Best headphones under Rs 2,000: Oppo Enco Buds, OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z, and more

From wired IEMs to wireless neckbands and true wireless earbuds, these are the best headphones to buy under Rs 2,000.

Budget personal audio products have always been in vogue, and witness strong demand. Over the years, though, the very nature of budget personal audio products has changed. No longer are pocket-friendly earphones a drastic compromise over the flagship ones. In fact, in today’s market, headphones under Rs 2,000 give you a wide range to choose from — starting with true wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation, to wired in-ear monitors from lesser-known companies but with audiophile credentials, to neckband-style wireless earphones. Each has its own strengths, thereby suiting a specific demographic of users with each of their offerings.

Without further ado, here’s looking at the best headphones under Rs 2,000 that you can buy in India right now.

Best headphones under Rs 2,000

Oppo Enco BudsRs 1,799
OnePlus Bullets Wireless ZRs 1,999
KZ ZSN Pro XRs 1,899
Sony WI-C200Rs 1,799
Sennheiser CX120BTRs 1,490
Jays A-OneRs 1,999
Soundmagic E10CRs 1,599
Boat Rockerz 600Rs 1,916
Realme Buds Q2 NeoRs 1,599
Redmi Earbuds 2CRs 1,435

Key things to look for in budget earphones

When it comes to buying the right pair of headphones under Rs 2,000, there is a specific set of parameters that you as a buyer need to consider. This includes tracking specifications that define the sound signature, connectivity standards, fit, and product design. Here's what you should look for in them.

Driver configuration

One of the most intrinsic factors of audio quality is audio driver configuration. In terms of the type of audio drivers used, earphones and headphones in the budget segment typically use dynamic audio drivers, which is the most common audio driver type used in earphones. A select range of niche audio brands also uses balanced armature drivers, which typically offer cleaner and a more balanced audio signature.


The next thing to consider is the parameter of connectivity. Depending on the device that you would mostly use to listen to music on, you may choose to go fully wireless -- or still bank on wired in-ear monitors. You should also check the Bluetooth version of earphones -- Bluetooth 5 or newer would give you higher quality playback. For wired IEMs, check for those with swappable cables so that you can upgrade their quality later.

Size of earbuds

One of the key things to keep in mind is that the overall audio quality would become highly underwhelming if you don't get the right fit with your earphones. Opt for headphones and earphones that offer you a range of earbud choices -- to help you get the best fit.


While it isn't the first thing to strike, budget earphones may often overlook the design aspect to focus on audio -- or vice versa. Remember to choose this wisely — a good design can go a long way in making a pair of earphones feel usable over a longer span of time. Also opt for designs that are easily foldable and easy to carry around, all of which are factors that become important over time.

The right brand

In the personal audio space, the range of choices in brands is typically between the common, established ones — and those that you may not have heard of before. Don't go just by brand name — often, the smaller brands could deliver great audio and impressive value. Do ensure that you are well researched about a personal audio brand before you finalise your purchase.

FAQs on buying budget earphones

When it comes to choosing the right pair of budget headphones, it's also important to understand which type of earphones suit you. Here's what you need to keep in mind.

Are budget true wireless earbuds reliable?

True wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds are the most in-demand personal audio category, even in the budget segment. The latter has been boosted by smartphone brands offering products with great features at competitive prices. Even in the budget segment, they have become largely reliable.

Are wired earphones still worth buying?

Contrary to expectations, wired earphones still have a strong market. While many of them are chosen by those buying audio products at the most affordable price points, many others today use USB or wireless adapters to use wired earphones from lesser-known brands that promise a beginner audiophile experience.

How to connect wired IEMs wirelessly?

You can choose to buy a Bluetooth audio adapter to go with your wired earphones. The latter can be connected to the adapter using the 3.5mm port. Subsequently, the Bluetooth adapter is paired with the smartphone to relay music. Many adapters also offer high-resolution playback to cater to audiophiles.

Are neckband earphones better at this price?

Neckband earphones offer the advantage of letting you take your earphones off without needing to put them back in the case for short durations. While many don't prefer the extra wire and their overall style, they offer value to those who don't mind the neck wire.

Are lesser-known brands trustworthy?

Lesser known brands often have great products on offer, but may not give you after-sales support the way a mainstream brand would. Be sure to look up carefully at the brand whose product you are purchasing. If it is too obscure a brand, you might be better off buying something from a comparably less niche brand. That being said, most lesser-known audio brands that are today becoming more popular have set a good precedent.

