Best gamepads under Rs 2,000 to play games on your PC

These are some of the best gamepads under Rs 2,000 for playing games on your PC.

  • Gamepads or gaming controllers make it easy to play a game on a computer
  • These devices feature joystick controls, console-like button placement, and ergonomic design
  • The gamepads allow players to control several movements that would otherwise be hard to do on a keyboard

Gaming is a popular past time for consumers of all ages, and PC games are only becoming more fun as graphics and gameplay develop with technology. Playing a game on a computer using the keyboard can be cumbersome and irritating for some players as you don’t get full control of things. This is where a plug-and-play gamepad comes in handy. You could get one of these wired or wireless gamepads and play games on your PC similar to a console. There are plenty of gaming controllers or pads available in the market, but here’s a list of the best gaming pads under Rs 2,000. Let’s take a look, and see what fits your needs.

Things to consider while buying a gaming controller

  • Ease of use: Make sure you decide on the type of controller that fits your style. Convenience is a big part of gamer’s technique, and going for a wired, or wireless controller ensures you get the best results. If budget allows wireless offers better results, only if the latency is low.
  • Size that fits your need: Another important aspect to think while buying a controller is the size of your hand. Generally controllers are ergonomically tuned for solid grip. But it is always better to understand your exact requirement. So, make sure to read through the product manual and description for its size before buying.
  • Offering versatile support: You would ideally prefer to invest in a single controller that works on multiple devices. It is good to buy a controller that will not only work on gaming consoles, but also allow you to connect to TVs or even Android tablet.
  • Build to last: Gamers are generally glued to their couches/chairs while gaming. But emotions do run high at times, and chances are you might drop the controller in that instance. So, it is advisable to buy controllers that can withstand such mishaps, but also provide a solid grip during gaming sessions.

Best gamepad under Rs 2,000

1. Redgear Pro

Redgear is a popular brand that makes gaming accessories for PC gamers. The Pro gaming controller is one of our top choices in this price range, and buyers find it equally useful.
It gets illuminated keys, an ergonomic design, and integrated force feedback for that extra feel. Redgear has dedicated switch to help you switch between modes. The gamepad features, two analog sticks, two analogue triggers, and a total of 11 digital keys. It is compatible with X input as well as Direct input and works with Windows operating system. Its high rating is also testament to its build quality, performance and overall value that buyers derive from their purchase. The solid grip of the controller makes it ergonomically friendly to use for long hours while gaming. Having dual high-intensity motors gives you the effects of firing a shot or vibration while you move. As you might have figured, buyers call it the perfect gamepad worth buying.

2. Cosmic Byte C1070 Interstellar

Then you have the Cosmic Byte C1070 Interstellar game controller available in this range. You can use it with devices running on Windows, connect it to a PlayStation or even Android as well. The gamepad gets a textured finish that gives it longer life and it has analog sticks along with precise eight-way D Cross that provide the ultimate comfort while gaming. It features double triggers and analog bumpers that come in handy with FPS game titles on the console or PC. But where the C1070 Interstellar scores high for buyers is its ergonomic-friendly design that delivers the ultimate gaming experience. The green and black tone adds a different appeal, and the colourful keys also match up the style quotient. The dual vibration motors further enhance your gaming experience. Cosmic Byte gets top marks for its build quality, great battery life and most importantly, the price tag.

3. GSH Wireless

Next up is the GSH Wireless controller which provides support with devices Android phone, TV Box and tablet as well. It connects to various devices via Bluetooth wirelessly that can be operated within a range of 10 meters. You can also play it in the wired mode to save battery. Gamepads are generally hard to find in this price range but GSH has made sure the quality and performance is up to the mark. The retractable holder allows you to fit wide range of phones and enjoy the gaming experience like any other controller. It has all the basic controls and switches that a gamer needs which includes the joystick, direction buttons and other options to get you started. The best thing about this controller is that you can download any game and the functions will work without having to download additional drivers for it. The built-in 400mAh battery offers decent backup and can be charged using microUSB cable. Most people use it on Smart TVs because of its dual connectivity feature.

