Best car chargers under Rs 1000 to charge your phone on the road

Looking for affordable charger that works inside your car? Check out this list to find out.

If you drive around a lot and carrying a power bank does not sound like the best idea, then getting a car charger should be on top of your shopping list. These fit onto the consoles of your car and use the car’s battery to support charging. The chargers come with dual USB ports, letting you charge multiple devices at the same time. Most chargers give you Quick Charge 3.0 support and can be used to charge any USB-centric device. Here are some of the best car chargers you can get for under Rs 1,000.

1. Amkette Power Pro 3

Amkette Power Pro 3 catches your eye with its wide range of charging support. It comes equipped with Quick Charge 3.0 technology that offers 4 times faster charging with compatible devices. The unit has three USB charging ports to help you charge three device simultaneously with speed of up to 33W. The charging ports make sure you can charge all kind of devices with this charger. It features advanced chipset protection against overheating, overcharge, and short circuit. The overall shape and design of the Power Pro 3 make it ideal to fit on dashboard of any car model. Amkette has bundled the Power Pro 3 charger with braided USB Type C cable which promises longer usage without any wear and tear. The build quality of the charger features robust and high-quality materials that makes sure it won’t break quickly. Safe to say the overall versatility of the Power Pro 3 has blown away buyers, who are happy to purchase this unit for their car.

2. PTron Bullet

The Bullet car charger from PTron also includes three USB ports for charging at 20 to 30 percent faster than regular chargers. PTron uses special algorithms to determine how much charging speed is required to power a device. You can use all three ports to charge devices at the same time. The compact design allows the charger to comfortably fit on most car consoles. You do not have to worry about power surge damaging the device. It also offers protection against overvoltage, high temperature and short circuit. For roads in India, where the rides get bumpy, PTron relies on wider circuitry of stainless steel to let the device keep charging on-the-go. It has got an LED light that tells you when the device is fully charged, and Bullet is made of ABS fireproof material for extra safety. Most buyers have appreciated its design and ability to handle bumps without getting out of the socket.

3. boAt Dual Port Rapid

One of the more popular choices among buyers is the Dual Port Rapid charger from boAt. If your device is compatible with Quick Charge 3.0, this charger gives you charging speed four times faster than for other devices. It even supports backward compatibility to give fast charging speed on Quick Charge 2.0 devices. This charger features a compact design that is essential for any unit that fits in your car’s dashboard. It has smart control chip prevents devices charging beyond their optimum speed. The same chip protects the charging device from short circuit, overvoltage and overcurrent mishaps as well. The Port Rapid has has two USB ports for charging that give you 2.4 Amp charging speed. Not only is the boAt charger popular, it comes highly recommended by those who have bought it.

4. SpinBot ChargeUp 3

Another pick of the bunch is the ChargeUp 3 from brand called SpinBot. As the name suggest, this charge has three USB ports for charging more than two devices at the same time. It supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology, with the ability to charge devices at 5V or 6 Amps. The overall design and finishing of the charger prevents the charging device from overcharging or overheat. The LED ring in blue colour adds extra style on your car’s dashboard and also keeps you informed about the charging status of the devices. The Orange port provides fast charging speed, while the green ones offer regular speeds compatible with the device. ChargeUp 3 allows you to connect microUSB, USB Type C or Lightning cables for charging. The matte finish makes it an appealing choice among buyers, especially because of its premium looks. You can easily rely on ChargeUp 3 for your travel needs.

5. Mi 18W Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger

Xiaomi is popular for its smartphones, but the brand also has a slew of accessories, like this 18W fast charger for cars. The big highlights of this charger include compact design and the stylish LED ring for extra glamour in your car. The well thought out charger design includes support for Quick Charge 3.0 which offers three times faster speed than regular devices. The charger has dual USB ports to let you charge multiple devices simultaneously. Xiaomi has made it universally compatible that offers wide device charging. The compact Mi charger gets four layers of protection, which prevents overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit and high temperature while charging. Most buyers say the charger is worth the money, feature-rich and a must-have for car owners.

6. Dyazo Carbon Fibre Print

Dyazo has its carbon fibre car charger up for grabs, but there is more to this charger than its premium looks. The compact size of the unit comes equipped with dual charging ports which is compatible with most phones available in the market. Dyazo has added a smart control chip to effectively manage charging of devices, without letting them overheat or overcharge. It also protects devices against short-circuit, overvoltage and other technical mishaps. Some people were shocked to see the value and performance of this charger that too at this price. And even the charging speeds are reliably quick to give you fast boot

7. Portronics CarPower QC POR-1004

Portronics is another local brand in the market with its specialisation in IT accessories. The CarPower charger has dual charging USB ports, one of which supports Quick Charge 3.0. You can charge any gadget at speed between 5V and 12V, which makes it compatible with most cars. Use both the ports to charge multiple devices simultaneously, and its lightweight nature means you can fit it on most dashboards. Many say the CarPower is worth having in your car for its fast charging support and its quality is also worth the price. Use it to charge wide range of devices like mobile phone, powerbank, digital camera and wireless headphones as well.

8. Duracell Car Charger

Best in class

Duracell has long-lasting batteries, and now it also has a quality car charger for consumers. The best thing about this charger is that you get Quick Charge 3.0 support on both the ports, which delivers up to 36W fast charging speed for compatible devices. In fact, the built-in Smart IC from Duracell makes sure your device is charging at optimum speed. Use either of the ports to charge mobile, tablet, smartwatch or even juice up power banks during long road trips. The stylish gold and black dual tone finish is Duracell design and its quality gets further boost in the market. The charger also has four layer protection for over-temperature, short-circuit, over-current and over-voltage as well. This product is customer’s favourite for its overall features and value you pay.

9. Skyvik Emblo

Skyvik Emblo is also another pick for car buyers right now. The first thing you will notice is the premium design and the black finish adds further class inside your car. It gets dual USB ports for charging at 18W speed for compatible Quick Charge 3.0 devices. All popular brands like Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo devices work at optimum charging speed. The laser-carved aluminium body grabs your attention instantly, and the LED ring light brings further embellishing to the unit. The Emblo charger follows highest safety standards. Some might say it is expensive but for its overall package, people are more than willing to spend extra Rs 100-200 for better product.

10. Ambrane 2.4A Dual Port Car Charger

And the last product we’d suggest for you is the dual port car charger from Ambrane, which is another local brand in the market. Anybody who is new with car chargers can go for this one, and for its price it offer very little risk. Both the USB ports support fast charging up to 2.1A or 5V. The charger is compatible with all forms of cars; be it SUV, hatchback, sedan or a pickup truck. Its affordable, compact as well as lightweight, which makes it the perfect combo for most users. And those sentiments have been matched by buyers, who love its quality, assured performance and pocket-friendly price tag.