Best 4K TVs to buy in India [February 2022]: Sony A8H, Samsung The Frame, Mi TV 4X and more

The best 4K TVs in India come with a wide range of technologies, designs, sizes and prices, meaning that there’s something for everyone. Here’s our pick.

The best 4K TVs in India are not reserved for the most expensive price band. Contrary to popular expectations, the Indian TV market has evolved well enough for even budget TV buyers to get closer to a flagship TV experience than ever before. As a result, today you can find LED, QLED and OLED TVs all vying for a spot in the list of best in class smart televisions. The latter, in itself, has become a very important part of our households, with the pandemic pushing most of us to spend more time at home – than outdoors.

As a result, even budget TVs today offer features such as 4K picture quality, panels that are well tuned for colour, smart connectivity features including Android TV, good speakers and more. On this note, we take a look at some of the best 4K TVs in the market right now, and what balance of features to price they bring to the table. The list includes entry-level offerings, and goes all the way up to the flagship TVs that offer the best features among TVs today.

List of best 4K TVs in India

Samsung Crystal 4K Pro 43″Rs 38,990
Mi TV 4X 55″Rs 44,999
OnePlus U1s 50″Rs 40,999
OnePlus Q1 55″ QLEDRs 69,899
LG NanoCell Cinema 55″Rs 65,999
TCL P7 65″Rs 69,990
Samsung The Frame 50″ QLEDRs 73,990
Samsung The Serif 55″ QLEDRs 89,990
LG A1 OLED 55″Rs 1,04,000
Sony A8H OLED 65″Rs 2,37,490

Key features to find in 4K TVs

Before we proceed any further, it’s important to understand a set of important features that must be prioritised when buying a 4K TV. Having these features in your TV can ensure that you get good worth from what you are paying for, and makes your purchase a foolproof one. Here are the key features that you must remember to look for, which the best 4K TVs would always have.

Image upscaling

Most good 4K TVs come with image upscaling technology. The latter is essentially done by an image or picture processor, which takes the actual content playing on your TV and upscales the overall quality to make it look better. This is important, since playing lower quality content on 4K TVs can often lead to underwhelming experiences. As a result, always look for the built-in image upscaling technology in the TV that you are looking to consider, as well as the motion smoothing technology. These two features combined can ensure that your TV is well geared to handle all types of picture quality that you throw at it.

Ample connectivity ports

Connectivity ports may not always seem like the most important factor, but in the long run, can prove to be of utmost importance. Look for TVs with the most number of HDMI ports – this typically ensures that you can use your TV with a wide range of sources connected. With a limited number of ports at hand, this could lead to you needing to constantly disconnecting devices to keep the other connected. More ports in a TV means that you can have your smart TV stick, gaming console, hard drive and external audio devices all connected to it at the same time, which is a handy advantage to have.

Latest TV software

Since even TVs have become smart today, all television sets also require regular software updates. As a result, look to buy a TV that has been launched recently. While you may not get the best discount deals in the latest models, what you will most likely get is the latest TV software running on it. This can ensure that you get the support for all the latest TV technologies that you may need through Android TV, webOS or any other TV interface that you are using. This can also lead to fewer bugs in your TV viewing experience and the maximum range of apps being supported.


Televisions always come with a wide range of certifications, but make sure that the TV that you wish to purchase comes with all the right ones. The most common TV certifications start with Dolby, wherein you can get support for both Dolby Atmos audio and Dolby Vision picture quality enhancements. Alongside these, also look for smart home certifications such as Apple HomeKit, AirPlay and Google Chromecast support with integrated smart home controls for Google’s Nest line of smart home products. This can ensure that you have a smart home hub ready with you through your TV – if you wish to upgrade your home with smart connectivity chops at any stage.

Good audio and remote control

If you are investing a hefty chunk of money in a good 4K TV, chances are that you might not always have enough budget left over to buy new audio equipment as well. As a result, look for TVs that offer good inbuilt speakers to make sure that the audio experience you get from your TV is theatrical as well. A good audio experience can make or break a TV, so ensure that you pick a TV with the right speaker chops. Furthermore, choose a TV that has the most seamless remote. Most good TV remote controls today offer Bluetooth or RFID-based controls instead of infrared, and feature the most popular streaming platforms as shortcuts on them.

FAQs on buying 4K TVs

When you are in the market looking for the best 4K TVs, it’s important to consider a number of factors that can make or break your TV buying decision. In this process, you are likely to encounter a number of key questions before you take your pick. We help you answer these questions.

Is QLED significantly better than LED TVs?

