Best headphones with noise cancellation under Rs 10,000 on Amazon India

Active noise cancellation is a useful feature on headphones as it eliminates distractions and ambient noise while listening to music, podcasts, and so on. This technology uses external microphones and software magic to cancel out any unwanted sound. There are plenty of headphones available online that come with active noise cancellation technology. They used to be expensive, but now you can still get a good pair of active noise-cancelling headphones for under Rs 10,000. Here are some of these headphones with noise cancellation that you can buy today on Amazon India.

Things to consider while buying wireless headphones

Headphone Type: There are mainly two types of headphones you can find on the market: On-the-ear and Over-the-ear. On-the-ear (also called Supra-aural) headphones, as the name suggests, sit on the ears and are not comfortable to wear for long hours. They also don’t provide proper sound isolation. On the positive side, On-the-ear headphones generally feature compact designs and have less weight compared to Over-the-ear headphones. Over-the-ear headphones (also called Circum-aural) on the other hand sit around your ears and are most of the time bulky compared to On-the-ear headphones. But on the positive side, they do provide proper sound isolation due to their design.

Open-back or Closed-back: When searching for the best headphones on the market, you’ll frequently hear about these two terms: Open-back or Closed-back. Open-back headphones, as the name suggests, are open at the back of the earcups. This design allows the air to pass through from the rear of the earcups. Thus, making Open-back headphones sound much more natural since there is less resonance inside the earcup chamber. But it’s not all
positive things here, since the rear of the earcup is open you’ll hear most outside noises and people around you can also hear what you’re listening to on the headphones. Closed-back headphones, on the other hand, are the headphone you usually see. They are closed at the rear and thus provide proper sound isolation. And since the back is closed, there is increased resonance, making the Closed-back headphones sound less clear and have
boosted low frequencies (aka Bass) due to this reason.

Comfort: The next thing to make sure of when buying headphones is the level of comfort the headphones provide. If you’re planning to wear them for long hours, ensure the earcups are made of high-quality materials and provide proper cushioning. Additionally, also ensure the headband provides proper cushioning and is adjustable.

Bluetooth codecs: Ensure the wireless headphones support high-quality Bluetooth codecs – such as aptX, aptX HD, LDAC, AAC, LHDC, and others – for a high-quality music listening experience. This especially becomes important if the headphones support Hi-Res audio playback, as the high-quality Bluetooth codecs ensure high bitrate transfer. 

Best noise cancellation headphones under Rs 10,000

1.Philips Audio Performance TAPH805

The Philips Audio Performance headphones feature touch controls so you easily control the music. The Philips headphone features large 40mm drivers for a clear and detailed sound. Plus they also come with Hi-Res audio certification for a hi-fidelity sound. Add to that the Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity ensures stable and long-range connectivity. You also get up to 30 hours of battery on a single charge. Additionally, they also feature Rapid Charge fast charging tech that gets the earphones up to 6 hours of juice in just 15 minutes. The JBL headphones also
get multifunction buttons and touch controls on the earcups that let you control the music, activate voice assistants and easily enable/disable ANC. The Philips Audio Performance headphones are compact and feature a folding design so you easily carry them and put them in a travel backpack. The headphones come with excellent sound quality along with a number of utility features that make the music-listening an enjoyable experience.

    2. JBL Tune 750BTNC

    JBL’s Tune 750BTNC is a lightweight and compact, over-the-ear headphone that offers features such as active noise cancellation and multi-point connection. You can connect and switch between two devices anytime you like. The JBL headphones are known for their signature sound, and this one doesn’t disappoint either. They offer up to 15 hours of battery life with active noise cancellation turned on, and around 22 hours with the feature disabled. For the price, these headphones are great value.

    3. Sony WH-CH710N

    Sony makes some of the best noise cancellation headphones, and the WH-CH710N is an affordable offering from the company. It gets wireless noise cancellation and a long battery life of around 35 hours. The headphones are lightweight and offer all-day comfort thanks to the oval-shaped earpads. The swivel fold design of the headphones allows you to carry them with ease. These also support Google Assistant and can be used with an aux cable when the battery is dead.

    4. Tribit QuietPlus 72

    Tribit offers its affordable QuietPlus 72 edition in the market as well. These over-the-ear headphones support active noise cancellation and provide Hi-Fi stereo sound for a quality music experience. The 40mm dynamic drivers add rich bass to the music output. Thanks to the soft-cushioned layers, the headphone remains comfortable to wear and lets you enjoy your favourite music with comfort for long hours. The built-in Bluetooth chip makes it possible to pair the headphones with any mobile. The 500mAh battery is good enough to last for over 30 hours on a single charge.

