Best keyboards for typing in India 2022: Logitech MX Keys, Apple Magic Keyboard, and more

Check out our recommendation of the best keyboards for typing in India, which should be great for writers, coders, data entry specialists and more.

Getting the best keyboard for typing is crucial as it can impact your daily workflow, especially if you are a writer, coder, or someone who has to type a lot. There are a variety of keyboards out there, and surprisingly very few of them (at least in India) are targeted at pure typists. Whether you prefer Windows, Mac, or use a tablet to get your work done, we have a few options that you should consider, if you are looking for a new keyboard. 

Before we talk about some of the best keyboards for typing, here are a few things you should consider before buying a keyboard for typing. Also, do consider our list of the best gaming keyboards for 2022.

Things to consider while buying the best keyboard for typing


It is really important to have a keyboard that is comfortable for long typing sessions. Preferably go for a keyboard that has a wrist rest as it helps in reducing strain. If your keyboard doesn’t come with one, consider spending extra, you won’t regret it. Having adjustable feet also helps in improving comfort while typing as it brings the keyboard up at an angle that helps you reach keys easily. There are also some ergonomic keyboards on the market that are designed specifically to alleviate stress on your wrists.

Key switches

Mechanical keyboard switches are quite the rage today, but there are also other options including membrane and even scissor-style switches. While you can have a wider range of custom options when going for a mechanical keyboard with linear and clicky switch options, membrane keyboards offer better spill resistance with soft feedback, while scissor switches try to give you a feel of a mechanical switch in a more compact and slim design. There are pros and cons to each, but if you are looking for longevity, consider a keyboard that has mechanical keys as they tend to have a longer shelf life and can be maintained quite easily.

Build quality

It’s a no-brainer but having a premium design with a rock-solid build ensures that your keyboard is going to last long. Of course, that also comes with a high cost. On the other hand, cheap keyboards usually have a flimsy plastic construction, inconsistent finish, and average shelf-life for the keys. If money is not a concern, you have the luxury of getting keyboards with a metal chassis, high-quality keycaps, built-in wrist rest, braided cable, and so on.

Size, layout, and connectivity

Keyboards come in a variety of shapes with different layouts. Choose the right one according to your needs, rather than how much space they take on your desk. A compact keyboard might look sleek, but sometimes it can be annoying to not have certain keys at your disposal. One should also consider what kind of connectivity you need. If you plan to just plant the keyboard on your desk, then a wired keyboard should be great, but if you are someone who likes to move around to get your creative juices flowing, go for a small keyboard with wireless connectivity. 

List of the best keyboards for typing

Microsoft Surface Ergonomic KeyboardRs 17,755
Logitech MX KeysRs 11,995
Keychron K4 V2Rs 8,099
Logitech POP KeysRs 9,209
Apple Magic KeyboardStarting at Rs 14,500
TVS Gold Prime Mechanical KeyboardRs 2,650
Logitech K480Rs 2,395

Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

best keyboards for typing Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard
For the ones looking for comfort, the Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard comes with the popular split design that helps in eliminating any sort of strain on your wrists, arms, and hands. It also comes with excellent build quality with premium materials similar to the company’s Surface line of products. There is very minimal typing noise, making it great for office use, and overall it should last long thanks to its premium design. While it is wireless, the Bluetooth connectivity doesn’t allow for multi-device pairing, and the ergonomic design can take a while to get used to.

Buy: Amazon


-Premium build quality
-Rechargeable battery
-Silent operation

-No multi-device pairing
-Misses on dedicated software
-Layout takes time getting used to

Logitech MX Keys

best keyboards for typing Logitech MX Keys

A sleek low profile, premium keyboard, the Logitech MX Keys is one of the finest options on the market. If you don’t care about mechanical keyboards, this is the one you should be buying. Featuring scissor switches for a low pre-travel distance, the keyboard allows for fast and easy typing, almost similar to some of the keyboards offered by Apple. It comes with per-key lighting, and indented keycaps that help one type with better accuracy. Overall, it has a solid construction, wireless capabilities with multi-device pairing, and support for both Windows and Mac devices. Logitech also sells a smaller version called the MX Keys Mini, that offers the same low profile experience in a more portable and compact form factor. 

