Best gaming keyboards under Rs 2,000

A gaming keyboard offers features such as backlit keys, RGB lighting, space saving design, anti-ghosting, and so on. There are plenty of gaming keyboards available on Amazon India, but if you’re looking for something on a budget, then this list should help you out. We’ve listed down some of the best non-mechanical gaming keyboards under Rs 2,000 that are currently available for purchase on Amazon India. These are standard membrane style keyboards with features such as customisable LED lighting, and good build quality. Let’s check them out. 

How to buy the right gaming keyboard

  • Build quality of a gaming keyboard plays a big part in how good your gaming skills are. Get keyboard made of ABS material or metal construction that stays planted on the surface and last for many years.
  • Performance has to be the most crucial ingredient when buying a gaming keyboard. Anti-ghosting keys that come with 10 million keystroke lifespan go a long away in delivering effective results. You also should consider going for a keyboard with 6-key rollover button.
  • Customisation is an essential part of gamers enjoying their favourite PC titles. So, it is imperative that you get a keyboard that offers more key customisation features. Programming the keys to suit your handling is a big part of how good your skills become.
  • Backlight feature is something that is not mandatory to have but a worthy option that lets you enjoy gaming even when the room condition is dark. RGB lighting also has its own charm and it is good that you have options to change the setting and its speed nowadays.

Best Gaming Keyboards under Rs 2,000 on Amazon India 

1. Amkette Evo Fox Fireblade

We start the list with one of the most affordable as well as reliable out there in the market. The EvoFox Fireblade comes from an India-based brand called Amkette. It offers a tenkeyless space-saving design and comes devoid of the Numpad. It features rainbow backlighting with breathing effects, mated to a braided cable, laser engraved keys and offers 19-key anti-ghosting for the perfect gaming results. Just simply use the USB interface to plug-n-play the keyboard, without needing to download and install any software to work. The keyboard gets 12 multimedia keys for quick access to certain functions and offers durability to resist any splashes, and is tested to run for over 10 million keystrokes. Bang for the buck and good value for your money are the best ways to describe the buyer’s sentiments for this keyboard.

2. Redragon Shiva K512

Redragon Shiva K512 is an RGB backlit membrane keyboard that comes with six programmable onboard macro keys that are easily programmable without the need for any external software. The keys can be used to execute a series of tasks (shortcuts or commands) to perform various in-game actions quickly. The RGB backlighting can be customised to your taste and there are also additional six slots available to set different RGB colour modes. You get dedicated media keys as well. It supports anti-ghosting keys that let 26 keys work simultaneously to give you a competitive edge in games. To give your wrists a comfortable sitting position, it also comes with a detachable wrist-rest that connects with magnets. The keyboard has a 100 million keystrokes lifespan, so you can be sure it lasts for a long time. Overall, Redragon Shiva K512 is a solid choice for a gaming keyboard.

3. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-08 Corona Wired Gaming Keyboard

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-08 is an affordable keyboard that comes with rainbow RGB LED lighting. You get four levels of brightness adjustment with this keyboard, so you don’t have issues with the keyboard being too bright at night or in low-light conditions. The keys on this keyboard are scratch-resistant and additionally, the keyboard also has a braided cable to ensure its long-term usability. You also get 19 anti-ghosting keys to perform various in-game actions quickly. Cosmic Byte has tested this keyboard to last up to 10 million keystrokes. If you want an affordable gaming keyboard that will last for a long time, this is one of the options to consider.

4. Redragon Karura K502

Next, you have the Karura K502 from Redragon, which is a slim and stylish gaming keyboard that features silent keys. Its full-size keyboard layout supports 7 different colours as backlight settings that can be set at four brightness levels, along with an adjustable breathing effect. The keys have a short travel and less resistance, which make them silent under use. The keyboard offers 104 keys in total that includes 19 anti-ghosting keys, 12 multi-media keys, and a gold-plated USB connector. It also features an ergonomic and waterproof design, which makes it a comfortable keyboard to game or work on. This is also one of the most popular and highly rated keyboards at this price, so you may want to consider it. Use it with Windows or macOS machines. People call it the best membrane keyboard for the price, giving you an excellent overall package.

