Best air purifiers under Rs 10,000 you can buy for your home

Check out these affordable air purifiers for your home that cost below Rs 10,000 in the market.

  • Air purifiers come with particle filters to make sure dust and pollution are filtered from the room
  • You can easily replace the filters after regular intervals without having to call a technician
  • Some of these purifiers have smart connectivity features that let you control them through your smartphone

It is that time of the year when the weather cools down and the air around us worsens, with heavy smoke and smog in the air. This pollution is harmful when inhaled and people need an effective way to reduce its impact. This is where air purifiers come in. You can get a host of air purifiers these days, from brands like Xiaomi, Blue Star, Havells and more. Here are some of the best products available in the market for under Rs 10,000, making them affordable enough for the common man. So, let’s take a look at the best air purifiers you can buy this season.

Things to consider before buying an air purifier

Keep an eye on the air filtration system: Filters are how air purifiers filter the air. Some purifiers use multiple filters to achieve filtration while others use a combination of two or three types of filters in addition to the main filter. In most filters, there would be a pre-filter to trap large particles and the main filter will trap the smaller particles. Some air purifiers also use UV filters and activated carbon to remove bacteria and odour from the air, these purifiers are useful for spaces such as kitchens. Also, always try to go with HEPA/True HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air filter) filters for effcient air purification.

ACH and CADR ratings: ACH, short for “air changes per hour,”, is the measurement of the air purifier’s efficiency. This rating indicates the number of times the air purifier can circulate the purified air in a given area. The more this number the better it is, especially if the room is bigger. Also keep an eye on the CADR rating, which some air purifiers use to indicate air purifiers’ ability to remove pollutants like smoke, pollen, and dust. Similar to ACH, the bigger the CADR rating, the better air a purifier provides.

Energy efficiency and noise levels: Keep an eye on the energy efficiency of the air purifier for lower electricity bills, as it would be running round the clock to purify the air in your room. Although you don’t have to worry too much about this as most air purifiers are designed to consume very low energy, but some air purifiers with big fans tend to consume relatively more energy. But you should definitely keep an eye on the noise levels of the air purifier as larger or more blades mean more noise, which is not good if you plan to put the air purifier in places like bedrooms. Always go with an air purifier that operates at low noise levels.

Other features: Look for smart features that add to your conveniences such as air quality indicators and PM 2.5 indicators, timers, smart assistant integration, Wi-Fi connectivity, and more. Apart from this, look for air purifier certifications such as CARB, EPA, UL, AHAM, and more for improved air filtrations standards compliance.

Best air purifiers you can buy this season

Blue Star BS-AP300DAI 444CMH

This air purifier from Blue Star comes with SensAir and Microbe DeActiv+ technology. It has an LED display that lets you see real-time PM 2.5 reading in the room. It features digital timer with settings of 1,2,4 and 8 hours for auto switch-off mode. The purifier comes equipped with HEPA and active carbon filters. It supports four stage purification that works for a coverage area of 300 Sq ft. It consumes 43W of power and has options like turbo and timer mode, along with a filter change indicator.

Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier

The Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier is one of the most feature-packed air purifiers on the market, and it is also recommended by users for its quality. This Philips air purifier comes with the Vitashield Intelligent purification technology with 4-stage filtration, which removes 99.9 percent bacteria and can filter particles up to 0.03 microns in size. The air purifier also uses a True HEPA filter to achieve this efficient air filtration. Further, It also gets 4 colour air quality indicators so that you are always in the know about the quality of the air in the room. The filter is also tested to filter airborne particles such as the H1N1 virus. Further, it can also remove 99.90 percent of pollen and house dust mites. For this purpose, the air purifier is tested by ECARF for quality assurance and has a CADR of 270 m3/hour to provide you with the cleanest possible air. The Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier is perfect for standard room sizes measuring 226 to 333 sq ft. Other notable features of the air purifier include Child lock, Night Mode with dim lights and low sound, and real-time PM 2.5 feedback colour indicator. 

Mi Air Purifier 3

Mi Air Purifier 3 has been quite popular among consumers for to its feature-packed nature and ease-of-use functionality, not to mention it is also an overall value-for-money device. The air purifier uses a triple-layer purification method to provide clean air. Its filtration system uses activated carbon, a True HEPA filter, and a primary filter; giving you air that is free from viruses and bacteria as well as smoke particles, pet dander, and pollen. The MI Air Purifier 3 works efficiently in all weather conditions and works to remove smog, damp smells in the rainy season, and excess dust in summers. It also has an OLED display, which displays operating modes, PM levels, temperature, humidity, and more. Further, you get support for voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant. It also gets smart app control that displays real-time, AQI, filter life, and allows you to schedule power on. Moreover, the CADR of 380m³/hr ensures the air is always clean to breathe. Lastly, Mi Air Purifier 3 is designed for power efficiency for low energy bills. 

