BSNL prepaid plans 2022: Best BSNL recharge plans, vouchers, offers, and more

Here are the best prepaid BSNL recharge plans you can go for that offer freebies, offers and more.

State-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is probably the biggest telecom player in India. The telecom operator has serviced for many years and continues to do so, even though it faces tough competition from Jio, Airtel, and more. BSNL prepaid recharge plans are still popular among users in tier II and tier III circles in the country, who seek a good value on their mobile recharge. Moreover, if you look at the BSNL recharge plans, you will realise they are the most affordable in the country right now. So, without any further ado, let’s dive straight into the best BSNL recharge plans that you can get in 2022 along with different vouchers and offers.

Best BSNL prepaid recharge plans 2022

BSNL offers a variety of prepaid packs to its customers in India. Here are the best prepaid packs, with unlimited voice calls, which are applicable to pretty much every region across the country.

Rs 97 BSNL recharge plan

This is the most affordable prepaid pack for BSNL users. The tariff has a validity of 18 days. As for the benefits, you get unlimited voice calls to all networks across the country, a quota of 2GB data per day, and Lokdhun content. SMS benefit are included with this pack.

Rs 99 BSNL recharge plan

The Rs 99 BSNL recharge plan has a slightly longer validity period than Rs 97 STV, but it isn’t bundled with data benefit. All you get is free voice calls and PRBT service that lets users set caller tune for 22 days.

Rs 118 BSNL recharge plan

The Rs 118 BSNL recharge plan offers unlimited voice calls, 0.5GB data per day, free PRBT service, and a validity of 26 days. No SMS benefit again.

Rs 184 BSNL recharge plan

The Rs 184 recharge plan comes with data, free voice calling, and SMS benefits. You get 1GB of daily data, 100 SMS, and unlimited free voice calling for a validity of 28 days. The BSNL prepaid pack also offers access to Lystn podcast.

Rs 185 BSNL recharge plan

The benefits of Rs 185 are the same as the Rs 184 prepaid plan. However, in addition to 1GB data per day, 100 SMSes, and unlimited voice calls, the pack also comprises “Bundling of Challenges Arena Mobile Gaming Service on Progressive web APP (PWA) by M/S Onmobile Global Limited and BSNL Tunes” subscription.

Rs 186 BSNL recharge plan

The Rs 186 BSNL recharge plan also offers a total of 28GB data (1GB per day), free voice calls, and 100 SMSes. There are additional benefits in terms of Hardy Games and BSNL Tunes as well. 

Rs 187 BSNL recharge plan

It’s an all-in-one prepaid pack, with free 100 outgoing text messages per day. Other benefits of the Rs 187 BSNL STV include free voice calls, total 50GB data, BSNL Tunes and Eros Now subscriptions, and a validity of 28 days.

Rs 247 BSNL recharge plan

This plan worth Rs 247 comes with unlimited voice calls, 50GB high speed data, 100 SMS/day, and access to BSNL Tunes and Eros Now services. The benefits are valid for up to 30 days.

Rs 319 BSNL recharge plan

The Rs 319 BSNL STV is bundled with free voice calls, a total of 10GB data, 300 SMS, and PRBT + Lokdhun subscription. Additionally, the plan has a validity of 75 days.

Rs 347 BSNL recharge plan

The plan has a validity of 56 days. Benefits include 2GB of daily data, 100SMS, and unlimited voice calls. Additionally, subscribers get free Challenges Arena Mobile Gaming Service on Progressive web APP(PWA) by M/S Onmobile Global limited.

Rs 429 BSNL recharge plan

The Rs 429 plan has 81 days of validity. It also comprises unlimited voice calls to all networks, including roaming areas of Delhi and Mumbai, 1GB data per day, a quota of free 100 SMS daily, and a complimentary subscription of Eros Now.

Rs 485 BSNL recharge plan

This plan of Rs 485 offers free calls, 1.5 GB of data per day and 100 SMS valid for 90 days.