5. Redragon K630 Dragonborn

The Redragon K630 Dragonborn keyboard is a popular choice for individuals looking for a portable and high-performance option. With a tactile and responsive typing experience provided by mechanical brown switches and red LED backlighting, this keyboard is designed for gamers and professionals alike. The wireless Bluetooth connection and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 hours make it a practical and convenient choice. Additionally, the spill-proof design adds to its durability and reliability, while its compact size and portability make it ideal for people on the go. Overall, the Redragon K630 Dragonborn is a recommended option for those in need of a keyboard that combines functionality, convenience, and portability.

6. Archer Tech Lab Astra G100 Semi-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Archer Tech Lab Astra G100 Semi-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a great investment for gamers who are seeking an immersive and responsive gaming experience. With semi-mechanical keys, the keyboard offers a tactile feel that is comparable to mechanical switches, but with the added quietness of membrane switches. This means that you can enjoy the tactile feedback and responsiveness of mechanical keys without the distraction of loud clicking noises. In addition, the Astra G100 has customizable RGB lighting, 26 anti-ghosting keys for accurate and fast keystrokes, and a detachable wrist rest that can help reduce strain during prolonged gaming sessions. Overall, the Archer Tech Lab Astra G100 Semi Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is an ideal choice for gamers looking for a customizable and responsive keyboard to enhance their gaming experience.

7. Zebronics Zeb Magnus

Zebronics also throws itself into the ring with the Zeb Magnus gaming keyboard. You can switch with four multicolour LED lights and has macro along with multimedia keys. The brand has also added five programmable keys along with the Rupee key. The key set are meant to last for years thanks to its keystroke life of 10 million cycles. You can turn on/off the backlight setting with the built-in button and even activate the breathing LED feature. ZEB Magnus includes the full set of 120 keys within the layout. The keyboard has advanced Windows software that can be used to customise the macro keys. Another reliable picking for gamers, with all its features, build quality and performance matching the expectations of buyers, even at this price.

8. Redgear Blaze 7

Redgear Blaze 7 is another colour backlight gaming keyboard. The company offers the keyboard layout on this one with floating key caps that gets you close to mechanical feel while typing. It also features 7 LED backlight colours that can be changed based on your mood, game and more. The keyboard includes a floating switch that supports 45g trigger pressure for best results. The aluminium structure gives it solidity and a strong base so that it stays planted on the surface without any false moves. Those who bought the keyboard talk about its effective performance, the durability is a big plus and how the keys are placed makes a difference for gamers indulging in different titles.

9. HP K500F

HP is another brand that caters to budget gamers with its K500F keyboard in the market. The build quality has been a strong focus for the company and you can clearly see that in the way this keyboard has been constructed using a metal panel with the logo lighting up if needed. The LED backlight supports multi colour options, changing the temperature and style based on your liking. It has 26 keys for anti-ghosting to offer an accurate game response and has double injection keycaps. The slim frame keyboard layout has been provided with a stand to help you sit upfront for better healthy posture. Use it with any Windows version without having to download any driver or software. The keys will easily last for over 10 million clicks. The premium design works for users, they find it flashy, and a fantastic product for the price.

10. Redragon Dyaus K509

Redragon Dyaus K509 features aircraft-grade aluminium and ABS construction with double-shot injection moulded keycaps for a long keyboard lifespan. Dyaus K509’s 104 keys are designed in such a way that its keys deliver tactile feedback and operate quietly. You get seven RGB LED colours to customise your keyboard and four backlight brightness levels. You also get protection from accidental water spills, 11 multimedia keys, a corrosion-free USB connector, and more. Its ergonomic design lets you type for long hours without much discomfort. This is one of the best keyboards you can get for under Rs 2,000.