Best geysers you can get this winter season for under Rs 8,000

Looking for a reliable and affordable geyser for your home this season? Here's a list that will help you take that decision.

It’s that time of the year when warm water becomes essential for drinking, washing, and other activities. Because of this requirement, users browse the market for an efficient and power water heater that will facilitate their water heating needs. These products last you for many years, and nowadays, the protection standards of the water heaters eliminate any overheating or excess power consumption worries. Here are the best water heaters you can buy this winter at a price of less than Rs 8,000.

1. Crompton Arno Neo ASWH-3015

Crompton Arno Neo gets a sturdy body with power indicator and PUF insulation for safe and quick heating. It features advanced 3 level safety and powerful heating element that makes it suitable for high-rise buildings and bathrooms. The best thing about this geyser is the heating will be at the same level even while using hard water. It gets 5-star rating from BEE that certifies the geyser and its power efficiency. Speaking of which, it consumes 2000W of power for each usage. Crompton Arno Neo is priced at Rs 4,949 in India.

2. AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-025

The AO Smith geyser offers 25-litre water storage capacity and gets 5-star BEE rating for power efficiency. The inner tank of this geyser is made of blue diamond glass that is corrosion resistant. And for longer durability the outer shell gets metal finishing. The design aesthetics of this geyser will add extra style in your bathroom, especially with the centrally-placed physical knobs to control the water temperature. You also have LED indicators that tell you the status of heating inside. The long-lasting anode rod delivers fast heating, without consuming a lot of power.

3. Bajaj New Shakti Storage

The New Shakti from Bajaj features 2kW heating element that supports 15-litres of water. It gets glass-lined coated inner tank that gives the geyser a premium design touch. For added safety it has multiple systems in place to protect against dry heating, overheating and over pressure. The geyser comes equipped with a temperature control knob and swirl flow technology that facilitates quick heating of water. In addition to all this, the geyser also gets a temperature dial indicator that makes it easy to read the heating level of the water.

4. Havells Instanio

The list also includes the Havells Instanio water heater. Compared to others on this list, the Instanio supports low capacity of water for heating. Which is why the process is faster and power efficient. It consumes 3000W of power and features copper heating element. The outer body is rust and shock proof thanks to the ABS body that also gives longevity to the geyser. The inner tank is made of 304 grade stainless steel. It has colour-changing LEDs that turn from blue to amber which tells you the temperature of water inside the heater.

5. Hindware Atlantic Convenio

Feature packed

The Convenio is different from regular geysers since this is an instant water heater. It accommodates water capacity up to 3 litres and supports pressure up to 6.5 Bars. The inner tank is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel with ABS material finishing. The geyser comes equipped with i-Thermostat feature that prevents wastage of excess energy. The overall dimensions of the Convenio make it easy to fit in any corner of bathroom or kitchen.

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