Best 144Hz gaming monitors under Rs 30,000 on Amazon India

Gamers always desire their favourite games to be rendered at the highest possible frame rates. This is where the best gaming monitors with high refresh rates and dedicated gaming features come in to elevate your overall gaming experience. Most gaming monitors today feature at least 75Hz refresh rates to offer smoother motions in games, but this can go up to 240Hz or even a staggering 360Hz in some monitors. But gamers would want to settle at a more reasonable 120Hz or 144Hz to avoid loading their graphics cards.

Apart from featuring high refresh rates, gaming monitors come with dedicated gaming features such as crosshairs for FPS games and support for adaptive sync technologies such as Nvidia G-Sync and AMD Freesync, low response time, ergonomic design for long gaming sessions, accurate colour profiles, and more. And if you’re searching for the best 144Hz gaming monitors below the budget of Rs 30,000, the below list will come in handy for you. 

Things to consider while buying gaming monitors

Apart from ensuring the gaming monitor features a 144Hz refresh rate, below are some of the things to consider while selecting the right monitor for yourself. 

  • Screen size: One of the starting factors that come to mind when it comes to selecting the best gaming monitor is: what screen size is best for you? While the display size mostly comes down to your personal preferences, you still need to consider the space constraints of your desk. Generally, a monitor with a screen size of 24-inch or above should provide you with a good and immersive gaming experience but if your desk space allows, you might want to go with a 32-inch screen size or above for more immersive experiences. You might also want to go with a curved monitor for even more depth in visuals, but these are usually a little more costly compared to flat-screen monitors. Another thing to keep in mind here is the resolution. Most 24-inch or above gaming monitors come with Full HD resolution or above, so don’t go with below this resolution to ensure clear image reproduction. You also have monitors with 2k and 4K resolution for even crisper visuals. Depending on your budget and considering the above factors, select the monitor that best suits you.
  • Panel type: When it comes to gaming monitors, the most popular ones come with either IPS or OLED displays. IPS provide good colour reproduction and offers wider viewing angles and are cheaper compared to other types of monitors. IPS monitors are your best bet if you want the most bang for your buck and good visuals. If you want the best of the best, you should opt for OLED monitors. OLED monitors provide ultimate visuals and can reproduce deeper blacks and natural whites. OLED monitors also offer expanded contrast ratios and higher dynamic range compared to IPS monitors. Lastly, apart from picking between IPS and OLED, look out for any HDR certifications for more vibrant and vivid visuals.
  • Response rate: You should ensure the gaming monitor offers low response rates. A 1ms response rate is usually considered ideal and provides smoother visuals and helps avoid any ghosting and motion blur effects. Lower response rates are especially important if you’re into fast-paced multiplayer games.
  • Viewing angles and ergonomics: A good panel offers wide viewing angles to avoid any washed-out images when viewing it from narrow angles. You should also look for height, tilt, pivot, and swivel adjustable gaming monitors so that you can achieve a comfortable sitting position. 

Best 144Hz gaming monitors below Rs 30,000 on Amazon India

LG Ultra-Gear 24 inches

The LG Ultra-Gear 24 inches monitor is one of the popular monitors among gamers for its feature-packed and value-for-money aspects. The monitor features an IPS panel with 144Hz refresh rate and Full HD resolution for smooth motions and crisp visuals. The monitor comes with AMD Freesync for glitch-free, smooth game rendering. it also gets 300 nits brightness for bright image rendering and has two HDMI ports and one Display Port, and one headphone out port to offer more flexibility. Gaming-specific features include Black Stabilizer for clear natural black colour rendering, Dynamic Action Sync, and Cross Hair. You also get on-screen controls to easily customise the monitor with just a few clicks. The LG Ultra-Gear monitor features a height-adjustable stand and is tilt and pivot adjustable to help you get a comfortable sitting position. Lastly, the LG Ultra-Gear monitor supports a 1ms low response time, which is perfect for fast-paced multiplayer games.