4. Ant Esports GP100

Ant Esports is another contender in this segment with its GP100 controller. Another reliable choice for buyers who found it better than the Redgear Pro version. The face buttons and the lower triggers offer great feedback. You can pair it with a Windows machine, PlayStation 3 console, Steam or Android devices. The GP100 has all the basic controllers’ gamer needs for different genres. It includes a joystick, trigger buttons, direction keys, function keys and LED indicator that add a bit of glamour quotient to the gamepad. The controller also gets vibration feedback function that gives you an immersive gaming experience. The controller offers multi-mode functionality via X-input, Direct Input and Android. Quality option for those who need a solid and long-lasting gaming controller.

5. Claw Shoot

Claw Shoot gamepad controller is solely meant for PC gamers. The device works instantly when connected to a Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10 system. The plug-and-play feature works via USB cable and seamlessly gets you up to speed with the machine. The rubberised textured grip offers solidity that gamers demands to accurately hit the target or maneuver. It has two analog sticks, 8 way directional D-Pad, four action buttons and 2 of triggers and shoulder buttons. You get a realistic gameplay experience with the vibration motor and the multi-mode input support brings game compatibility with wide range of titles. Claw Shoot has become a gamer’s favourite in a short space of time, offering the perfect balance of performance with solidity. The wireless connectivity also becomes a strong point about this controller, with no lag to complain about.

6. Logitech F310 Gamepad

Logitech was always going to part of our suggestions and the F310 Gamepad has a strong following among the gamer’s community. The controller has four switches resting on the D-Pad layout, which is similar to that of an Xbox 360 controller. The unique single pivot design allows you to quickly shift direction, giving you seamless results in the game. The wired controller has bottom-facing triggers which match up to your position. But Logitech has made the F310 controller special by adding a profiler software using which the gadget allows you to run keyboard/mouse controls for any game without gamepad support. You can also connect it to an Android TV for gaming, and its backward compatibility opens up a wide range of classic games to the big screen. The versatility of the F310 has appealed to buyers, helping them save money on controllers for different devices. The durable build quality also gets a special mention.

7. Redgear Elite

PC Gamers looking for a quality controller can look at the Redgear Elite. It supports USB interface which only works on Windows machines. It requires a special driver which can be downloaded from Redgear website. As for the controller, it offers integrated force feedback. It has two analog triggers, dual analog sticks, 11 digital keys, and comes with support for X and Direct Input for convenience. You can easily enjoy up to 10 hours of gameplay with the Redgear Elite, further enhanced with turbo mode and the built-in battery helps you use the controller wirelessly as well. You can run it with any Windows version (older and new) available in the market. Most people who bought the Elite call it the best in its price range, with its features, quality and performance.

8. PowerA

If you need a controller purely connecting with the Nintendo Switch, the PowerA is a great budget choice. It has been officially licensed to be used with Switch console, so will not work with any other device. Switch gamers will rely on its default control settings for easy access while gaming. The controller gets an ergonomics-friendly design, with a lightweight build quality. PowerA has left and right shoulder buttons as well as triggers. The dual 8-way analog sticks are tuned to eliminate dead zones with precision. The controller comes bundled with a 3-meter micro-USB to USB C detachable cable in the box. Switch buyers find it a great deal for the features and feel it works out perfectly within a budget for them.

9. Quantum QHM7468

If you don’t want to splurge a lot on gaming controllers, there are very few that compare with the Quantum QHM7468. It has an 8-way directing button and long cable support to give users a longer reach for connectivity. It features select, start and analog function keys for direction, and steps. It supports easy plug and play interface via USB 2.0 port, but you will need to install the drivers from company website to start using it. Additional features like LED indicator are also there to give you better control over the game with vibration and shock function in tow. The dual vibration makes a big difference for gamers, along with the ability to fast response attack using the triggers. For the price, it does get the job done without any hassles.

10. Noymi Gamepad

And the last of our top 10 choices is the Noymi gamepad. Primarily focused on the PUBG Mobile gamers, the device lets you attach any mobile with a screen size between 4.7-inch to 6.5-inch. So, you can attach old or new models to enjoy the best from the gamepad. The brand recognises the need to charge while gaming, so you get the USB interface placed away from the handling position. And the headphone jack is also smartly moved to the side to help you block the noise. As for the comfort, the ergonomical design of the gamepad allows you to play for long hours. You can flip the triggers as per your need to get faster response time for your action. Buyers loved its amazing build quality, the triggers also make a solid impression and overall people love the product, for the price.