Best 20,000mAh power banks you can get on a budget on Amazon

The power banks with bigger built-in battery unit offer support for Quick Charge and Power Delivery.

Power banks are no longer just there to help you with backing up your gadgets. They have not only become bigger and powerful but multi-dimensional as well. Now you can get a power bank with 20,000mAh lithium-ion battery packed inside. They have dual charging ports, supporting input and output power. Add to that, some of them even get Quick Charge and Power Delivery support that provide compatible charging speed for a variety of devices. Here are the best 20,000mAh power banks you can get on a budget.

1. Mi Power Bank 3i

The Mi Power Bank 3i packs a 20,000mAh battery with support for 18W fast charging. It has triple USB output and dual input ports. The power bank features 12-layer chip protection. It also supports smart power management, and you get microUSB and USB Type C input ports. The Power Bank 3i gets an aluminium casing that gives it extra durability and prevents it from overheating. The power delivery support means you can charge any device using its standard charging speed.

2. Ambrane Neos

The Neos from Ambrane supports 2.1A fast charging and features microUSB and USB Type C input ports. It does have two USB ports for output for charging other devices. The build quality of the Neos includes ABS plastic material. The power bank has LED indicator and comes with a power button also. It features 9 layers of chipset protection to precent overheating, overcharging, and more. Ambrane claims Neos comes with up to 500 charge lifecycles. The good thing about this power bank is while charging two devices at the same time, it can intelligently switch the charging speed as per its compatibility.

3. Redmi 20000 mAh power bank

This power bank from Redmi has dual input and output for charging devices. The anti-slip texture offers extra durability to handle rough and tough usage. The output ports let you charge devices at 18W speed and it features 12 layers of circuit protection like overcharging, overheating and more. But more importantly, the power bank gets two-way fast charging that not only charges other devices faster, but the power bank as well. You can use it to charge tablets, phones, Bluetooth speaker, headsets and even fitness bands. And before we forget to mention, yes, the power bank does come with LED indicator to show battery status.

4. Syska Power Pro200

The Power Pro 200 power bank from Syska lets you charge a 3,000mAh battery over four times at full capacity. It features double 5V USB ports for output. The ABS plastic material makes it rugged but even then, it weighs 404 grams that makes it easy to carry. The power bank has LED indicator that tells you how much juice is left in the tank for charging other devices. It comes with intelligent multi-protection, overcharging and advanced current shut features. The wide array of ports means you can charge all kind of devices using the Power Pro200.

5. Realme 20000 mAh power bank

Realme has also launched its 20000mAh power bank in the market with the same name. It supports 18W two-way fast charging which offers quick back up of devices. Because it has multiple ports, you can charge two devices simultaneously. Realme has offered two USB 2.0 ports and a USB Type C port for charging. The power bank has been designed with comfort at the top of the mind, and still offers durability for long usage. It comes equipped with 14-layer circuit protection against overcharging and power surge among others. And yes, Realme is offering a low-current mode charging option to help you charge other devices like smartwatch and wireless earbuds.

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