and receiving data from multiple servers located in China. This had led to speculations that the game could be banned in the country. However, the company quickly responded and pushed a small update to the game that fixes the issue of sending and receiving data from China. The update is automatically applied when you start the game and it weighs just a few kilobytes in size.

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Once the update is applied, it will prompt you to restart the game and log into your account. IGN India reports that Battlegrounds Mobile India didn’t ping a single Chinese server while playing two entire matches. It found this by running a packet sniffer. The only time it did ping a Chinese server was when the app data was deleted, even then the server it pinged was the Proxima Beta server. This is most likely because of the account migration feature that allows Indian PUBG Mobile accounts to carry over in-app purchases and game progress to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

This should come as a relief to Battlegrounds Mobile India fans as there were multiple reports and tweets that suggested the game could be banned because of this. Meenakshi Lekhi, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on India’s Data Protection Bill and BJP Member of Parliament, had tweeted asking the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) “to look into the matter.” This update should settle the dust about the game being linked to China.