LG 24Gn650 Ultragear Gaming 24 Inch

This LG Ultragear monitor comes with a Full HD 24-inch IPS display with 144Hz refresh rate. It also supports 99 percent sRGB for accurate visuals and comes with HDR 10 compatibility for vivid and vibrant image reproduction. Further, the monitor is colour calibrated so you can use this monitor for colour-sensitive tasks such as photo editing and painting. This one also gets 2 HDMI ports and 1 DP port, and 1 headphone out port. You also get 1ms low response times and AMD FreeSync Premium and G-Sync compatibility. Further, the monitor is height, tilt, and pivot adjustable. The monitor also comes with Dynamic Action Sync to deliver extremely low response times. And the Black Stabiliser help with optimising black levels. There is a Crosshair feature as well to assist with FPS games. If you want a sleek, well-rounded gaming monitor that doesn't skimp on the essential features, this one is worth considering. 

MSI Optix G241 24 Inch 

The MSI Optix G241 24-inch (IPS) Full HD gaming monitor is one the most recommend monitors by the gaming community, and for all the right reasons. Apart from featuring an impressive 144Hz refresh rate for smooth motions in games, it comes with wide colour gamut profiles for colourful visuals. It also features a Night Vision feature, which helps optimist the blacks and lets you see finer details in dimly-lit game environments. The Optix G241 supports AMD FreeSync adaptive sync technology for tear-free gaming. Further, it also gets Anti-Flicker technology to provide you with long hours of comfort while gaming. The monitor is also certified with low blue light certification to protect your eyes from harmful blue light. The monitor comes with up to 178 degrees wide viewing angles and can be wall-mounted for more flexibility. MSI is a trusted brand in the gaming community, something which is further backed by the excellent reviews it has received from consumers, who say the monitor offers excellent picture quality and an overall good gaming experience with its high refresh rate for the price it is asking.

Acer Nitro VG271U 27 inch 

Acer Nitro VG271U is yet another excellent feature-packed monitor on this list. It ships with a 27-inch IPS WQHD resolution display with a 144Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response rate. You get 2 HDMI ports, 1 Display Port, audio out port. The manufacturer is also packing an HDMI cable for a complete package. Further, the monitor features AMD FreeSync technology and comes with a Bluelight Shield for eye protection. Add to that, the monitor comes with Acer Vision Care and is Flickerless to reduce eye fatigue when using the monitor for long hours. The monitor also has support for 100 percent sRGB and 95 percent DCI-P3 for colour gamut and DisplayHDR 400 certification for bright and vivid image reproduction. It has a 1ms low response rate and you also get multiple Gaming Modes including -- action, racing, sports, and more for a more personalised gaming experience. Lastly, its Display Widget utility software helps you easily customise a range of settings with just a few clicks.

Samsung 27-inch Odyssey G5 Gaming Monitor

If you're searching for a curved gaming monitor under the budget of Rs 30,000, the 27-inch WQHD (2560x1440) monitor is a perfect choice. The monitor features a 1000R curved display for immersive visuals and comes with a 144Hz refresh rate for surreal visuals. It features an excellent 1ms low response time and gets support for AMD FreeSync Premium adaptive sync technology that also compensates for lower frame rates to offer a consistent and smooth gaming experience. The monitor also comes with HDR 10 certification for vivid image rendering. The Samsung Odyssey G5 gaming monitor is flicker-free to provide long hours of comfort. Further, you also get an Eye Saver mode to reduce eye fatigue. The monitor is highly recommended by users and offers excellent picture quality and is a great choice if you want a high-resolution gaming monitor that has curved ergonomics for immersive gaming.

AOC G2490Vx 24 Inch

AOC G2490Vx 24-inch gaming monitor is yet another budget monitor that doesn't skimp on the essential features, and if you want the best gaming experience on a budget, you may want to consider this monitor. It sports a 24-inch Full HD display with thin bezels around it and features a 1ms low response time. It also has 144Hz refresh rate and features support for AMD Freesync Premium for a tear-free smooth gaming experience. It also supports HDR for deep black rendering with natural whites. There is also a standard set of ports including HDMI and Display Port. It is also flicker-free and provides comfort for long hours. You also get AOC Shadow Control for improved contrast and deep natural blacks. Further, the DialPoint feature offers custom crosshair options to help with First-Person Shooter (FPS) games. Lastly, it also gets AOC Game Mode for quick setting adjustments on the fly and lets you select optimised modes for various game genres for a more enjoyable gaming experience.