Buy: Amazon

-Sleek premium design
-Multi-OS support
-Smooth typing experience

-Limited customisation options
-High latency

Keychron K4 V2

Keychron K4 V2 keyboard

Keychron is a fairly new independent keyboard maker that has gained a lot of popularity for all the right reasons. They have a great variety of keyboard options to choose from, and the K4 V2 is our pick if you are looking for a great typing experience with customisation options. It is a full-size keyboard with a 96-percent layout. It can be used wired or wirelessly and is available with red, brown, or blue Gateron switches, which can also be hot-swapped, meaning one can replace them without any soldering. With support for both Windows and Mac, the Keychron K4 V2 also offers RGB backlight options, multi-devices connectivity support, and even the option for an aluminum chassis.

Buy: Keychron

-Hot-swap switches
-Multiple connectivity options
-Optional RGB backlighting and aluminum case

-No dedicated software
-ABS keycaps

Logitech POP Keys

logitech pop keys

A new and fun-looking product from Logitech, the POP Keys is targeted at the younger audience looking for a trendy keyboard to type on. It has round keycaps for the classic typewriter nostalgia, and has dedicated Emoji keys so you don’t sound rude in your emails. It comes with brown tactile mechanical key switches and you get the keyboard in three colour options. It comes with wireless connectivity (Bluetooth and 2.4GHz) and is said to last for almost three years using standard AAA batteries.

Buy: Amazon

-Round keycaps
-Bright colour options
-Long battery life
-Multi-device pairing

-Emoji keys seem unnecessary
-Limited customisation options

Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID

The Apple Magic Keyboard continues to be the gold standard for Mac users when it comes to the best typing experience. It has one of the slimmest and most lightweight designs and with the new model offering Touch ID, it can be used to easily login into your Mac. Available in a compact or full-size option with a numpad, the keyboard continues to offer one of the best low-profile typing experiences. It does have its own issues though including the lack of multi-device pairing support, customisation options, and probably the most annoying bit, no backlighting.

Buy: Amazon (Compact) | Amazon (Full-size)

-Scissor keys for short pre-travel distance
-Quick and easy Bluetooth connectivity
-Touch ID for newer Macs
-Premium lightweight design

-No backlighting
-Lacks multi-device pairing

TVS Gold Prime Mechanical Keyboard

best keyboards for typing TVS gold prime mechanical keyboard

Literally the gold standard for Indian PC users, the TVS Gold Prime is one of the most popular keyboards for typing as it is seen across various offices, banks, and other institutions. The brand has been making keyboards for over 30-years and while this keyboard is very basic, it gets the job done and should last you for a very long time. According to the company, it has been designed to withstand extreme conditions and is also dust resistant. It is also said to come with durable keys that can last up to 50-million keystrokes with laser etched characters. Up until 2017, this keyboard came with Cherry MX Blue switches, but today they come with Chinese-made blue switch clones made by Kailh, which is still not bad as it offers a similar clicky experience.

Buy: Amazon

-Vintage design language
-Mechanical blue switches
-Sturdy and durable construction

-Can be priced cheaper
-No customisation options

Logitech K480

If you are on the go or just carry a mobile device like a tablet or even a smartphone, the Logitech K480 can be the perfect companion for typing. It features a built-in cradle that can accommodate most phones and tablets up to 0.4 inches thick and 10 inches wide. It can be connected with up to three Bluetooth wireless devices and it supports Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Android, and iPadOS. It is dust and spill-resistant and is said to offer a battery life of upto two years on regular AAA batteries. The keys aren’t super impressive though as they feel a bit slippery but they definitely feel better than typing on a screen. It offers silent operation, however, it isn’t the most comfortable keyboard out there.

Buy: Amazon

-Best for tablets and phones
-Quick dial to switch between devices
-Great battery life

-Not the best with ergonomics
-Plastic build