Best keyboards under Rs 1,000 for your PC

If you want a build an assembled PC, keyboards sit highly on your buying list. Here are some of the best options you can get for under Rs 1,000.

Building a powerful gaming PC or an assembled PC can be a herculean task. You need to shop for the best available CPU, accessories, and monitor that fit in your budget. And this includes a quality keyboard that will support your daily usage. So, to make things easier, we have crafted a list of the best wired keyboards for your PC that will not cost over Rs 1,000. So, here are some of the top choices available in the market right now.

Things to consider while buying keyboards

  • Design: Most if not all the keyboards in this price range are full-size keyboards, so when it comes to design, you are mostly looking for ergonomics and build quality.
  • Key quality: A high-quality keyboard will offer you quality keys that don’t easily break or fade away over time, low-noise clicky buttons, high key travel depth, and more.
  • Backlight: A backlit keyboard will make it easy to type at night. Keyboards come in various backlit colours, ranging from mixed RGB lightings to rainbow-coloured effects and monochromatic backgrounds. So, choose the one which you feel comfortable using.

Best keyboards under Rs 1,000 for your PC in 2022

1. Logitech K120

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Logitech K120 features low-profile keys that offer quiet and comfortable typing experience. It has full-sized F keys and number pad as well. The sleek design of the keyboard also keeps your wrist in a relaxed position. Add to that, the spill resistant nature of the keyboard makes it extra appealing, and the adjustable tilt legs are a bonus. You just need to plug the USB interface to your PC to get it working, no extra installation required. But more importantly, this will work with Windows versions as well as Linux systems.

2. Dell Kb216


Number two on this list is the durable keyboard from Dell that is worth the consideration. This black keyboard has the regular set of keys, F keys and the number pad. It supports easy plug-and-play connectivity vis the built-in USB interface that connects to PC. It also has height-adjustable legs that can be raised or lowered depending on the height of the desk or the chair.

3. HP 100 Wired USB Keyboard

HP 100 is worth considering if you want a keyboard that has a traditional design. It features a full range of 109 keys, including 12 working function keys and three hotkeys. The keyboard connects to your PC via a 1.5-meter wire through its USB interface. HP 100 keyboard works on machines powered by Windows and USB compatibility. This is a great choice if you want an affordable keyboard that covers all the essentials.

4. Redgear Grim V2

This attractive keyboard from Redgear comes with three mixed LED backlighting modes. It comes with the usual set of keys and has a Windows key lock, so you can lock it and game for hours without accidentally pressing it. The floating keycaps are placed perfectly, allowing for an easy typing experience. It also comes with double injected keycaps LED that will help you type with ease in low-light conditions. Grim V2 can last up to 5 million keystrokes. Redgear is claiming the keyboard has a gaming-grade build quality that will appeal to many casual and pro gamers alike and will last you long.

5. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-02

This slim and stunning keyboard from Cosmic Byte comes with seven colour RGB backlights, four levels of brightness adjustment, nine backlight effects. The keyboard has a flat profile with an adjustable tilt mechanism to provide a comfortable typing position. Elevated keys give you a great tactile experience and typing accuracy. To take your gaming experience to the next level, Cosmic Byte has included 19 anti-ghosting keys and multi-function hotkeys. The keyboard’s design is durable thanks to the scratch-resistant keys that last up to 10 million keystrokes, a braided 1.9-meter cable with a USB interface and eight membrane drain holes for accidental spill protection. Overall, this is another good choice for a durable and feature-rich keyboard.

6. Redgear Blaze Semi-Mechanical wired Gaming keyboard

Next up, we have another keyboard from Redgear that is well suited for gaming. This semi-mechanical keyboard has floating keycaps for a responsive typing experience and comes in a three colour backlit full aluminium body and Windows key lock. It also packs in 19 anti-ghost keys for a next-level gaming experience. Blaze’s ergonomics are very well thought out as it comes with an easy palm rest that keeps you comfortable during those long gaming sessions. With a long lifespan of up to 10 million keystrokes, this keyboard is also durable. This easy to carry and meticulously designed keyboard will serve all your gaming needs.

7. Live Tech Evon

This one comes with a keyboard and mouse combo. The keyboard has metal housing with floating keycaps for a precise typing experience. The included wired mouse has three RGB backlit buttons, and its soft wheel is made out of rubber. Both the keyboard and mouse come with a 1.5-meter braided cable that can endure rough usage. The ergonomically designed keyboard has quality keys that are crafted with strong components and quality materials. The manufacturer is noting that it doesn’t work on mobiles, iPads and tablets but will seamlessly connect with your PC without any issues.

8. Finger’s Fingers Magnifico Moonlit keyboard

Magnifico Moonlit keyboard comes in a classic black design and has bright illuminated keys with three levels of manual brightness control. There are media controls keys at the top allowing for easy media control. With rounded corners, a slim profile, adjustable tilts, and softly rounded keys, Magnifico Moonlit is stunning to look at and offers a hassle-free and quieter typing experience. Durability is also one of the strong points of Magnifico Moonlit. Constructed with the keys that last 10 million keystrokes and membrane-coated sheets beneath the keys to protect from moisture, humidity and accidental spills, there is no doubt this is going to last you a long while.

9. Blueberry 1922 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Wired

We have got another gaming keyboard and mouse combo. The keyboard has a waterproof ergonomic design. Its plug and play design makes it easy to use with your PC without needing any extra software. The keyboard has a natural angle tilt for a no-effort typing experience. Blueberry 1922 has a U-radius key layout with an integrated wrist rest to ensure you don’t have sore hands after the long gaming sessions. This is another solid choice if you want a gaming keyboard under Rs 1,000.

10. Zebronics ZEB-KEM2100

Another popular budget keyboard among buyers is the ZEB-KM2100 from Zebronics. This is a hard-core multimedia keyboard that has 114 keys which includes multimedia as well as a dedicated key of Rupee. The design of this keyboard includes UV coated keys so that the alphabets do not fade away in a short time. You can set the keyboard to the right height using the adjustable stand at the back. Just use the USB interface to simply connect and play the keyboard with any Windows PC. The modular design of the ZEB-KM2100 ensures the keyboard does not occupy a lot of space on the desk.