Best HDMI cable to buy in India in 2022

Here are some of the best HDMI cables that you can consider buying for your house in 2022.

With advancements in the technology space, modern gadgets and trends have improved the way we use display solutions. People like to adopt multiple screens for their work or casual use, and all this has become possible thanks to HDMI cables. You also rely on them to connect set-top-box to the big screen that gets you satellite TV channels to your living room. But the new HDMI cables are more than just catering to your visual needs. You can easily connect them for audio quality enhancement, with support for DTS:HD, Dolby Audio, and more. Here are some of the best HDMI cables you can buy in India.

Things to consider when buying an HDMI cable

HDMI cables have become multi-purpose these days, but even then some of you might have issues while choosing the best option for your setup. So it is vital to go through the basics that go into buying an HDMI cable. Here are some of the main points that you need to remember.

Durability: Cables are meant to last for long time, and that only becomes possible if they are durable. Make sure the front part is gold plated, the connector either gets braided cable of the inner linings are rust-proofed with copper foil. Also got for cable that have high bend lifespan.

Supporting latest standard: You are mostly going to rely on these cables for connecting to an external screen to get highest video quality. With HDMI 2.0 you can stream content in 4K quality, while some of them even support 8K video resolution. All this depends on the bandwidth speed offered by the cable, which can either be 16Gbps or 48Gbps.

Audio compatibility needed: Like we said, HDMI cables are no longer confined to just video enhancement and support. These can easily help boost the audio quality as well, through eARC setup. Add to that you have Dolby Atmos, DTS:X format available.

Length you require: It might not feel important but it is good to know the right length of HDMI cable required for your purpose. Buying a short or long cable determines how you can setup the console in the space available to you.

Best HDMI cables to buy in India

1. AmazonBasics Flexible Premium

We start the list with the AmazonBasics HDMI cable that’s sold by the e-commerce giant. The flexible and lightweight design makes it a reliable choice for connecting media devices such as HDTVs, projectors, etc. The brand has given it wide compatibility that helps you use the cable with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Apple TV, and more devices that support HDMI interface. AmazonBasics has given the cable the required solidity with use of solid copper conductors, which also makes it rust-proof. And a full metal jacket that also brings high performance connectivity.

But that’s not all, this cable offers bandwidth support up to 18Gbps and can also be used with earlier HDMI standards for better usability. The cable also is compatible with Ethernet, 3D, 4K video, and ARM port as well. Buyers have found it extremely useful for the price, its features are quite reliable and the performance has kept most people happy.

2. BlueRigger High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet

Another popular brand out there is BlueRigger with its high-speed HDMI cable and there many reasons to choose this one over others. The company has constructed the cable using full metal jacket, and given it a 24K gold plated connector which brings the additional premium touch for buyers. Using these materials allows 10,000+ bend lifespan for the cable.

BlueRigger also guarantees high-level gaming experience with no frame drops, stable signal with high-quality 4K visuals, and anti-ghosting. This premium cable works on both Full HD and 4K resolution devices. You can connect it with gaming console, laptop, Blu-ray player, TV box, and projector among others, where you get smooth video streaming and lossless audio quality for the ultimate movie experience at your home. Most people found it working with TVs and other console devices. It offers high-quality video streams and they also loved its build quality.

3. Tizum High Speed HDMI

Tizum is our next choice for HDMI cables that you can buy in the market right now. This one gets a male-to-male connectivity standard which supports Ethernet, 3D, and 4K video. But you can also use it to connect Blu-ray players, DVD players, set top box, Dish TV Box, and other devices and offer HDMI compatibility. In addition to these, this cable can also be used to share internet connection without needing an Ethernet cable.

The Tizum High Speed HDMI ensures its cable meets the latest HDMI 1.4 standard, which offers bandwidth support up to 10.2Gbps and backward compatible with earlier versions. You can watch 4K content at 24Hz at 48-bit colour depth. The use of gold plating on the interface and nylon braided cable guarantee durability and longer lifespan for the cable. Most people found it perfect for video streaming in high resolution, the build quality is another big plus for those who started using the cable.


Going up higher in the price range gets you the 8K HDMI cable from brand called UGREEN. As the name suggests, you can use it to stream content in up to 8K resolution, which is the highest available video standard. It also helps you stream 4K content in 120Hz as well as 100Hz quality. The cable supports bandwidth speeds up to 48Gbps which is required for high-quality video streams without any signal loss. In addition to this, this cable also offers Dolby Vision HDR, HDR 10+ and rich audio formats like Dolby Atmos.

