Best Bluetooth headphones under Rs 2,000 you can buy today

If you're in the market for a pair of budget wireless headphones, then check out this list for the best options.

  • Wireless headphones let you experience music without the hassle of wires
  • These come with a built-in microphone too to support hands-free calling
  • The headphones are designed to be lightweight and foldable, which makes them easy to carry

Wireless headphones let you enjoy music without getting entangled with wires. They are easy to wear, feature a lightweight design, and can easily be folded and kept inside a bag. In addition to that, most of these headphones are now selling in the budget segment, letting everyone experience its quality. You get a built-in microphone too to take voice calls. The battery life of these wireless headphones is enough to last you several hours on a single charge. So if you are looking for wireless headphones, these are the affordable Bluetooth headphones you can buy for under Rs 2,000 in the market right now.

Things to consider when buying budget wireless headphone

Type of headphone: You get different versions of wireless headphones in the market. These are either on-the-ear or over-the-ear that deliver sound in varied measures. If you feel the cushions need to tightly fit on the ear, go for the on-the-ear headphones. If you prefer to have some space between the ear cups and your ears, pick the over the ear option. Try out both of them and see which one fits your needs.

Form factor and comfort: Budget headphones mean you make some compromises, but if there is anything you ought to consider seriously, it has to be the comfort factor on offer. After all, you are going to be wearing the headphone on your ears for listening, or even video calls. The last thing you need is a pair of cans that cause discomfort very quickly. So, make sure the headphones you buy tick this box with flying colours.

Features galore: Headphones in this price range have not only become reliable, but feature rich as well. You get microphone, in-line controls, wired mode, ability to activate voice assistants from your phone and even some level of noise cancelling. Browse through all the features to get the right product for your use.

Battery life: Most gadgets in our lives now rely on batteries, and these headphones are no different. The wireless avatar mean connectivity consumes juice quicker. But thankfully you get options that deliver both on backup and charging support. Longer battery life means less time for you to charge the device.

1. Mi Super Bass

Mi Super Bass wireless headphones from Xiaomi features on-ear design and promises powerful bass output for listeners. The headphone has been equipped with 40mm drivers and include pressure-less earmuffs for a comfortable experience. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 support for wireless music streaming that offers listening range of up to 10m and you get added benefit of voice control for quick access from the smartphone. In addition to that you can save battery by using it in the wired mode as well. The headphone also gets microphone that lets you take voice calls hands-free and the headphone offers 20 hours of battery life, which gets quickly charged up in just 2 hours to get going again. Xiaomi has a wide range of budget products in the market, and this is another choice for buyers. People have found its sound quality good for the price, the build quality is another selling point for the product.

2. Boat Rockerz 450

Boat Rockerz has become a popular model in the audio segment, and for this list we recommend the Rockerz 450 for the buyers. It comes with Bluetooth 4.2 support for wireless connectivity and you can pair it with both Android and iOS devices. The headphone includes 40mm drivers that is pretty much the norm for headphones in this range. It produces signature sound quality that has been hard to find in the budget segment. BoAt has also focused on making the Rockerz 450 headphones ergonomically comfortable. The lightweight design results in giving you a comfortable wear. The headphone lets you activate the voice assistant available on your phone. Rockerz 450 has buttons to let you control the settings and control manually. And to top it off, you get up to 15 hours of battery life on a single charge, making it a reliable music gadget for daily usage. The popularity of the brand has helped Rockerz 450 become a highly recommended choice among budget users. Buyers found it comfortable to wear, and call it the ideal value for money offering.

3. Moto Escape 210

Motorola is an odd choice here but with the Escape 210 it has got a worthy product that you ought to consider. This Moto headphone gets 40mm drivers that produce clear and powerful bass output. It lets you operate different functions through its built-in support Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant with its simple one-touch access. Just raise the voice command and do basic things like play music, or make a voice call. The foldable and lightweight form factor of Escape 210 makes it extra appealing for users, and giving them more reasons to enjoy their favourite music for long hours, or even take office meetings. The built-in battery on the headphone offers battery life up to 10 hours on normal usage, which is more than ideal for both regular and power users. As budget headphones go, Motorola has got a likeable product in the form of Escape 210. People found its sound quality up for the price, and overall durability.

4. Zebronics Zeb Duke

Everybody knows about Zebronics, and is always in the discussion when you have affordable products to consider. Its Zeb Duke is our pick in this lineup, mainly because of its pocket-friendly price, feature set and overall reliability. The on-ear wireless headphone offers comfortable grip, adjustable headband and the cushion-laden ear cups are good enough to enhance your music experience. Zebronics has added a bit of bling on the Zeb Duke with RGB lights that makes it stand apart from most of the options in this range. The other good thing about Zeb Duke is that you can use the headphones in wired and wireless mode, depending on how badly you want to save on its battery. But the dual-purpose function also lets you connect the headphone to your PC or laptop. It has multi-buttons that let you control music playback, volume through the AUX input. Add to that, Zeb Duke offers a decent 30 hours playback support with a fully charged battery unit. Zebronics has impressed buyers with its sound quality and bass output. The build material is sturdy and yet comfortable to wear for long hours.

