Best colour printers on Amazon

These colour printers from HP and Canon are excellent for home or small office use.

A colour printer can be an essential gadget for professionals, students, and other consumers. There are plenty of inkjet style printers available on Amazon India, and we’ve listed down some of the best deals. Some printers offer all-in-one functionality that let you print, scan, as well as copy. The most popular printer brands under this price range are from HP and Canon, hence we’ve only listed the ones that have received the best ratings. Let’s check them out.

Best colour printers available on Amazon India

1. HP Deskjet 1115 Single Function Ink Advantage Printer

The HP DeskJet 1115 is a single function inkjet printer that’s an excellent choice for home users. This printer offers USB connectivity, and can print 5.5 colour pages in a minute. It supports various paper types including A4, B5, A6, and even comes with manual Duplex printing. If you’re looking for a compact and basic printer, then the Deskjet 1115 is good value at this price.

2. HP DeskJet 2332 All-in-One

If you’re looking for a good budget all-in-one printer from HP’s stable, then the DeskJet 2332 is a good buy. It offers USB 2.0 connectivity, and multi functionality of both printing and scanning. Again, this is a good printer for home or small office use. It has a printing speed of 5.5 paper per minute, supports several page types, and gets a 60-sheet input, and 25-sheet output tray. At the quoted price, this is the cheapest multi-function printer on this list.

3. Canon Pixma TS207

If you are looking for something cheaper, the Pixma TS207 will fit right into your bracket. You can print using this device in colour. It gets a USB slot for connectivity and you can pair it with systems running on Windows or MacOS versions. It gives you up to 7.7 pages per minute, both colour and black prints combined. This printer will fit in with your basic use at home, with its 50 pages per month support. All popular page sizes are compatible with this. So, you can print A4 and other custom sizes. More importantly, the TS 207 lets you print borderless photos for extra creative output.

4. HP DeskJet 4178

This deskjet printer from HP supports high-speed connectivity via Wi-Fi. It offers up to 8.5 pages per minutes with black and coloured prints combined. All your regular print sizes like A4, B5 and A6 are compatible. It features 60-sheet input tray and 25-sheet output tray. You can connect this printer to systems running on Windows and Mac OS versions. This printer is ideal for home usage, where the demand for quantity is low but quality is high. It gets a LCD display that shows the status of print, scan and also tells you if the printer is connected to Wi-Fi or not.

5. HP DeskJet 2331

If you prefer HP printers and you want to get one at a modest budget, the DeskJet 2331 is an easy choice. This is an all-in-one printer, that means you can print, scan and photocopy. It has a simple control panel, and you have 60-sheet input tray and 25-sheet output tray. The printer gets USB 2.0 interface for high-speed connectivity with the system running on Windows or MacOS. The printer offers output in resolution of 1200×1200 dpi. You can print in page sizes like A4, B5, A6 and more. The overall pages per minute goes up to 7.5 ppm.

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