Rs 666 BSNL recharge plan

It has to be the best all-in-one prepaid pack out there. The Rs 666 BSNL recharge plan is bundled with 2GB data per day, unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS/ day, and validity of 120 days.

BSNL Rs 699 recharge plan

This plan of Rs 699 has a validity of 180 days, as well as unlimited voice calls and 100 SMS/ day. But, it only offers 0.5 GB data per day.

BSNL Rs 999 recharge plan

This BSNL plan, priced at Rs 999, offers unlimited voice calls to all network, local as well as STD, and a validity of 240 days. There are no data and SMS benefits here.

BSNL BINDAS BOL prepaid plan

This recharge plan primarily caters to those who talk a lot. So for Rs 1,499, you are getting 250 calling minutes per day, 100 SMS per day. As for data usage, it is limited to 24 GB data for the whole validity period of 1 year or 365 days.

BSNL One Year prepaid plan

As the name suggests, you get this plan with a validity of one year or 365 days. In terms of plan benefits, BSNL users get data usage of 2GB per day, unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS per day, free caller tune for the validity period. You also get a Lokdhun contest for 60 days and a one-year subscription to Sony Liv.

BSNL Recharge PlansPriceBenefitsValidity
STV_97Rs 97Unlimited voice calls + 2GB data per day + Lokdhun content18 days
STV_99Rs 99Unlimited voice calls + PRBT22 days
STV_118Rs 118Unlimited voice calls to any network + 0.5GB/day + PRBT26 days
STV_153Rs 153Unlimited Voice Calls + 1GB data/ day + 100 SMS/day + PRBT28 days
STV_184Rs 184Unlimited calls +1GB/day + 100 SMS/day + Lystn Podcast28 days
STV_185Rs 185Unlimited calls +1GB/day + 100 SMS/day + Challenges Arena Mobile Gaming Service + BSNL Tunes28 days
STV_186Rs 186Unlimited calls +1GB/day + 100 SMS/day + Hardy Games + BSNL Tunes28 days
STV_187Rs 187Unlimited calls +2GB/day + 100 SMS/day + Free PRBT28 days
STV_247Rs 247Unlimited calls + 50GB + 100 SMS/day + BSNL Tunes and Eros Now services30 days
STV_319Rs 319Unlimited calls + 10GB + 300 SMS + Free PRBT + Lokdhun content (60 days)75 days
STV_347Rs 347Unlimited calls +2GB/day + 100 SMS/day + Challenges Arena Mobile Gaming Service56 days
STTV_429Rs 429Unlimited voice calls + 1GB data per day81 days
STV_485Rs 485Unlimited voice calls + 1.5GB/ day + 100 SMS/ day90 days
STV_666Rs 666Unlimited Voice Calls + 2GB/day) + 100 SMS/day + PRBT + ZING120 days
STV_699Rs 699Unlimited voice calls + 0.5GB data per day + PRBT service180 days
STV_999Rs 999Unlimited calls + PRBT240 days
STV_1499Rs 1,499Unlimited calls + 24GB data + 100 SMS/day365 days
STV_1999Rs 1,999Unlimited calls + 600GB data + 100 SMS/day + PRBT + Lokdhun + EROS365 days


Can you make free calls on BSNL network in Mumbai and Delhi?

Most BSNL prepaid plans come with unlimited calling benefits that do limit the freebies to certain circles. You can check for plans in your city and see what they offer.

Do we get 4G data with BSNL prepaid plans

Yes, all the plans given above offer 4G data benefits along with unlimited voice calls as well as SMS freebies.

How to check BSNL prepaid plan validity on mobile

BSNL prepaid users can dial *123# on their mobile to get validity details on their plan.

What is FUP?

FUP means a free usage policy. Some of these plans come with data usage along with FUP conditions. So, if you exhaust the data limit, the internet speed slows down till the next day.