Best headphones with noise cancellation under Rs 10,000 on Amazon India

Active noise cancellation is a useful feature to have on a headphone as it eliminates distractions and ambient noise while listening to music, podcasts, and so on. This technology uses external microphones and software magic to cancel out any unwanted sound. There are plenty of headphones available online that come with active noise cancellation technology. They used to be expensive, but now you can still get a good pair of active-noise cancelling headphones for under Rs 10,000. Here are some of these headphones with noise cancellation that you can buy today on Amazon India. 

Best noise cancellation headphones under Rs 10,000

1. Sennheiser HD 458 BT

The Sennheiser HD458 BT is a popular wireless headphone available on Amazon India that costs less than Rs 10,000. It features active noise cancellation technology and offers up to 30 hours of battery life. The sound quality is good, it has punchy bass, and supports high-quality codecs such as AptX Low Latency and AAC. You’ll also love the minimal design that uses good quality materials. It gets USB-C fast charging, Bluetooth 5.0, and supports virtual assistants. When you run out of battery, you can still use the headphones with the provided analogue AUX cable.

    2. JBL Tune 750BTNC

    JBL’s Tune 750BTNC is a lightweight and compact, over-the-ear headphone that offers features such as active noise cancellation and multi-point connection. You can connect and switch between two devices anytime you like. The JBL headphones are known for their signature sound, and this one doesn’t disappoint either. They offer up to 15 hours of battery life with active noise cancellation turned on, and around 22 hours with the feature disabled. For the price, these headphones are great value.

    3. Sony WH-CH710N

    Sony makes some of the best noise cancellation headphones, and the WH-CH710N is an affordable offering from the company. It gets wireless noise cancellation and a long battery life of around 35 hours. The headphones are lightweight and offer all-day comfort thanks to the oval-shaped earpads. The swivel fold design of the headphones allows you to carry them with ease. These also support Google Assistant and can be used with an aux cable when the battery is dead.

    4. Tribit QuietPlus 72

    Tribit offers its affordable QuietPlus 72 edition in the market as well. These over-the-ear headphones support active noise cancellation and provide Hi-Fi stereo sound for a quality music experience. The 40mm dynamic drivers add rich bass to the music output. Thanks to the soft-cushioned layers, the headphone remains comfortable to wear and lets you enjoy your favourite music with comfort for long hours. The built-in Bluetooth chip makes it possible to pair the headphones with any mobile. The 500mAh battery is good enough to last for over 30 hours on a single charge.

    5. JBL Live 650BTNC

    JBL features in our top 5 once again with its Live 650BTNC headphones. The over-ear design comes equipped with noise cancellation and JBL Signature sound output. JBL has offered 40mm dynamic drivers, which also makes the difference when it comes to bass quality in the music. Its dual pairing feature allows you to switch between devices effortlessly. JBL has added support for voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. The built-in microphone makes it the ideal audio gear to manage calls. Even with the noise cancellation turned on, you get 20 hours of playback support.

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