Best 32GB pen drives to store your data

USB drives these days give you options like password-protect and also offer durability to work in extreme conditions.

With the cloud storage ecosystem evolving over the years, people have relied on digital solutions for storing their data. But even then, you still have traditional methods of keeping data with the help of USB drives. These are tried-and-tested and ensure the data stored is secured. These days you get USB drives with support for USB 3.0 technology that can handle extreme temperature and offer additional features like password lock or shock-proof durability. Here are the best 32GB USB drives in the market.

Things to consider when buying pen drive

Pen drives serve the basic purpose of storing data. You can keep important files, movies, audio tracks and other data secure behind the heavy computing architecture. They offer fast data transfer speeds, different USB standards are supported. Here are the main things to consider when buying a pen drive

  • Know your storage needs: Pen drives store data, but the capacity is based on its storage limit. Generally you would find that a pen drive does not offer its advertised figure. But even then make sure you know the amount of data the pen drive can store in this range.
  • Versatility is a must: These days we have multiple devices that cater to our data usage. You have mobile, tablets and laptops, between which we transfer data or share. If you need a pen drive that works across all these systems, then you should go for the dual-purpose models that have microUSB/USB Type C port on one side, and USB 2.0/3.0 interface at the other end.
  • Fast transfer speed: Storage drives not only deliver the space to store data, but also help you transfer content from one device to another. And for that you need high-speed rates, allowing you to move a Blu-ray movie from PC to the drive in quick time, or vice versa.
  • Buy the latest hardware standard: Fast transfer speeds are heavily reliant on the hardware standard supported by the pen drive. USB Type C or USB 3.0 interface deliver the best-in-class data transfer speeds.

1. SanDisk Ultra Flair

Sandisk Ultra Flair is our first pick in this range. The USB drive features a compact capless metal casing which makes it easy to carry in a pocket, bag, and more. It comes with high-speed USB 3.0 interface to transfer data from PC, laptop or Mac. You get data transfer read speeds up to 150 MB/sec. At this speed have the ability to transfer a Full HD quality movie in less than a minute. Sandisk has integrated SecureAccess software to protect important files on the drive, making sure your data remains secure behind its customised solution. It also gets the option to lock data behind passwords if needed. The dual-tone finish of metal and black, along with textured panel gives it extra durability to handle daily rough usage. With this drive, you can store up to 1000 photos, 32 minutes of Full HD video, and more. Buyers consider Sandisk for its quality and speed reliability and the Ultra Flair serves their purpose in a budget.

2. HP FD236W

Customer's favourite

HP is predominantly a PC and printer brand, but it also caters to the storage segment with its pen drives in the market. This drive from HP gets a metallic finish with electronic plating which not only looks premium but also makes the drive durable. It features a capless design which lets you connect the drive directly to a PC or laptop via its USB 2.0 interface. HP promises the driver is capable of providing read speed of 14MB/sec and write speed of 5MB/sec for quick data transfer between devices. The drive has an integrated strap hole that allows you to tag it along with your bag or pocket. But data gets the right level of protection from HP, allowing you to use the pen drive in high temperature, or easily handle shock, and vibration from any drop or other mishaps. It weighs just 6.4 grams, so you don’t have to feel the burden of carrying personal data in your bag, pocket or other places. HP has managed to deliver with its fast read and write speeds for buyers, who also love its durability thanks to the metal casing and the capless design adding further convenience without any drop in its security.

3. Strontium Pollex

Strontium is fairly reliable with its storage products in the market, and we suggest you look at the Pollex for your use. This pen drive offers high-speed data transfer with read speed of 25MB/sec and write speed of 5MB/sec. The drive provides connectivity through the built-in USB 2.0 interface, which makes it compatible with a wide range of PC, laptops, and MacBooks available in the market. Another USB drive to use the capless design, allowing users a simple plug and play method to enable its storage input. The durability tests of the drive assure a minimum of 50,000 plug-and-play insertions, ensuring that you get the drive to last for a long time. The brand is delivering further durability with high-quality plastic material but encased into a lightweight body. Strontium also guarantees low power consumption when connected to a device. Most people found its transfer speed up to the mark, and very good for the price of the drive. Definite choice for those who need performance and the right value.

