Jio 4G data plans 2023: List of best 4G data vouchers with price, benefits, validity, and more

Exhausted your Jio internet data? Recharge with these 4G data and add-on plans to get back into action.

For users who are in need of extra mobile data, Jio offers a variety of low-cost 4G data plans. These plans are bereft of voice data and SMS benefits but come with precious high-speed internet that lets you stream videos, browse, send WhatsApp messages, and more. The Jio 4G data plans kick in when the main data plan is exhausted and provide up to 912.5GB of additional high-speed internet. In case, you are out looking for such plans, we have got you covered. Below is the list of the best Jio 4G data plans/ vouchers along with their price, benefits, validity, and more. Check it out:

Best Jio 4G data plans 2023

The Jio 4G plans offer additional data, which comes with the validity of your existing plans. The plans are priced as low as Rs 15 and go up to Rs 151. Let’s check their benefits:

Rs 151GBActive plan’s validity
Rs 252GBActive plan’s validity
Rs 616GBActive plan’s validity
Rs 12112GBActive plan’s validity

Rs 15 data plan

The Rs 15 data plan adds 1GB of high-speed data to an ongoing active recharge plan. Once purchased, the data pack can be used till the end of the recharge plan’s validity. No SMS or calling benefits are included in this pack.

Rs 25 data plan

Similar to the Rs 15 data plan, this pack grants 2GB of extra data to anyone in urgent need of fast-speed internet provided the user has an active Jio recharge plan.

Rs 61 data plan

At a relatively affordable price of Rs 61, Jio prepaid users can avail 6GB of additional data on top of their main recharge plan just in case they fall short of internet data. The validity of the 4G pack will be similar to that of the ongoing plan.

Rs 121 data plan

With the Rs 121 data plan, users can enjoy 12GB of added 4G data. Since it doesn’t offer any calling or SMS benefits, subscribers will have to resort to their main prepaid plan for the same. The validity of this pack goes hand in hand with that of the ongoing plan.

Best Jio 4G data add-on packs

The Jio add-on packs come with a validity of their own. That is to say, the plans will continue to remain in force even after your primary all-in-one recharge plan has expired. Here’s a quick look at all the Jio 4G data add-on packs:

Rs 18130GB30 days
Rs 24140GB30 days
Rs 30150GB30 days
Rs 55555GB, Jio apps (JioTV, JioCinema etc.)55 days
Rs 2,878730GB (2GB / day)365 days
Rs 2,998912.5GB (2.5GB / day)365 days

Rs 181 data add-on pack

The Rs 181 data add-on pack contains a total of 30GB worth of data for a validity period of 30 days. Once the data is fully consumed, the internet speeds are restricted to just 64Kbps.

Rs 241 data add-on pack

This plan offers 40GB of high-speed 4G data for a duration of 30 days. Depending upon the usage, one can either use the data in one go or in frequent intervals till the plan’s validity period. Once the data is exhausted, the speeds come down to just 64Kbps.

Rs 301 data add-on pack

The Rs 301 data add-on pack gets you a modest 50GB of 4G internet data that can be used within the next 30 days for various purposes such as surfing the web, watching videos and playing online video games, and more. Just like the other add-on packs, once the stated data is finished, the internet speeds will be capped at 64Kbps.

Rs 555 data add-on pack

The Rs 555 data add-on pack stands out the most as it’s the only add-on plan that offers access to the suite of Jio apps such as JioTV, JioCinema, JioSecurity and JioCloud. As for the internet data offered, the pack comes with 55GB of data with 55 days of validity.

Rs 2,878 data add-on pack

If one wants a year’s worth of daily data, the Rs 2,878 Jio add-on plan will fit the bill. With this pack, a user gets a total data of 730GB, which is capped at 2GB/day. The pack has a validity of 365 days.

Rs 2,998 data add-on pack

The Rs 2,995 data add-on pack is a slightly advanced version of the Rs 2,878 Jio recharge plans. It provides 2.5GB of daily data instead of 2GB per day. The pack is bundled with a total of 912.5GB of data, which will be valid for an entire year.

Best Jio 4G plans for JioPhone

Jio has also curated several 4G data add-on plans for JioPhone users as well. These plans only offer internet data as the sole benefit with most of them having a validity of 28 days. Here’s a quick look at the list of 4G plans for JioPhone:

Rs 262GB28 days
Rs 626GB28 days
Rs 8614GB (0.5GB / day)28 days
Rs 12228GB (1GB / day)28 days
Rs 18256GB (2GB / day)28 days

Rs 26 data plan for JioPhone

The most affordable 4G plan for the JioPhone comes at Rs 26 which offers 2GB of data at high speeds. Once the data is utilised, the speeds drop down to just 64Kbps. The plan is valid for 28 days upon activation.

Rs 62 data plan for JioPhone

The Rs 62 data plan for JioPhone provides the user with 6GB of total data for a duration of 28 days. This particular plan can come in handy whenever a sudden need arises to browse the internet on your JioPhone, in case there’s no prior recharge plan.

Rs 86 data plan for JioPhone

Coming at Rs 86, this particular JioPhone data plan offers daily internet of 0.5GB for a period of 28 days. The plan is perfect for those who want to access the internet on their JioPhones for a limited time every now and then.

Rs 122 data plan for JioPhone

The Rs 122 JioPhone 4G data plan consists of 1GB of data per day and has a time span of 28 days after which it expires. One can get a total cumulative data of 28GB with this plan. Also, once the daily data is consumed, the speeds will go down to 64Kbps and users will need to wait for the next day to enjoy fast internet speeds.

Rs 182 data plan for JioPhone

JioPhone users who just want a daily quota of the internet can go for the Rs 182 add-on pack, which comes with a decent 2GB of data per day. Since the plan is valid for 28 days, the total data that can be gained with this plan accounts for 56GB. Lastly, like the other JioPhone data plans, the browsing speeds will be limited to just only 64Kbps upon exhaustion.

Jio 5G Upgrade data packs

These plans allow users to upgrade to unlimited 5G internet speeds and also provide additional 4G data.

Rs 61 5G Upgrade data pack

This plan is particularly curated for those users who reside in a city where Jio 5G services have rolled and have a 5G compatible smartphone. The pack offers unlimited 5G data and an additional 6GB of data. This means the data will only be consumed when the user is connected to a 4G network while on the 5G network, there is no restriction on data usage. What’s worth noting is that this pack can only be recharged with an ongoing recharge plan of Rs Rs 119, Rs 149, Rs 179, Rs 199, and Rs 209. 


How do I recharge my 4G data voucher?

Jio users willing to recharge with a 4G data voucher pack on their mobile number can do so either via the MyJio app or Jio’s official website. Here’s how to do it through the app.

Recharge with 4G data voucher on Jio
  • Open the MyJio app on your mobile and log in with your Jio mobile number, if haven’t already. The app can be downloaded from both, Play Store and App Store.
  • From the bottom tab menu, select the ‘Recharge’ option
  • Next go ‘4G data voucher’ section from the top menu
  • From here you’ll be able to purchase any 4G data voucher plan of your choice by selecting ‘Buy’ option and making the payment

Will the data add-on packs be instantly activated upon recharge?

Upon purchasing any data add-on pack, the plan will be added to your account if you have an ongoing prepaid recharge plan. It’s up to you whether you want to utilise the add-on pack’s benefits there and then or use it at a later date.

How to check Jio data add-on pack validity?

The validity of any Jio add-on pack can be checked via the ‘My account(s)’ section on the MyJio app. This is a small dashboard directly visible on the main screen upon opening the app. Users can also check the remaining benefits of any ongoing recharge plan from here.