Voltas VAP26TWV Air Purifier

This Voltas Air purifier is another quality choice if you want a well-rounded value-for-money air purifier. It comes with a 6 Stage Filteration system that includes a Pre-Filter, an Activated Carbon Filter, an Anti-Bacterial Filter, and an H-13 HEPA filter to provide you with healthy air. Further, it also gets a UVC LED and Ionizern to remove viruses and bacteria. Additionally, it has a 200 m³/hour of CADR to remove smoke and dust particles. It also gets a 3-step speed control and Dust sensor as well as a filter change indicator so you know beforehand when you need to change the filter. You also get a multicolour LED. If you want an air purifier that covers a room size of 24 square meters then the Voltas VAP26TWV Air Purifier is one of the low-cost solutions for you on the market. 

AmazonBasics Air Purifier

As with all the cases with the AmazonBasics brand of products, this reliable AmazonBasics Air Purifier comes with an excellent value proposition. The sleek air purifier comes with an elegant and portable design to let you easily shift into any room. This not only makes the device take less space but also gives you easy maintenance. It uses a True HEPA filter with a 5-layer filtration system and is sufficient for medium size rooms of 43 square meter area. Further, its 360m3/hour capacity means you get clean air around the clock. It also comes with two operating modes: an automatic mode and a low sound level mode, for an adaptive user experience. The automatic mode uses 3 fan blades to provide different levels of purification. The silent mode ensures the air purifier operates at 35db low noise levels, which is perfect for bedrooms. It also has easy control buttons on its body to easily let you customise the air purification. Other features include an air quality indicator, a child lock mode, and PM 2.5 display indicator. 

AtmoPure Air Purifier

AtmoPure Air Purifier is yet another feature-packed air purifier on this list. It comes with a medical grade HEPA 14 filter to ensure clean air and has UV-C and ioniser to effectively neutralise microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria as well as mold. Further, it also has an activated carbon filter to remove bad odour and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the air. Further, it also gets an efficient pre-filtter that removes large particles from the air. The AtmoPure Air Purifier has an area coverage of 258 Sq ft. and a CADR of 200 sq meters per hour for full room coverage. It comes with a PM 2.5 Indicator, 360 Air Suction, Auto mode, and Air Quality Indicator. You also get a Timer, Sleep Mode, and Child. All this make AtmoPure Air Purifier one of the most feature-packed and value-for-money air purifier on the market currently; something which is further backed by excellent reviews it has received from buyers.

Eureka Forbes Aeroguard AP 700EX

The Aeroguard AP 700EX offers six stage of filtration via FilterMaxx technology. It has features like H1N1 swine flu resistant filter, lung filter and more. The machine gets certified by the Asthma Society of India. The purifier can cover an area up to 602 Sq. ft. and consumes a mere 43W of electricity. You can keep a track of the air quality inside the room with the multi-colour air quality indicator available on the purifier from Eureka Forbes. It also has options like child lock mode, auto mode and ultra-silent sleep mode.

Honeywell Air Touch A5

The Air Touch A5 is ideal for a room with a coverage area of around 320 sq ft, which is ideally living room or bedroom. It features three-stage advanced filtration system that promises removal of particles with 99 percent efficiency. You can remove and wash the pre-filter to get clean air after heavy usage. The addition of HEPA filter is a must which makes sure all PM 2.5 microns pollutants are removed. Honey has designed the Air Touch A5 to be ozone-free air purifier. You can easily monitor the current PM 2.5 level in the room using the detailed LED display at the top.

Kent Aura

Kent has quality water purifiers, and now you get air purifiers from the brand as well. The Aura series gives you the right size machine to cleanse the air inside the room. It has got a coverage area of 290 sq ft which makes it ideal for smaller rooms. Its clean air delivery rate is 180 m3/hr, which is quite impressive for the size of this purifier. It comes equipped with HEPA purification technology which helps in the removal of small micron particulate matter. Kent has included a one-touch child lock feature for safety reasons. It has physical buttons for controlling fan speed, filter reset and more.