LED TVs feature a standard LCD panel on top of an LED backlight layer, which has evolved steadily over time as a highly reliable TV technology. However, QLED TVs, which were largely popularised by Samsung, also have clear advantages in terms of what they bring to the table. The latter uses a different pixel technology, and the crystals in a QLED panel ensure that they can produce a significantly wider range of colours – and therefore, better dynamic range. If you watch plenty of content on your TV through the day, investing in a QLED TV over standard LED makes sense – as you make a future-proof choice that also delivers better picture quality in the long run.

What are the key advantages of OLED TVs?

OLEDs, or organic light emitting diodes, completely does away with the LED backlight layer. Instead, the pixels in these TVs are self-illuminating. In simpler terms, this means that you would see a crisper image quality with far better contrast levels. You would be able to see near-cinema quality deep blacks and clean whites, as well as a dynamic range of colours on an OLED TV. However, bear in mind that OLED technology is typically far more expensive than the backlit LED TVs (including QLED), which means that for the cinematic experience, you would mostly be paying a hefty premium. Opt for this only if you have budget to spare and you are an avid screen buff. Otherwise, bundling an LED TV with good external speakers could be a better deal.

What screen size is ideal for my home?

This is one of the most asked questions regarding televisions, and for good reason. Buy too small a TV, and you will feel the need to upgrade very soon into the future. However, buy too large a TV, and it could strain your eyes as well as look overbearing in the room where you place the TV in. To get the right balance of things, first measure the distance between where you will place your TV – and where you’d sit down to watch it. If the distance is within about 12 feet, a 50-inch TV will be more than enough. If your viewing distance is 15 feet or above, it may be wise to opt for a 55-inch TV for the most immersive experience. Opt for larger TVs with 65-inch screens and larger only if you have a massive room, and have a large family that watches TV together.

Is Netflix certification important?

Netflix has long been offering certification for a range of TVs, and while the list was previously rather exclusive, it has now become much larger. This means that today, it is far easier to get your hands on a Netflix certified TV set. However, do keep in mind that a Netflix certification on a TV is somewhat of a marketing manoeuvre, so it may not mean absolute proof of the quality that your TV brings to the table. Nevertheless, given that such a certification has managed to establish its reputation in the industry, you may choose to look for the Netflix badge in the TV you choose to buy – chances are, most good 4K TVs will have it, anyway. If it doesn’t, though, that should not be a deal-breaker.

What is TV screen refresh rate and why does it matter?

A TV screen’s refresh rate refers to the number of times your TV’s display panel reloads itself within one second. Higher this number, smoother could your TV playback be. As a result, you will note that most gamer centric televisions or displays offer refresh rates of 120Hz or above. If you are also intent on gaming, look for a TV with a high refresh rate of 120Hz. However, do note that such TVs are fewer in the market, and are typically more expensive. On the plus side, though, most smart TVs today offer 60Hz refresh rates – and the only ones to avoid for you are those that can only produce 4K content at 30Hz.

Samsung Crystal 4K Pro 43″ LED

Samsung’s Crystal 4K Pro series televisions offer good value for the package they bring to the table. You get a reliable display panel that offers 60Hz refresh rate, and the Samsung TV interface supports most popular video streaming applications. The overall quality of the panel is great, and Samsung promises 1-billion colours that can be produced on the TV. It also has three HDMI ports for seamless connectivity offering, and the minimal bezels also ensure that they do not intrude into the viewing area of the TV. Its speakers are also Dolby Digital Plus certified, and offer 20W sound output.

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-Good picture quality
-Ample connectivity options

-Rivals offer larger displays at same price 

Mi TV 4X 55″ LED

The Mi TV range by Xiaomi has quickly become one of the most reliable and popular smart TV ranges in the country, by virtue of their reliable picture quality and excellent pricing. The Mi TV 4X 55″ 4K LED TV also offers a similar combination, but with a number of advantages as well. For instance, you get HDR10 support for playback of high dynamic range content through supported apps. It also gives you DTS-HD certified built-in speakers for greater audio quality, and in terms of software, also offers Patchwall OS – which offers you content deals and recommendations based on shows and movies that you prefer watching.

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-Great value for money
-Excellent feature set

-Remote feels flimsy
-Older generation software by default

OnePlus U1s 50″ LED

OnePlus may have been a late entrant in the TV space, but it has since offered great value for money TVs with premium feature sets. For instance, the OnePlus U1s 50″ 4K LED TV offers a super wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, ensuring that there is no colour shift and you can watch the TV from practically anywhere in the room. It also supports a wide range of HDR modes, therefore offering great overall picture quality. It also has one extra USB port over its rival TVs, as well as more powerful, 30W speakers with Dynaudio co-branding. Its custom TV software running on Android 10 OS is also recently updated, and offers a range of premium features such as handsfree voice assistant control.

