Best gamepads under Rs 2,000 to play games on your PC

These are some of the best gamepads under Rs 2,000 for playing games on your PC.

  • Gamepads or gaming controllers make it easy to play a game on a computer
  • These devices feature joystick controls, console-like button placement, and ergonomic design
  • The gamepads allow players to control several movements that would otherwise be hard to do on a keyboard

Gaming is a popular past time for consumers of all ages, and PC games are only becoming more fun as graphics and gameplay develop with technology. Playing a game on a computer using the keyboard can be cumbersome and irritating for some players as you don’t get full control of things. This is where a plug-and-play gamepad comes in handy. You could get one of these wired or wireless gamepads and play games on your PC similar to a console. There are plenty of gaming controllers or pads available in the market, but here’s a list of the best gaming pads under Rs 2,000. Let’s take a look, and see what fits your needs. 

Best gamepad under Rs 2,000

  1. Redgear Pro

Redgear is a popular brand that makes gaming accessories for PC gamers. It makes the Redgear Pro, a plug-and-play gamepad that works on Windows computers, and with all games. This gamepad has received a tonne of positive feedback and reviews on Amazon and is a crowd favourite at the price. It gets illuminated keys, an ergonomic design, and integrated force feedback for that extra feel. The gamepad features two analogue triggers, dual analog sticks, a total of 11 digital keys, and a lengthy 1.8-metre cable. It is also compatible with X input as well as Direct input and works with Windows operating system.

2. Cosmic Byte C1070 Interstellar

Next up on the list is the C1070 Interstellar gamepad from Cosmic Byte. This device works across many platforms like Windows, PC, PS3 and Android as well. The gamepad gets a textured finish that gives it longer life and it has analog sticks along with precise eight-way D Cross that provide the ultimate comfort while gaming. The device comes with double triggers and analog bumpers that come in handy with FPS game titles on the console or PC. But all these controls would hardly matter without a ergonomic-friendly design and the C1070 scores high marks in that department. The C1070 from Cosmic Byte can be purchased for Rs 1,249 in the market.

3. GSH Wireless

This gaming pad is compatible with wide range of devices like Android phone, TV Box and tablet. It supports Bluetooth for wireless connectivity that can be operated within a range of 10 meters. The best thing about this controller is that you can download any game and the functions will work without having to download additional drivers for it. It has all the basic controls and switches that a gamer needs which includes the joystick, direction buttons and other options to get you started. The GSH Wireless gamepad is priced at Rs 1,499.

4. Ant Esports GP100

Another device that offers versatility is the Ant Esports GP100 controller. You can pair it with a Windows machine, PlayStation 3 console, Steam and Android devices. It supports play-and-play option for most devices, except for Android phones. The GP100 has all the basic controllers’ gamer needs for different genres. You have joystick, trigger buttons, direction keys, function keys and LED indicator that add a bit of glamour quotient to the gamepad. The GP100 controller also gets vibration feedback function that gives you an immersive gaming experience. The controller offers multi-mode functionality via Xinput, DirectInput and Android. Ant Esports GP100 is priced at Rs 1,062 in the country.

5. Claw Shoot

If you want a controller that solely works on PC or laptops, the Shoot gamepad from CLAW offers itself as a decent option. The device works instantly when connected to a Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10 version system. Just plug the USB cable into the interface and you’re ready to play. The overall design structure of this gamepad have been well thought of, with a rubberised textured grip offering solidity that you need to accurately hit the target or maneuver. It has two analog sticks, 8 way directional D-Pad, four action buttons and 2 of triggers and shoulder buttons. You get a realistic gameplay experience with the vibration motor and the multi-mode input support brings game compatibility with wide range of titles. Claw Shoot is going to cost you Rs 1,025 right now.

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