UGREEN guarantees low latency, quick frame transport and variable refresh rate. All these are perfect ingredients for smooth and lag-free gameplay. You can rely on this cable to work on wide range of devices like various 8K TVs, PlayStation 4 Pro, Roku, Wii U, Blu-ray player, and Apple TV 4K. Paying a premium for UGREEN cable has paid rich dividends for buyers, who are amazed by its video output and also durability that should help it last for years.

5. CableCreation Ultra Thin HDMI

Next up, you have the Ultra Thin HDMI cable from CableCreation in this range. The brand has designed the cable to be thinner than regular HDMI options you get in the market. But that has not compromised on its overall performance by any means. It lets you play 4K UHD content in 60Hz refresh rate, and because of its size, you can fit it in close gaps and corners.

CableCreation has built the cable using double-braided coat, oxygen-free copper and gold-plated finish on the connector. Like other HDMI cables, you can use this one with wide range of devices like display, TV Box, projector, gaming consoles and even DVD player. To make things interesting, this cable supports mirror and extend mode, to give you versatility on a modest budget. No surprises then to hear good things from buyers about this cable. It gives you the perfect balance of durability, reliability, flexibility and longevity.

6. Honeywell 8K Ultra High speed HDMI Ver 2.1 cable

Honeywell joins the mix with its 8K HDMI 2.1 cable. It is priced higher than most cables available in the market, but that delivers better features and other big improvements. Honeywell cable lets you stream 8K resolution at 60Hz and 4K quality content at 120Hz refresh rates. You can rely on this cable to deliver 48Gbps bandwith speeds with the help of HDMI 2.1 standard.

Other than video, the cable is equally capable of supporting audio connectivity formats like eARC to give you high bitrate audio, along with 5.1 and 7.1 channel surround sound music. Basically, this cable is your go-to choice to upgrade the home theatre experience. But the goodies don’t end there. For gamers as well, they get advanced features like quick frame transport, which reduces latency and give you no-lag gaming performance, ideal for virtual reality modes.

7. INICIO 8K HDMI 2.1 Cable

INICIO is also part of our list with its own version of 8K HDMI cable in the market. This cable also supports latest industry standard that delivers 8K video content on the big screen, or you can also go for 4K at 120Hz or 1080p Full HD resolution as well. You can get same screen mirrored through the cable, use it for extending the display, or even attach multiple screens simultaneously. In addition to video, INICIO is offering eARC support that automatically enhances audio and visual performance thanks to dts HD, Dolby Atmos, and even Dolby TrueHD format compatible through this cable.

On the durability front, INICIO has equipped the cable with multi-layer shielding that includes aluminium foil, PVC wire and nylon braided jacket. The cable can go through bend test of over 10,000 times without any drop in quality. People love its features and the overall performance has made it a reliable choice for buyers right now.

8. AmazonBasics Braided HDMI Cable

Value for money

AmazonBasics is coming to you over here for the second time with its braided HDMI cable now. Use it to connect to blu-ray player, Fire TV, Apple TV, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and any TV that supports HDMI interface. It also doubles as an alternative to Ethernet cable to let you share an internet connection if required. It offers you the support for streaming videos in 4K quality at 60Hz, with bandwidth speeds up to 18Gbps that backward compatibility also available. The length of the cable is enough to extend its use to a longer distance in the room for different purposes. Even for the price, people recommend this cable for its performance, durability and especially the length which is generally hard to find in this range.


IVANKY also has its 4K HDMI cable up for grabs in this range, and we can suggest this product on the basis of its quality and features. It has everything that a buyer seeks from an HDMI cable, the perfect solution for video and audio playback. Add to that you get durability thanks to the braided cable cord and aluminium alloy shell, which means it can easily handle rough usage with 15,000 bend lifespans. The company has also made it compatible with wide range of devices like Xbox, laptop, HDTV, projector, Apple TV and more.

You also get Audio Return (ARC) compatibility for UHD TVs. Play 4K video content thanks to bandwidth speed of 18Gbps, provided through HDMI 2.0 standard. This cable is also worthy substitute for ethernet cable to surf the internet. Buyer pick this cable for its high-speed bandwidth range, supporting 4K video resolution and giving all this with utmost durability.

10. Belkin Ultra HD High Speed HDMI Cable

The last product we can list out comes from Belkin, which is a reliable name in the accessories market. As you would expect, it supports 4K content streaming at 120Hz, with the promise of transfer speed up to 48Gbps, as well as guaranteed to run 8K content in the future and get high-level gaming performance as well.

Belkin has got its cable tuned to play 4K HDR with Dolby Vision and HDR 10 standard. These specs mean you can connect the cable to Apple TV 4K or any HDMI-compatible device to get the best results. The price does make it sound like a premium product, but the quality is there to justify for many. Most Apple TV 4K users found it worthy for the price, and the performance lived up to the brand name because of that.