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-Class-leading feature set
-Great speakers

-No Dolby Vision certification

OnePlus Q1 55″ QLED

The OnePlus Q1 4K TV is one of the least expensive QLED TVs in the market that you can buy. However, it does not feel like a compromise in any manner, as it offers one of the best TV experiences for its price. Its feature set is fully flagship in nature – with up to 480Hz motion supported, and a new picture engine producing excellent overall picture quality. You also get great audio experience from the full-range, built-in speakers – with 50W overall audio output including two subwoofers built into the TV. It also offers Dolby Atmos audio certification, and has one of the widest range of ports in TVs today. It covers a wide range of colours, as well as HDR modes to boot – thereby making it one of the very best TVs to buy right now.

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-Excellent picture quality
-Brilliant audio performance
-Minimalist design

-Older software bundled
-Not the best at image upscaling

LG NanoCell 55″

LG, one of the biggest names in the television space, offers NanoCell as its proprietary technology that seeks to offer the viewing angle and consistency of LED TVs, with the local dimming characteristics of OLED TVs. As a result, the LG NanoCell 55″ Cinema series television is highly recommended by critics as a great TV. The TV offers great brightness details and crisp colours, and comes with a wide array of certifications and software support. Its webOS is one of the best TV software experiences around, and its AI ThinQ image processor is well acclaimed as well. It is also a smart home hub, making it a very well rounded TV.

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-Great brightness
-Great software experience
-Smart home features

-Not the best contrast levels
-Weak integrated speakers

TCL P7 65″ LED

The TCL P7 is the cheapest 65-inch TV in this list, and is therefore the perfect choice for those who want a massive TV for their living spaces – but do not wish to break the bank for it. You also get a very reliable display panel with this TV, offering well balanced colours and smooth picture performance that makes the TV quite versatile. It is also one of the very few TVs to come with Android 11 bundled and still sell at a reasonable discount. This is further combined with features such as HDR10 Pro and micro dimming for great contrast performance. On overall terms, the TCL P7 is one of the most feature rich TVs in the market, offering a massive display panel and great features at a strong price point.

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-Well priced
-Good overall features

-Software is slightly sluggish
-Speakers a bit weak for TV size

Samsung The Frame 50″ QLED

Samsung’s The Frame is one of the most innovative TVs around, scoring a big win for TV designs that fit seamlessly on walls – and look like anything but a gadget. Alongside offering the crisp contrasts and great dynamic range of colours thanks to being a QLED TV, Samsung’s The Frame offers an art canvas mode that can let you purchase your own artwork from Samsung’s store, and use it as an actual piece of art when you’re not watching content on the TV. You also get interchangeable frames to make the TV look actually like a paint canvas. With ample connectivity and picture upgrading features, it is deservedly one of the best TVs in the market.

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-Super innovative design
-Excellent picture quality

-Audio performance not the best
-Extra frames and art are rather expensive

Samsung The Serif 55″ QLED

The Serif by Samsung is more of a lifestyle statement for your living room, rather than being just a TV set. In terms of its technical specifications, it is essentially the same as The Frame. What makes it stand out is the white frame that looks like the ‘I’ in a serif font – something that sets it apart entirely from its competitors. It is also compatible with all of Samsung’s smart TV chops such as compatibility with the Samsung SmartThings app. You also get Alexa built-in for handsfree control of the TV, all of which makes it a sublime TV to own. It is one of the few TVs that fits within old furniture-laden living rooms without looking retrofitted.

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-Excellent design
-Good picture quality

-Charges premium just for its design

LG A1 55″ OLED

The LG A1 is a bit of a dark horse, and makes the cut over the LG C1 for offering all the perks of LG’s famed OLED technology – at an acceptable price point. You get the deep blacks and crisp colour details, and also comes with the latest software and image processor to give it strong image upscaling chops. You also get 1ms response time, which makes the TV ideal for gamers. The presence of Dolby Vision and Atmos further makes it one for rich cinematic experiences, and its support for Apple AirPlay and HomeKit, Google’s Assistant and the Amazon Alexa interface means that it can support essentially all smart home ecosystems that you would likely purchase today.

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-Excellent image quality
-Good price for an OLED TV
-Great overall features

-Speaker should have been better
-Limited ports for a flagship TV

Sony A8H 65″ OLED

The Sony A8H is a venerable TV, and until its successors were launched, was widely regarded among critics for being possibly the best TV in the world. It is one of the few TVs in India with over 100Hz refresh rate, which means that it is also perfectly suited to deliver the peak visual performance that new generation gaming consoles demand. It has all the signature Sony abilities, enabled by the Sony X1 Ultimate image processor. This also includes an ambience sensor that can recognise the surroundings that you’re in, and deliver the picture quality accordingly. There are ample ports on offer, making it a TV that you would find hard to flaw. The acoustic surface audio is an added flagship feature that you wouldn’t find elsewhere, either.

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-Superb picture quality
-Great feature set

-Very expensive
-Bulky remote control