Best desert coolers that you should consider buying for summers in India

  • Desert coolers feature cooling pads that provide effective cooling
  • You can move them around with the help of castor wheels
  • Coolers can be connected to main inverter for continuous running

Most houses in the country rely on desert coolers during the summer season. The dry weather in the Northern part becomes unbearable during mid-year, and coolers are the best and affordable way to serve your cooling needs. You can get them in different sizes (or capacities), with features that make them appealing to most buyers. The coolers are also portable so you can move them around with ease. Here are some of the best desert coolers you can buy from Amazon in India.

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Best desert coolers worth buying in India

1. Voltas Grand 72

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While famous as an air conditioner brand, Voltas also makes some of the best desert coolers in the market. The Grand 72 desert cooler ideal for mid-sized rooms. With its 72-litre tank capacity, the cooler ensures that you get cooling for a long duration without needing constant refills. The cooler features honeycomb cooling pads that absorb dust particles to give you clean air cooling. The highlight of the cooler is its 13.7m air throw that provides ample cooling without having to sit close to it. You also get swing control along with the fan speed regulator for managing the cooling effect. It has a water tank indicator, so you know when the cooler needs a refill. Additionally, Grand 72 can be moved around with its castor wheels.

2. Havells Celia

If you need something more compact yet powerful, Havells Celia is worth having on your list. The first thing you will notice is the unique fan design that ensures that you get cooling without making much noise. Havells says you get air delivery at a speed of 3500 m3/hr which is more than sufficient for cooling large areas like living room, big office, gym and more. You can back it up via the inverter and using the ice chamber to get cooler air from the fan. It has a honeycomb design on three sides that purifies the air before it comes in contact with you. With the built-in 55-litre capacity and auto-fill mode, Celia is low on maintenance as well.

3. Orient Electric CD6501H

Deserts coolers are conventional in the way they look, but that’s where this cooler from Orient stands away from the crowd. It features honeycomb pads that offer better cooling with less water than other coolers in the segment. It comes equipped with aero fan technology that allows a 16-inch fan to offer strong air cooling. The ABS body offers durability for long life, and the anti-bacterial tank prevents mosquito breeding which becomes a concern with most coolers. Compatibility with inverters means you can get non-stop cooling even during power cuts. And thanks to the castor wheels, you can move it around easily.

4. Crompton Ozone 75

Next up on the list, you have Crompton Ozone 75 desert cooler. This model costs you under Rs 10,000 and features wood wool cooling pads for an amazing cooling experience. The 75-litre water capacity allows the cooler to operate in a large size room up to 550 sq ft, and with its fan design and high air delivery, the whole space gets covered quickly. It has an ice chamber that fastens the cooling process with the use of ice cubes. The rust-free fibre body is an important thing to highlight for buyers because most people like to keep coolers close to a window or door for better ventilation. You can attach the Crompton Ozone to your main inverter so that it can run uninterrupted.

5. Symphony Sumo 70

And finally, we give you Sumo 70 from Symphony. This desert cooler offers a 70-litre capacity and costs under Rs 10,000, which is pretty good value for money. You can use this cooler in a room up to 322 sq ft, which categorises it into the mid-size segment. It features a cool flow dispenser that offers a higher level of cooling compared to others in this price range. The cooler comes equipped with a 16-inch fan along with a vertical swing that makes sure the cooling happens at body level. Anybody can operate the cooler with its basic dial knobs to change fan speed and direction. Like other coolers, it is compatible with home inverters, so that you don’t need the main supply to run the Sumo 70 all the time this summer.

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