Best CPU thermal pastes you can buy for your PC

Most PCs these days rely on powerful CPUs to support high-end performance. These CPUs generate a tremendous amount of heat when running at full tilt. To manage the heat, a PC uses a heatsink and cooling system. A heatsink remains in direct contact with the CPU and draws the heat out. However, even though the CPU and heatsink look smooth to the naked eye, there are microscopic imperfections that can result in poor heat transfer. To solve this issue, we use thermal pastes. Thermal paste fills in the gaps, thus allowing for a more efficient transfer of heat. They are also cheap, so there’s no reason why you should not be using them on your PC. Here are the best CPU thermal pastes you can buy in 2021.

Best CPU thermal pastes to buy on Amazon India


ARCTIC MX-4 thermal offers reliable performance that is suited for CPU cooling. Besides that, you can apply MX-4 for other applications between power semiconductors and heatsinks. This thermal compound paste is a risk-free option for PC users because it is metal-free and made of non-electrical conductive because of which you do not have to worry about short circuit issues. Another advantage of using the MX-4 is that since it is made of metal-free composition, you do not have to apply the paste regularly. This way, you save on cost and effort that might be appealing to most PC users out there.

2. Corsair TM30 Performance

Corsair TM30 comes across as an affordable choice for PC users. This thermal paste is ideal for top-end PCs that power high wattage CPUs and GPUs. The product contains 3 grams of premium zinc oxide compounds that deliver maximum thermal performance. The paste essentially brings down the temperature of the machine, giving you better efficiency. It features low viscosity of 2300k CPS, which means you can easily spread the paste without leaving any air gaps. You don’t have to worry about any mishaps as the paste is non-conductive, non-toxic, and contains no volatile compounds. Apply it once, and the compound lasts for years without any drying.

3. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut

Another thermal paste designed to support cooling for components that are highly demanding is the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut. Majorly it is used in the industrial sector, where you have high-powered systems that need regular cooling. In addition to sub-zero overclocking and thermal conductivity, this thermal paste is also used in other operational areas such as water cooling and air cooling. Other popular reasons that make people buy this grease paste include no curing, excellent thermal conductivity, long-term stability, and non-electrical conductivity.

4. Cooler Master Mastergel

Cooler Master Mastergel thermal paste focuses on giving you optimum results and making sure to transfer heat and plug the air gaps that are there between the heat sink and source. It boasts of high conductivity material that results in faster cooling of CPU or GPU for efficient results. It features non-electrical materials that help the overall management of the applications. The paste offers high heat conductivity and comes with anti-erosion properties. The design of the paste makes sure you can apply it without causing any spillage or wastage.


The Z3 thermal gel consists of high conductivity that delivers fast heat dissipation even with high-performance systems. Its density matches that of the most polished CPU cooler in the market, which makes it adaptable. Its design looks to prevent electrical damage and is electrically non-conductive. The varied nature of the paste allows you to operate it at a wide range of application temperatures. It has a viscosity of 73 cps and works in operating temperatures of up to 220 degrees Celsius.

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