    5. JBL Live 650BTNC

    JBL features in our top 5 once again with its Live 650BTNC headphones. The over-ear design comes equipped with noise cancellation and JBL Signature sound output. JBL has offered 40mm dynamic drivers, which also makes the difference when it comes to bass quality in the music. Its dual pairing feature allows you to switch between devices effortlessly. JBL has added support for voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. The built-in microphone makes it the ideal audio gear to manage calls. Even with the noise cancellation turned on, you get 20 hours of playback support.

    6. Sennheiser HD 450SE

    Sennheiser HD 450E is one of the best wireless headphones you can buy on the market. It packs a well-rounded set of features that make it worth buying. You get excellent noise cancellation and a closed-back design for a
    distraction-free music listening experience. It also supports a wide range of high-quality Bluetooth audio codecs — such as AAC and AptX, with AptX Low Latency for low-latency and high bitrate music. You get up to 30 hours of
    battery backup and when headphones deplete battery you can easily charge through the universal USB-C port. Additionally, Sennheiser is also adding support for voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. You also get the ability to EQ the headphones according to your taste with the Sennheiser Smart Control App available on both iOS and Android devices. The app will also help you update the headphone firmware to the latest available versions and see things like reaming battery of the device. Sennheiser HD 450E also feature intuitive touch controls and a folding design as well to make them easily fit inside your backpack. Lastly, the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), which helps you cut out distracting outside noise, adds the cherry on top. To sum it up, if you’re in the market for one of the best-sounding headphones, the Sennheiser HD 450E headphones are definitely
    worth checking out.

    7. JBL Tune 760NC

    The JBL tune 760NC are Activate noise cancelling headphones and come with up to 50 hours of battery backup on a single charge. And as expected of JBL you get clear and detailed sound quality on the JBL Tune 760NC with its
    large 40mm drivers. The headphones also support Google fast pair for an intuitive and easy connection experience on your Android devices. Add to that, you also get the Dual Connect feature, which lets you connect two devices
    simultaneously and switch between them when needed easily. To provide you with stable fast connectivity the Tune 760NC runs on Bluetooth 5.0. The headphones also feature buttons on the earcups to let you easily control
    music and voice calls. It also gets Alexa and Siri support. Moreover, the headphones also support fast charging, a 5-minute quick charge gets you up to 2 hours of battery juice, helpful while binging through your favourite series and you run out of battery in the middle of it. The JBL tune 760NC feature a lightweight, flat, and foldable design so you can wear them for long hours and travel with them easily. Users who purchased these headphones appreciate them for their excellent sound quality and activate noise cancellation.

    8. Tribit Quiteplus50

    Tribit Quiteplus50 headphones come with ANC just like the rest of the headphones on this list. The headphones are tuned to produce deep bass and clear vocals, and if you love punchy and powerful bass and listen to a lot of
    acoustic songs, these headphones are perfect. You also get a long-lasting 30-hour battery and with just a 10-minute quick top-up the Tribit Quiteplus50 can provide up to 2 hours of run time. You also get a built-in 3.5mm audio jack and a cable so you can turn these wireless headphones to wired and enjoy your favourite songs without the drawbacks the wireless connectivity brings. Quiteplus50 feature a combination of Bluetooth 5.0, CVC 8.0 mic, and QCC3003 Bluetooth Chip for stable and long-range connectivity (up to 50 feet) that offers a clear sound even while calling and video conferencing. The headphone’s ergonomics feature adjustable 30 degrees earmuffs, an adjustable metal headband, and quality memory protein foams on the earcups along with excellent craftsmanship overall for long durability. The Tribit Quiteplus50 feature excellent sound quality and is also perfect for video conferencing and long voice calls.

    9. JBL Live 650BTNC

    JBL Live 650BTNC are another set of quality headphones from JBL on our list that come with a well-rounded set of features along with an excellent overall value. For starters, the headphones feature ANC, Dual Pairing, and multipoint connection. And add to that its large 40mm driver delivers the JBL signature sound. And long 30-hour battery adds the cherry on top. Further, a 2-hour recharge gets the headphones fully recharged. You also get Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for added convenience. The headphones make it easy to take
    hands-free voice calls with the dedicated buttons on the earcups. Additionally, you can further customise the headphones through the My JBL app available on both Android and iOS devices. You also get a built-in 3.5mm headphone jack, to use the headphone via an AUX cable, if you ever want to use the headphones
    through a stable and reliable wired connection. Users recommend the JBL Live 650BTNC headphones for their excellent sound and build quality.