Oppo Enco Buds

The Oppo Enco Buds have received critical acclaim from all quarters and are largely believed to be among the best budget headphones and earphones that users can buy at this price. The audio performance is balanced, with a hint of added bass. The sound signature is clean, and it has the true wireless advantage, too. Of all wireless earphones right now, the Oppo Enco Buds are the best at under Rs 2,000.

Buy: Amazon | Flipkart

-Impressive audio quality
-Great bass
-Steady connectivity

- No additional features
- Looks bleak

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z offers an affordable entry point to the brand's audio product portfolio and does a good job of it too. It offers amply loud and clear sound, good bass, decent balance for vocals, and good overall depth of sound, too. It also offers Dolby Atmos through OnePlus phones, and the neckband style isn't too bad altogether. For its price, the offering is quite a strong one — giving users a precursor to the company's true wireless portfolio.

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-Dolby Atmos with OnePlus devices
-Decent sound

-Neckband style looks dated


Chinese brand KZ falls in the lesser-known bracket of brands. However, it is possibly the best-sounding pair of earphones at this price range. With balanced armature and dynamic drivers combined to power the audio, the KZ ZSN Pro X produces impressively rich sound, with strong bass delivery without overpowering the rest of the frequency range. It offers one of the cleanest sound signatures in the budget audio segment, and even offers you the option to swap out its stock cable with a higher quality one — therefore being a stepping ground towards audiophile experiences.

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-Impressive sound quality
-Fantastic depth

-Earpiece size could be too large for many

Sony WI-C200

What the Sony WI-C200 really gets right is a clean, simple, and non-fussy user experience. You get a neckband pair that focuses clearly on bass when it comes to the sound experience but also delivers good overall clarity of sound. It is this that makes it a good purchase, and its easily collapsible neckband style further adds to its user experience. It also offers a decent battery to boot.

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-Good strong bass
-Good battery life
-Easy to carry

-Looks a bit flimsy
-Mic quality not the best

Sennheiser CX120BT

You don't often get earphones that emphasise more on the highs and mids, than bass. That's exactly where the Sennheiser CX120BT comes in. The pair produces good clarity and sounds really bright thanks to its focus on the highs and vocals. This makes it an interesting offering, particularly as an alternative to all the bass-focused choices in the market. Its light build is a boon, too.

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-Good choice for fans of bright sound
-Light build
-Looks good

-Lacks bass a bit too much
-Not the loudest
-Below-par battery life

Jays A-One

Jays has always produced fairly well-acclaimed earphones, and the wired A-One is in the same league, too. It offers an excellent overall design that is clearly among the best in the list of neckband IEMs. The sound signature favours bass and has good clarity and impressive depth of sound. On overall terms, it is one of the best budget earphones in the neckband range in terms of audio performance.

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-Good bass
-Clean sound
-Flat cable design

-Not the easiest to fit in pocket

Soundmagic E10C

The Soundmagic E10C is one of the most reliable product portfolios in the wired, budget IEM range. The earbuds offer a balanced sound signature, which is impressive given its price point. The drivers also offer good clarity of sound, and also come with good depth as well. The earbuds also offer a comfortable fit for most users, therefore being a universal product that can be liked by most.

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-Balanced audio delivery
-Good fit

-Wired connectivity may not fit most modern phones

Boat Rockerz 600

The Boat Rockerz 600 is one of the most popular over-ear headphones in the budget segment. One of its key offerings is the Super Extra Bass sound signature, which produces slightly overpowering but clean bass. The overall audio quality is super tight, thereby making the headphones a highly recommended pair. It also has a robust and well-marked control panel on one of its ear cups, and a total of eight hours of battery life makes it a very well-rounded offering.

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-Looks good
-Great bass
-Intuitive controls

-Very bass-heavy sound may not suit all

Realme Buds Q2 Neo

The Realme Buds Q2 Neo is one of the most feature-rich offerings in the burger earphones segment. The 10mm drivers powering its sound offer a bass boost feature, which does make it clearly bass-biased. However, decent audio clarity and highs mean that it remains fairly versatile with its overall sound. You also get a low latency connection mode, which gamers would find useful when playing live esports tournaments. It also has 20 hours of overall battery life to boot.

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-Good audio clarity
-Good for gamers
-Good battery life

-Earbuds could be too large for everyone
-Bass biased

Redmi Earbuds 2C

The Redmi Earbuds 2C is also a plausible option if you really wish to own a pair of true wireless earbuds. You get a cumulative battery life of over 15 hours, and the audio quality is acceptable for its price. You also get environmental noise cancellation for calls, and IPX4 durability rating to wear it to workout sessions. All of this makes it an option worth considering.

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-IPX4 rating
-Decent call quality

-Average sound quality
-Bulky fit