Best gaming monitors for PC gamers worth buying in India

  • Some popular gaming monitors feature screen refresh rates up to 165Hz
  • The displays on this list support a wide colour gamut
  • You can get gaming monitors in different shapes and sizes

The gaming circuit has evolved from heavy rig PCs to consoles, laptops, and now smartphones. But traditional gamers still prefer to assemble their rig with the specifications they want. And their setup also includes a high-quality gaming monitor. Gaming monitors come in different shapes and sizes and play a massive role in enhancing your gaming experience. A good gaming monitor can also give you some serious advantages when playing online games. So, if you are in the market for gaming monitors, we have got you covered here. These are the best gaming monitors worth buying in the market.

Things to consider while buying gaming monitors

Screen size: Generally, a screen size between 24-inches and 32-inches should be enough to play most games. A high-resolution screen with a small screen size will have more pixels per inch, thus, providing you with a more crisp image. If you want a more immersive gameplay experience you might want to purchase a curved screen monitor. But all that said, the screen size sometimes mostly comes down to personal preference and the games you play, and if you think you should buy a monitor of particular screen size, then you should just go for it.

Resolution: As discussed above, screen resolution directly correlates to the screen size. For instance, a high-resolution monitor with a small screen size will have more pixel depth per inch and such monitors provide a more clear image. And, in contrast, a bigger screen that has a low resolution will have low pixel depth, and you’ll get less clear images on such a monitor.

You must focus on the screen size along with the screen resolution the manufacturer is providing with the monitor. For example, you should avoid purchasing a 32-inch monitor with a 720p resolution as it will produce pixelated images that are also jagged around the edges. Thankfully, most affordable monitors now offer Full-HD display resolution and there are even options in the higher price bracket that offer 2K and 4K display resolution. If you are going for the ultimate gaming rig, you can go for these.

Refresh rate: Most monitors come with a default refresh rate of 60Hz. And if you are purchasing a gaming monitor for playing competitive games in categories such as battle royale, MMORPGs, real-time multiplayer games, and more, you must ensure your gaming monitor has a high refresh rate, as these games are heavily dependent on how many frames a monitor can display per second. On the other hand, if you’re playing a casual action or RPG game, a gaming monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate will suffice.

Panel type: The type of panel will decide the picture quality you are going to get from it. For instance, an OLED panel will provide you with deeper blacks and higher contrast compared to an LCD monitor. You should also look for any HDR certification as it will produce images that pop up with vibrant colours.

Response rate: A gaming monitor’s response rate is the time it takes for a pixel to change its colour from black to white, or one shade of grey to another. If you’re going to play titles that have busy environments, a low response rate time monitor will produce smoother moving pictures. This will also eliminate any motion blurs and ghosting during fast camera movements. The lower the response rate is the better experience you’ll get. This is one of the most important factors you should consider while purchasing gaming monitors. Most high-quality IPS panels nowadays have a low response rate of 1ms.

Viewing angles: A good panel offers wide viewing angles so the images don’t look washed out when viewing the monitor from slightly different angles. Purchase a monitor that has wide viewing angles for the best gaming experience.

Best gaming monitors worth buying in India

1. MSI Optix G271

Next on our list is a monitor from the MSI Optix series. The MSI Optix G271 comes with 27-inch screen size. It features IPS technology for clear images and a 144Hz refresh rate with a 1ms response rate for a blur-free gameplay experience. It also features AMD FreeSync technology to give you a fluid gaming experience. And the support for Wide Color Gamut means you’ll have vivid and colour accurate images. MSI has equipped this gaming monitor with an anti-flicker technology that promises to reduce eye fatigue. Optix G271’s IPS panel further feature 178-degree wide viewing angles and it can either be placed on a desk, as well be wall mounted if required. This one also comes with an affordable price tag and packs many features.

2. LG Ultragear

The curved panel is the main highlight of this monitor. LG Ultragear comes with 34-inch Full HD IPS curved panel. It is Nvidia G-Sync and AMDFreeSync compatible making it produce smoother moving imagery in fast-paced games. The panel additionally features a 144Hz refresh rate with a 1ms response time, a 21:9 aspect ratio for more screen real estate, and an HDR10 certification for realistic-looking imagery. You also get 99% sRGB coverage colour accuracy. The monitor features thin bezels and you can adjust its height and tilt to achieve a comfortable view. LG Ultragear is one of the premium monitors you can get for an immersive gameplay experience.