5. ANT AUDIO Treble 500

Ant Audio has a few options for buyers in this range but we have gone ahead to suggest the Treble 500 for buyers. This on—ear headphones have been provided with 40mm drivers to give you crystal clear sound output. This model opts for a simplistic design that works in most cases and remains functional for ease of use. Ant Audio has enabled these cans to last for well over 8 hours on a single charge thanks to the built-in 300mAh battery. The headphones get a lightweight design for comfortable over the head and for your ears. You can use the headphones via Bluetooth 4.2 or by connecting 3.5mm audio cable through the port as a wired secondary option that also helps you save battery. It has built-in high-definition microphone which assists you with voice calls. But out of all this, buyers loved the Treble 500 for its bass quality, and also the benefit of using it in wired/wireless mode which comes in handy.

6. Infinity (JBL) Glide 510

Infinity (JBL) Glide 510 is one of the top picks and we suggest you to consider it for the following reasons. JBL has equipped the headphones With dual equaliser modes for normal or bass sound output, switch based on what you want to listen. Infinity has added 36mm drivers on the Glide 510 for deep bass. It gets Bluetooth 5.0 version support for seamless wireless music without any noticeable drop in quality. The headphone gets a lightweight and foldable design, along with soft cushioned earcups that take care of your comfort while listening and makes it easy to carry without taking too much space. It supports hands-free calling with the help of built-in button, and you can also pair the headphones with voice assistant available on your phone for quick access of features. You get 72 hours of playback support, which also has been enhanced with quick charge feature for 2 hours of playtime with just 10 minutes of charging. JBL has a winner on its hands, and people loved the value of Glide 510, which not only scores in the music department, but also provides decent backup for long usage.

7. Zinq Erupt 4155

Want something lower in the price range? Zinq is offering you its Erupt 4155 headphones for the purpose. What makes it value for money it is wide compatibility that means you can use it with mobile, laptop or even tablets. The brand has included soft protein padding on the earcups for a closed-back fit and comfort. Like most headphones in this range, Erupt 4155 also doubles up as a wired or wireless model, based on how much battery you have left in the tank. Speaking of which, you are provided with up to 8 hours of wireless connectivity on a single charge with the help of the built-in 300mAh battery. Erupt 4155 takes care of the sound quality with the 40mm driver that promises HD clear audio quality with deep bass output. And it is hard to ignore the space-saving measure of the Erupt 4155 with its foldable design, making it easy to carry in the bag. Pretty much ticking all the boxes for the buyer, who isn’t keen on splurging on their next audio gear. Most people don’t really have anything bad to say, because of what you pay to get it. And for that price, people are more than happy to own one of these.

8. Boult Audio ProBass Ranger

Boult Audio is next on our list with it ProBass Ranger headphones. Design and durability go hand-in-hand with this model but sound is an intrinsic part of what you get from the package. Starting with design, the ProsBass Ranger has a classy touch with its looks and definitely looks much pricier than what you get it for in the market. The headband is adjustable so that you never feel uneasy or out of size while wearing it over the head. For durability, these headphones come with IPX5 water resistance, allowing you to wear them during workouts or outdoor running sessions. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless music stream and the built-in 50mm drivers deliver hi-fi audio quality which keeps you hooked on long for hours. And yes, it has in-line controls, just incase the phone is not close to you. Use it in wired or wireless mode, which affords you backup of close to 2 days. The well-balanced audio makes the ProBass Ranger an instant hit, and people also appreciate the build quality for the price range.

9. Fire-Boltt Blast 1200

If you want to consider buying something pricier, the Fire Boltt Blass 1200 with its multi-colour glow lights is up for grabs. It has been offered with ultra-soft cushion earcups and headband which provides comfort and makes long hour usage very possible. The headphone gets smart power off feature that automatically turns off after 5 minutes of inactivity. These come with 40mm large-aperture drivers for deep bass sound experience. Its overall appeal switches between the looks and its comfortable, lightweight design. The headphone gets built-in 1,000mAh battery which offers up to 20 hours of playback time for all your tasks. Its dual mode nature means you can save on juice by switching to wired mode whenever required, and move to wireless. As you’d expect, the glow lights make it a must-have for many buyers. That being said, the audio quality also lives up to most people’s expectations, especially at this price.

10. pTron Studio

The last on our list comes from pTron which has the Studio wireless headphones in the market. Straight away you realise the cans are made with your comfort in mind. These are ergonomically friendly to help you with usage for long hours. It offers stereo sound and supports Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connectivity for up to 10m range. pTron has includes call controls, music/volume buttons, headphone jack so that you can switch to using the headphones in wired mode, and included a mic as well. Comfort fit as we mentioned is a big highlight about Studio and as far as budget cans offer, these are pretty much up there with the best. Studio promises hi-fi sound output with deep bass quality for the best music experience of your favorite titles. Its light on weight, and the soft cushions on the ear cups makes the whole user experience worthwhile. Just in case you wanted both the options, the 12 hours wireless backup can be enhanced by using the Studio in wired mode with the help of Aux-in port. Many call the most reliable wireless headphone in this price with effect noise cancelling, which is a must for those attending important work calls.