Best gaming mouse you can buy under Rs 2,000

The gaming scene has exploded in India over the past few years thanks to the availability of affordable internet. And while mobile games have made the headlines, the avid gamer will always resort to having a powerful PC for their gaming. Because of this, you need a quality pair of gaming accessories, that also includes a competent mouse. These can be customised based on the game you want to play, and features LED light that adds an extra touch. Here is the best gaming mouse in the market.

1. HP G360

The G360 is capable of switching between six DPI settings that offer better movement and precise targeting for games. The ergonomic design features non-slip finishing with breathing LED lights that are customisable. The three-dimensional roller is comfortable to use for long hours and gives you a good grip so that the finger does not slip. The cable gets a USB interface that connects to a PC running on any Windows version, and installs in quick time. The buttons offer minimal noise and the overall package makes it look premium.

2. Redragon Phaser M609

The Phaser M609 is an affordable choice for gamers. It supports DPI settings up to 3200 and features six programmable buttons. The textured finish of the surface helps you reduce the number of accidental clicks. Choose the right DPI settings to get the best result. The LED backlight is a common feature among gaming mouse and the M609 also has it, which adds extra appeal while you are gaming. Then you also have widened scroll wheel that helps you easily control the mouse and move it accordingly.

3. Corsair Harpoon Pro

Corsair is a reputed name in the gaming arena and most people have its products on their shopping list. The Harpoon Pro fits right into their needs, especially when they are building a gaming setup. This mouse offers the right ergonomics so that you can control and play games for long hours without any discomfort. You can use the Harpoon Pro with laptops from Acer, Apple, Lenovo and Acer among others. The lightweight nature along with support for 12000 DPI gives you the perfect setting to enjoy varied gaming titles and genre. Corsair focuses the Harpoon Pro on first person shooter games but others are also compatible with it. The overall texture of the mouse is built to last for long.

4. Lenovo M200

Lenovo M200 is another choice of mouse for gamer that is feature-packed yet pocket-friendly. The biggest highlight of the M200 is its 7-colour RGB backlight that adds the x-factor that gamers seek in their gadgets. It lights up based on the mood and gaming situation of the player. The mouse has 5 buttons with support for up to 2400 DPI that includes four levels of DPI switch. You do not need additional software to use the mouse that will work on any Windows machine. The mouse gets an ambidextrous design which performs at the highest level without compromising on your skills. Having braided cable means you do not have to worry about damaging with rough and tough usage.

5. Ant Esports GM320

The GM320 from Ant Esports is our pick from the bunch. And we have very good reasons to suggest this mouse for your purpose. It has eight programmable buttons along with a fire button that is suited for FPS war games and other genre as well. The multi-colour RGB lighting gives you the oomph factor, something that gamers love with their accessories. You can manually change the colour or even turn it off when not needed. As for the performance, the mouse offer 7200 DPI with four DPI levels that can adjust to the game based on the polling rate that you need for smooth movement. The durability of the mouse gets assurance with its 20 million click lifespan and comfortable grip that offers long hour usage without any fatigue.

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