3. Lenovo G-Series 27-inch

Moving on with our list, we have a 27-inch QHD monitor from Lenovo. The panel of this monitor features 99% sRGB colour coverage and can display up to 1.06 billion colours. The display is anti-glare and can go up to 400nits of peak brightness. You also get Nvidia G-Sync and AMDFreeSync compatibility, 165Hz high refresh rate, TUV Rheinland certification for eye comfort, an HDMI 2.0 port, a display port, an audio out port, and more. With a 178-degree wide horizontal and verticle viewing angle, you can be sure there is no colour shift. The monitor also comes with an adjustable height and can be tilted if needed to provide you with a comfortable position. If you want a high-resolution gaming monitor that can produce crisp and vivid imagery, we recommend this LG G-series monitor.

4. LG UltraWide

LG UltraWide monitor packs a 29-inch Full HD display with a 1ms response rate, 75Hz high refresh rate and an HDR10 certification for a great gaming experience. You get an HDMI port, a USB-C and a headphone-out port. The panel has a 21:9 aspect ratio for more screen real estate. There is also AMD Freesync support for a lag-free motion, 99% sRGB coverage for accurate colour reproduction, 250nits peak brightness, and more. You also get a tilt-adjustable stand and the flexibility to mount the monitor on the wall with a VESA wall mount.

5. BenQ MOBIUZ EX2710S

This BenQ gaming monitor comes with a borderless IPS panel that has a 165Hz refresh rate for an immersive gaming experience. Its Full HD display has a 1ms response rate to display busy game environments with clarity. BenQ has packed this monitor with AMD FreeSync Premium support for lag-free gaming, BenQ HDRi technology for great picture quality and BenQ’s proprietary eye-care tech for taking care of eye fatigue. Its two 2.5W built-in speakers are tuned by treVolo to produce immersive sound. It additionally also features three custom sound modes to meet your gaming needs. Its ergonomics also let you tilt and adjust the height of the monitor as needed. The monitor is feature-packed and doesn’t cut around the corners and will serve all your gaming needs.

6. Acer ED270R

This is an affordable curved gaming monitor from Acer. The monitor comes with an FHD resolution and offers a 165Hz refresh rate for a fluid gaming experience. The 27-inch monitor has thin bezels, 178-degree wide viewing angles, a 5ms response rate, 250nits of peak brightness, two HDMI ports, a display port, an audio out port, and more. You also get an HDMI & display port cable in the packaging. The support for AMD FreeSync Premium eliminates screen tearing and provides lag-free gameplay. The monitor offers several layers of protection to take care of your eyes including a blue light shield, flicker-less screen, and more. If you want a full-featured curved screen gaming monitor at an affordable price, this is the one to get.

7. Samsung Odyssey

Samsung Odyssey features a 24-inch FHD panel that has a low 1ms response rate. Additionally, you also get AMD FreeSync Premium with a 144Hz refresh rate for silky smooth pictures. Samsung Odyssey is surrounded by narrow bezels, giving it a premium look. You also get an Eye Saver Mode that minimises blue light emission. The monitor comes with a height-adjustable stand that can also swivel and tilt to provide you with a comfortable sitting position. There is an HDMI port, a display port, and a headphone out port as well. This is another monitor that comes with an affordable price tag and covers all the essentials of a gaming monitor.

8. MSI Optix G24C4

Next up on the list, we have the Optix monitor from MSI, which is popular among gamers. The first thing you’ll notice about the monitor is its style and frameless design that gives it a premium look and feel. The 24-inch LED display supports Full HD resolution at 1080 pixels at 144Hz refresh rate and 1MS response time. The curved shape of the monitor adds to the overall visual experience. MSI has opted for a wide colour gamut for this monitor that gives you bright colours and gaming immersion that can be mesmerising. This is one of the finest gaming monitors you can buy.

9. BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510

And finally, you have the Mobiuz monitor series from BenQ, which features a smaller display but offers a 144Hz refresh rate, along with 1ms response time for a lag-free gaming experience. BenQ has optimised the graphics levels of the screen to push highly detailed images by improving contrast. The monitor also does not compromise on the effectiveness of the screen and audio quality. BenQ has added two 2.5W speakers with pre-loaded customised sound modes. The company has also equipped the display with its eye-care tech so that gaming for long durations does not strain the eyes and reduce fatigue.

10. Acer Nitro QG271

This monitor from Acer comes with a 27-inch FHD VA panel with a refresh rate of 75Hz. At an extremely reasonable price, it offers AMD Free Sync Technology support, to get rid of screen tear), and the eye protection features offered by the monitor include Bluelight Shield, Flickerless, Low Dimming, and Comfyview Technology. It comes with one VGA port and two HDMI Ports for connectivity. With response time at just 1ms, you won’t find any input delays while playing competitive online multiplayer games on this monitor.