Best gaming mouse you can buy under Rs 2,000

The gaming scene has exploded in India over the past few years thanks to the availability of affordable internet. And while mobile games have made the headlines, the avid gamer will always resort to having a powerful PC for their gaming. Because of this, you need a quality pair of gaming accessories, that also includes a competent mouse. These can be customised based on the game you want to play, and features LED light that adds an extra touch. Here is the best gaming mouse in the market.

1. HP G360

Value for money

The G360 is capable of switching between six DPI settings that offer better movement and precise targeting for games. The ergonomic design features non-slip finishing with breathing LED lights that are customisable. The three-dimensional roller is comfortable to use for long hours and gives you a good grip so that the finger does not slip. The cable gets a USB interface that connects to a PC running on any Windows version, and installs in quick time. The buttons offer minimal noise and the overall package makes it look premium.

2. Redragon Phaser M609

The Phaser M609 is an affordable choice for gamers. It supports DPI settings up to 3200 and features six programmable buttons. The textured finish of the surface helps you reduce the number of accidental clicks. Choose the right DPI settings to get the best result. The LED backlight is a common feature among gaming mouse and the M609 also has it, which adds extra appeal while you are gaming. Then you also have widened scroll wheel that helps you easily control the mouse and move it accordingly.

3. Logitech G102 Light Sync

Logitech is an obvious choice for gamers. The G102 is probably the more affordable of the product available from the brand. It has LED lights on the edges, along with the logo. It supports up to 8,000 DPI settings and has a six-button layout with design thought out for gaming long hours without any discomfort. The good thing is, you can manually set the sensitivity level, depending on which game you are playing. The crisp feel of the button adds to the overall experience of using the mouse.

4. AmazonBasics Multi-Color

The gaming mouse from AmazonBasics features rubberised sides that offer a comfortable grip and control. You can change the DPI settings of the sensor up to 3200 resolution that delivers precision shooting. The Omron switches offer extra durability for up to 50 million clicks and the RGB lighting gives that stylish look and feel. It also has onboard memory that can be used to create specific configurations to match the particular game. The gaming software in the box helps you explore other parts of the mouse and the gaming controls available.

5. Dragonwar ELE-G9 Thor

And finally, you have the fancy ELE-G9 Thor gaming mouse. The lightweight nature of the mouse will surely get your attention. Because of this, you barely get to feel any discomfort while gaming, even for long hours. Add to that, it has extra-durable switches and the overall build quality is meant to last for years. Dragonwar has made this mouse for all types of gaming titles, making sure you never have to look for another unit. With the driver customisation, you can tweak the settings to suit your style and gaming preferences.

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