Best fast charging adaptors under Rs 1,000 on Amazon India

With increasing usage on our smartphones and larger displays to view content, fast charging adaptors are becoming the need of the hour. Our screen times have increased exponentially, and everyone needs a charging adaptor that gives a quick boost to our phone batteries before our outing or gaming session. If you are someone who is in the market looking for a good quality fast charging adaptor, we bring you some of the best choices available right now on Amazon India.

1. Mi 10W Wall Charger

We start the list with an extremely popular option – the Mi 10W Wall Charger. This product offers both a fast charging adaptor and a MicroUSB cable under Rs 500. The adaptor is compatible with all devices including smartphones, headphones, power banks, and more. The 10W wall charger packs in 380V surge protection with in-built circuit protection feature to withstand any sort of voltage fluctuation. With over 12,000 4-star ratings, you can’t go wrong with this one.

2. Portronics POR-089 Adapto

The Portronics POR-089 Adapto 89 is another great option in case you want to buy a fast charging adaptor on Amazon India. Portronics claims it is customised for Indian standards with features to protect overheating, over-current, and overcharging. It also comes with an auto-stop feature that stops charging the device when the battery is fully charged. Given it has a slim and lightweight body, you can carry it anywhere with ease. Overall, a good option.

3. Ambrane AQC-56

This charging adapter supports Quick Charge 3.0 technology that makes sure your phone is charged at the optimum speed. With this feature in tow, the charger gives 3x faster charging speed than regular chargers. It has a single USB port to let you charge devices that range from phones, to portable speaker, camera and tablets. The compact design of the adapter gets ABS plastic body that offers extra durability. The charger offers protection against surge, short circuit, overcurrent, and high temperature. The backward compatibility of the charger means you can charge phones that support previous versions of Quick Charge.

4. AMX XP24+

The XP24+ charger comes with dual USB ports that allow simultaneous charging of two devices. It features Flash charging technology that offers 2.4 Amp charging speed. The good thing about this charger is that you can charge Android or iOS devices without any concerns about damaging them. The build quality of the XP24+ includes premium components that gives it extra durability. The charging device is always protected against surge in current or possible overheating of the charger due to high temperature. The overall design of the charger adds style to your work desk.

5. Rocketcart

If you want a charger with more than two ports, the Rocketcart turbo charger is worth checking out. It comes smart charge feature that automatically detects when a device is connected and charges at the fastest speed available. The adapter is compatible with standard Indian power sockets. Because it has three USB ports, you don’t have to wait for one device to charge before plugging another one. And even though it has many ports, the design of the adapter remains compact, making sure it does not take a lot of space on the switch board. So, if you want to charge phone, camera, tablet or speakers, this charger will get you powered up in quick time.

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