4. Kingston DataTraveler Swivl

Next up, you have Kingston with the DataTraveler Swivl, which as the name suggests features a unique swivel design that rotates 360 degrees. The brand has given it the perfect lightweight body, making it portable and easy to fit in small pockets. The drive comes integrated with a high-speed USB 3.1 interface that offers reverse compatibility with support for USB 2.0 technology as well. This way you don’t have to worry about using the DataTraveler Swivl with different systems and platforms. Using the drive lets you transfer data from two different ports without compromising on the data speed. Besides the design, data speeds are crucial for storage drive users, and Kingston offers that in abundance thanks to USB 3.0 support. Some even say it is the best pen drive for the price.

5. Sony Microvault

Sony is also something that we reckon you can consider in this range, and its Microvault pen drive is worth buying. Like most of Sony products, Microvault features a new and stylish design with a retractable USB connector. The drive gets support for easy plug and play to get you started. It comes with USB 2.0 interface, which offers high transfer data speed even after including large-size files to the process. Sony has given equal care to looks and performance. The brand guarantees long time data security with its high-quality software technology. While the build quality gives you the comfort of using the drive in high temperatures, without the data going corrupt. People are happily willing to pay the premium to use the Sony Microvault and most of them find it worth the quality and performance.

6. Toshiba Hayabusa

Hayabusa is a name that we associate with superbikes, but Toshiba has got its own version of Hayabusa which is a pen drive available in the market. The company has given its drive high-speed transfer support, engineered into a compact and stylish design. It features USB 2.0 interface for connectivity to help you with data transfer on PC or Mac. Hayabusa is light on weight and compact, and the cap design keeps the drive secure during any unwanted mishap or accidental fall. Toshiba has decided to offer aqua or white colour options with its Hayabusa drive that are very rare to find in the market. It also supports password protection for the whole drive or specific files that are important to the user. Buyers give you full confidence in getting the Hayabusa, not only for its high-speed transfer rates, but durability factor as well.

7. Strontium Nitro

Another Strontium product on our list is the Nitro. This pen drive works on mobile and PCs with its dual microUSB and USB 3.1 interface respectively. The company has also equipped the drive with the ability to deliver 100MB/sec transfer speeds and read speed up to 150MB/sec on offer. The special design from Strontium is all about convenience and wider device compatibility. At this price, people seek dual purpose value, and the Nitro packages that quite affordably. This pen drive also becomes an easy pick because of its versatility and the advantage of using it on the move.

8. Kingston DataTraveler Exodia

The Exodia DTX is another model from Kingston offering you storage solution in this range. Offering the drive with USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface means you get high-speed data transfer, even after including large size files. The company has added the protective touch with a cap to make sure the USB interface does not get damaged. The basic design and form factor of Exodia DTX gives you the right mix of portability and security. The upper ring layer comes in different colours for different capacities. Exodia DTX also provides you with backward compatibility, allowing older devices to support high-speed reliability of this pen drive. Buyers have found this drive sturdy, and ideal for the money you pay.

9. Kioxia U202

Kioxia is an odd choice but worth its place on our list with the U202 pen drive. Its white in colour, and you also have the light blue option. The design of this drive includes a cap, compact and a lightweight body as well. With that you have the ideal performance that users desire from storage drives in this range. Kioxia has opted for USB 2.0 interface on this drive which helps you transfer large video and audio files at high-speed rates. Using this connectivity standard allows older devices to be compatible with the U202, widening the device support offered by Kioxia. People who bought this drive found great value, reliable performance and fast data transfer speeds for daily use.

10. HP V165W


Talking about sleek USB drives remains incomplete without mentioning HP V165W which is available in this range. First you will notice about the drive is the compact form factor, blue colour touch and a cap design to protect the USB port. The style quotient is hard to miss, add to that, you can store and transfer a large number of images, music files, documents and even games if required. The aesthetics are well complimented by its durability, offered in the form of water and shock resistance. HP guarantees fast read speed up to 18MB/sec, and its weight of 4.8 grams mean you can easily carry it in pocket. The V165W pen drive works on Windows systems running different versions. And even let you connect and transfer data on a Mac. Perfect but small is a big feedback that HP has got from buyers for this drive. Having water and shock resistance is just a bonus that makes people opt for this model.