10 Best 10,000mAh power banks to buy in 2022

Are you in the market for a reliable 10,000mAh power bank for your smartphone? Check out this list.

Smartphones have become an essential part of lives these days. You need them to browse the internet, watch videos, listen to music, and so much more. All of this ends up taking a toll on battery life. That’s why you need a reliable power bank that will keep you running. You can get the best 10,000mAh power bank with support for charging two devices at the same time. These are the best 10,000mAh power banks you can buy in India in 2022. 

Things to consider when buying power banks

  • Ports: More ports will let you charge more of your devices simultaneously.
  • Safety: To protect the power banks from malfunctioning and creating safety hazards, manufacturers equip several safety measures in their power banks, including overheating protection, short circuit protection, over current protection and more. So, purchase power banks that offer well-rounded protection mechanisms.
  • Portability: Power banks that come in slim and compact form factors will give you the freedom to take it anywhere you want, without taking up too much space. For instance, a compact and lightweight power bank will easily fit in your travel backpack or even in your pocket. Consider the power bank’s size and weight before purchasing.
  • Fast charging: Power bank’s massive battery capacities require a long to charge. It becomes almost a necessity that they feature fast charging capabilities. Most power banks today will also let you charge your smartphones and other accessories with fast charging speeds as well. Pay close attention to the wattage, charging standards, and other things the power bank is supporting.

Best 10,000mAh power banks to buy in 2022

1. OnePlus Power Bank

OnePlus is a known name in the mobile segment and now it has come out with its own power bank as well. The unit supports two-way fast charging with a maximum speed of 18W. Like every other power bank, this one also gets 12-layers of circuit protection to make sure the phone charging does not overheat or damage because of power fluctuations. The unit comes with a distinctive 3D curved body and the textured finishing gives it a unique appeal with the slim design profile, making it easy to store in the bag. The OnePlus 10,000 Power Bank is priced at Rs 1,099 in India.

2. Mi Power Bank 3i

The Mi Power Bank 3i packs a 10,000mAh battery which supports 18W fast charging. It has dual USB input and output ports and the power bank features 12-layer chip protection. It also supports smart power management and comes with microUSB and USB Type C input port. The Power Bank 3i gets an aluminium casing. Mi Power Bank 3i is available in India for Rs 899.

3. Stuffcool type-C 3A fast charge 10000mAh power bank

This compact Stuffcool power bank has textured plastic housing to give you an easy handgrip. It comes with a wide range of ports that include two USB-A ports, a micro USB port and a Type-C port that can be used to charge both the power bank as well as smartphones with 3A fast charging speeds. The power bank brings over current and overvoltage protection as well. Stuffcool is claiming the power bank can offer more than 500 charge-discharge cycles, so you can be sure it will last you a long while. If you want a sturdy, compact and stylish power bank that will easily fit in your pocket, this is the one to get.

4. URBN 10000 mAh Li-Polymer ultra-compact power bank

The next on our list is a pocketable power bank from URBN. It comes with a matte finish, and its compact design makes it easy to fit in your pocket or travel backpack. It has a Type-C and a micro USB input port and two USB-A output ports. It can charge two devices simultaneously with 2.4A at a 5V fast charge speed. In terms of protection, we have short circuit protection, over-current protection, and over-voltage protection, among others. With just 181 grams of weight, this power bank is lightweight, making it easy to carry anywhere. If you want a travel-friendly, compact, and lightweight power bank, this should be on your watchlist.

5. Zebronics ZEB-MD10000G3–10000

This 10,000mAh capacity power bank from Zebronics has a percentage LED indicator to make it easy to recognise the amount of juice remaining in the power bank. The power bank can be charged using either the Type-C port or Micro USB port at 5V over 2A current. The power bank charges the smartphones through the two USB-A ports that push the current at 5V over 2.4A speed. For safety, it comes with over-charge protection, overload protection and short circuit protection. If you want a feature-packed power bank that doesn’t cut too many corners, this is the one to get.

6. Mi Pocket Power Bank Pro

Next up, we have a pocket-sized power bank from Mi that support Power Delivery 3.0 charging standard and outputs a 22.5W fast charging speed. This power bank features two USB-A and Type-C output ports through which you can charge your devices. You can juice up the power bank either through the Type-C port or micro USB port. Mi claims that even though the power bank is compact and lightweight, it is still 25 percent more powerful than previous generations of 10,000mAh power banks. It is equipped with 12-layer circuit protection that includes protection from overheating, short circuit, over-voltage, and over-charge, among others. It has a matte plastic finish that gives you a good grip. It is compact and pocket-sized, making it travel-friendly.

7. Belkin Pocket Power

The Belkin Pocket Power can charge three devices simultaneously with up to 15W of charging speed on all the connected devices. It has two USB-A ports output ports and one Type-C port that can be used to charge the power bank as well as your devices. It also comes with an LED indicator to tell the juice remaining in the power bank and a bundled USB-A to USB-C cable. The manufacturer claims this 10,000mAh power bank can fully charge an iPhone 12 two times. Belkin Pocket Power is a high-quality, premium power bank you can consider for your portable power needs.

8. pTron Dynamo Pro

pTron Dynamo Pro comes with USB Power Delivery support on its Type-C port. The power bank can charge the two devices simultaneously with up to 18W charging speed from its USB-A and Type-C ports. It is built with ABS plastic to provide you with long durability. Dynamo Pro also comes with a wide range of safety features, including overcharge protection, over current protection, short circuit protection, and more. This affordable power bank is feature-packed, and we recommend it if you are in the market for a power bank that has covered all the essentials and more.

9. Ambrane Capsule 10K

If you need something more durable and pocket-friendly, we suggest going for the Ambrane Capsule power bank. Its build quality includes ABS plastic with rubberised finish which ensures minimal damage even after rough use. It features high density lithium polymer battery, making the power bank weigh around 189 grams which is comparable to smartphones. It has dual USB output for charging multiple devices at the same time. The Ambrane power bank offers 12W fast charging speed for compatible devices and comes equipped with 9 layers of protection that includes temperature resistance, short circuit and overcurrent protection among others. The power bank has an LED charging indicator that shows the status of battery.

10. Redmi Power Bank

This power bank from Redmi gets double USB ports that support up to 10W speed for two-way fast charging. With this unit, you can charge a 3,000mAh phone more than twice. It features 12-layers of circuit protection and has an anti-slip texture that gives it a grip in hand or any kind of surface. The power bank has both microUSB and Type C allowing you to connect and charge all models available in the market. You get dual output and input ports on the power bank.