These are the best Bluetooth speakers under Rs 3,000!

Here are the best portable Bluetooth speakers if you're on a budget

There is no shortage of compelling Bluetooth speakers vying for your hard-earned bucks in the Indian market. That said, the list of enticing options steeply dwindles, especially when one limits their budget to say, Rs 3K. But, fret not, as we’ve compiled a list of top five Bluetooth speakers that sound incredible and tout added niceties like a rugged design without burning a hole in your wallet. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy under Rs 3,000. 

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth 16W

Xiaomi is best known for its value-oriented smartphones and smart TVs, but the company hit the ball out of the ballpark with the Mi Portable Bluetooth speaker 16W (review). So much so, the unit is still our go-to audio companion whenever we’re travelling. So, what gives? Well, firstly, unlike most wallet-friendly offerings, Xiaomi has spared no expense in the design of the Mi Portable Bluetooth speaker 16W and the unit comes wrapped in a fabric-esque material which adds to the device’s rugged in-hand feel. 

Furthermore, the device is IPX7 rated too, so you shouldn’t worry about using it near a pool or in your shower. Most importantly, the device packs a punch in the audio department and can get quite loud. What’s more, unlike most budget Bluetooth speakers, Xiaomi’s offering does justice to the low end and outputs punchy, energetic beats. Rest assured, those opting for the Mi Portable Bluetooth speaker 16W will not have any buyer’s remorse. 

Realme Cobble Bluetooth speaker

Realme has a handful of portable speakers under its belt, but the company’s Cobble Bluetooth speaker (review) caught our eye from the word go. As its moniker suggests, the Cobble Bluetooth speaker resembles a tiny pebble and the device is extremely compact. Consequently, if you were on the lookout for a pint-sized Bluetooth speaker, the Realme Cobble Bluetooth speaker will undoubtedly fit the bill. What’s more, the device feels superbly rugged too and even touts an IPX5 rating, making it somewhat impervious to damage from moisture. 

Audio-wise, the Cobble Bluetooth speaker ships with a 5W dynamic driver that works alongside a dedicated bass radiator to output rich, pleasing sound. That said, unlike say, the Mi Portable Bluetooth speaker 16W, the Realme Cobble cannot reciprocate sub-bass frequencies. Consequently, we’d recommend the Cobble Bluetooth speaker to those who travel frequently and require a compact speaker that doesn’t take too much space in their backpacks. 

Xiaomi Outdoor Bluetooth speaker 5W

Don’t let its size fool you – Xiaomi’s Outdoor Bluetooth speaker 5W is no slouch and despite its compact size, the unit can easily fill a room with its bass-forward sound. What’s more, much like its pricier sibling, the Outdoor Bluetooth speaker 5W also touts a woven-fabric finish which accentuates the speaker’s looks tenfold.

Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

The device also comes with IPX5 certification, along with dedicated volume toggles and an AUX input, meaning your friends won’t have to go through the trouble of pairing their phones with the speaker to listen to their playlists. Unfortunately, the speaker ships with a micro-USB port for charging, which isn’t ideal. That said, the speaker can play music for around 15 hours at a stretch, so you won’t have to charge it all that often. 

Sony SRS-XB13 

Sony has a penchant for making high-quality audio products and the company’s SRS-XB13 Wireless speaker is no different. For one, the unit looks like a tiny cup and is superbly compact. Furthermore, the device can be picked up in a variety of peppy hues, including Coral Pink, Lemon Yellow, etc. Sony has also furnished the device with good I/O and the speaker offers volume controls, as well as a Type-C port for charging. That’s not all as the unit also ships with IP67 certification, making it the most rugged Bluetooth speaker on this list.

For audio, the device makes use of a 46mm full-range speaker which works alongside a passive radiator. Now, credit where credit’s due, Xiaomi’s 16W Bluetooth speaker does get louder. However, Sony’s offering one-ups the competition by offering soothing mids and a reasonably sparkly treble too. What’s more, even at high volume levels, the speaker’s sound didn’t distort and the low-end doesn’t get muddy, which is great. As an added bonus, the speaker is currently retailing for under Rs 3K on various e-commerce portals too. 

Do let us know in the comments below if you would’ve added any other speaker to this list. We will try and cover more price categories soon, so stay tuned to our blog for more tech coverage and buying guides.