Best external SSDs to store your data securely

The storage solution market has become more accessible, giving you a wide range of options that deliver performance and durability. The era of Solid State Drive of SSD has evolved, giving users the choice to adopt them inside a computer or use it externally. Today, we’re looking at the top SSDs in the market used as an external storage devices to store all your photos, videos, and other files behind hardware encryption, and a body that can withstand a drop or two. Here are the best external SSDs you can buy for storing your data.

Best external SSDs to buy from Amazon India

1. Samsung T5 500GB

The T series portable SSDs from Samsung are reliable performers and worthy of purchase. The T5 is what we are recommending if you need a daily driver SSD right now. It has a compact form factor and does not compromise on overall performance, as you get read and write speeds up to 540MB/s. It has a USB 3.1 interface that is backwards compatible. The slim frame of the T5 comes with shock resistance, allowing it to withstand falls from up to 2 meters. Samsung has equipped the T5 with advanced security measures like password protection and AES 256 bit encryption. The SSD runs on all platforms, including Android phones and weighs just 51 grams.

2. SanDisk Extreme 500GB

SanDisk is a renowned brand in the storage segment and you have the Extreme series which delivers performance with high-grade durability. And by that we mean, drop protection, IP55 water and dust resistance rating, and even shockproof. It’s hard to find a reliable storage drive with protective measures for the regular user, but SanDisk is giving you that with this SSD lineup. And that’s not all, the company has packed the drive with top-end circuitry to offer read and write speeds up to 1000MB/s for quick data transfer between two devices. Its built-in hardware encryption also provides extra security for the data stored on the device. And it has a handy carabiner loop so that you can attach it to your backpack for easy access.

3. Seagate Ultra Touch 500 GB

Ultra Touch comes from Seagate, which looks to give you the perfect SSD option for on-the-go usage. By that we mean, you can use this SSD with your smartphone, and seamlessly transfer photos and other files without running out of storage. Seagate has also designed an Android app for this purpose. The SSD features a portable and compact design with woven fabric for extra elegance. You can use the Ultra Touch with Mac or Windows systems via the built-in USB 3.0 or USB Type C interface. The SSD provides you with fast data transfer speeds up to 500MB/s for seamless backup.

4. Transcend Information 240GB

The list continues with Transcend as the fourth SSD option that we recommend. The Information SSD is also compact in design, which features lightweight aluminium finishing. The drive gets shock-resistant features, making sure the data does not get corrupt. It also brings high-speed data transfer at 520MB/s, which is sufficient enough to let you easily store high-quality 4K videos, along with high-res images and other media files, all in the comfort of your pocket.

5. Western Digital WD My Passport 500GB

Any list for storage devices is incomplete without having Western Digital in the mix, and the WD My Passport is right up there with the best. You get 500GB storage capacity, read and write speeds of over 1000MB/s thanks to the NVMe technology, and all of this built into a compact yet durable form factor. The solid case of the My Passport SSD comes with shock and vibration resistance. It can also withstand a drop from up to 1.98 meters. Along with that, the data inside the drive can be protected with a password that gets built-in 256-bit hardware encryption.

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