ViewSonic VX2405-P-MHD 24 Inch SuperClear

The recently launched ViewSonic 24-inch VX2405-P-MHD SuperClear gaming monitor comes with a 24-inch IPS Full HD display and supports AMD FreeSync Premium technology. It has a 1ms low response time for smooth motions. You get standard ports including HDMI and Display Port as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack. The gaming monitor comes with Super Clear technology and offers up to 178 degrees wide viewing angles. The ViewSonic monitor also features ViewMode presets that alter the screen performance and offer a customised viewing experience depending on what you're watching. These modes include gaming, editing, or movies. The ViewSonic 24-inch SuperClear also has built-in speakers to offer immersive audio. This one also features Blue Light Filter technology to reduce the amount of harmful blue light you're exposed to. Further, the monitor also offers a flicker-free viewing experience for comfortable usage. Moreover, the manufacturer offers an impressive 5 years of warranty support for any manufacturing defects.

Viewsonic Omni Gaming Monitor Xg2405 24 Inch|

Viewsonic Omni Gaming Monitor Xg2405 is yet another excellent ViewSonic monitor on this list. It features comfortable ergonomics and features height, pivot, swivel, and tilt adjustability to help you achieve a  comfortable sitting position for long hours of usage. It comes with a 24-inch Full HD display and has AMD Freesync and G-Sync support to help with tear-free and glitch-free gaming. Moreover, its IPS display technology renders everything with accurate colour as it offers wider viewing angles. This one also gets thin bezels on its sides for an expanded screen real estate. The Viewsonic Omni Gaming Monitor supports a wide range of devices including PCs, Macs, PlayStation, Xbox, and more. Its 1ms low response times ensure clear image rendering. Add to that, it has an 80M:1 dynamic contrast ratio for even more clear images. Lastly, it has 2 HDMI and 1 Display Port to offer more flexible connectivity options. 

Dell 27-inch QHD Gaming Monitor

The Dell 27-inch QHD gaming monitor is yet another choice for you if you want a reliable and feature-packed gaming experience. It comes with a 144Hz standard refresh rate through the HDMI port and up to 165Hz refresh rate via the Display Port. It has a 27-inch display size and uses IPS technology for good colour reproduction and wide viewing angles. Further, the monitors also support HDR 400 and can display up to billion colours for vibrant and bright image reproduction. It also supports AMD FreeSync Premium Pro adaptive sync technology. The gaming monitor has a 1ms response rate and with a 1000:01 contrast ratio images look more natural. It can also adjust its height as well as swivel, tilt, and pivot for comfortable ergonomics. The monitor also has a 72 percent CIE 1931 colour gamut and 83% CIE 1976 colour gamut making it good for tasks such as photo editing. It is also flicker-free and comes with Dell ComfortView for eye protection.

HP X24c 23.6-inch Curved FHD Gaming Monitor

The last gaming monitor under Rs 30,000 on our list is HP X24c 23.6-inch Curved FHD Gaming Monitor. It comes with a 144Hz refresh rate and has a low response rate of 4ms. Its 1500R curved display provides immersive gaming experiences. And its Full HD resolution means everything, including text, is clearly without any jagged edges. You also get support for AMD FreeSync technology to avoid any screen tearing. In terms of connectivity, you get the standard 1 HDMI, 1 DisplayPort, and 1 audio port. The monitor can also tilt and is also wall mountable for more flexibility. The monitor's stand is designed in such a way that it takes less space to make room for your other gaming accessories. It also gets a physical security lock. It has a contrast ratio of 3000:1 and features a VA-type panel. The HP X24c is quite popular among consumers and has received praise for its colour reproduction capabilities and comfortable ergonomics.