Best mid-range smartphones for selfie lovers on Amazon India

‘Selfie’ has become a household term now, and is also recognised as a word in the Oxford online English dictionary. Smartphone manufacturers have improved the front-facing camera in order to provide the best-looking selfies to their customers. The front cameras used in modern smartphones can take clear and high-resolution photos as well as videos. Most phones feature at least a single front camera, with some even offering dual cameras with different lenses. If you’re looking to buy a mid-range smartphone with an excellent front camera, then we’ve got some listed down for you. Let’s take a look. 

Best mid-range smartphones for selfie lovers

1. OnePlus Nord 2

OnePlus Nord 2 is a bonafide mid-ranger through and through, but the selfie camera on the phone is surprising great. In our review, we found the smartphone’s high-resolution 32MP selfie camera to offer much more refined face detection than previous smartphones from the brand, including flagships. The facial features look more pronounced in selfies and are not glossed over and skin tones match perfectly, something that many selfie cameras struggle with. Moreover, the Dual View feature will be handy for those who want to not only capture the scene but also their reaction to it. Portrait shots in well-lit conditions turn out more than decent but night-time selfies can be a little too smoothened out due to the AI enhancements.

2. Samsung Galaxy M31

The Samsung Galaxy M31 is another mid-range phone that features a 32MP selfie camera, though it costs almost half of the OnePlus Nord 2. You can look forward to selfies with a good amount of detail on clothes, hair, etc but the face can be smoothened out somewhat to more it look prettier, something that a lot of AI algorithms do. The phone’s Live Focus feature lets you take portrait shots with some interesting effects and the option to adjust the bokeh effect manually in real-time. It is definitely a buy for anyone looking for a decent selfie phone on a budget.

3. OnePlus Nord CE

OnePlus Nord CE is another decent selfie smartphone with a mid-range price tag that you can buy on Amazon India. The 16MP camera in the front isn’t as great as the one on Nord 2 but is still more than decent at capturing facial features; however, it struggles with skin tones. The powerful screen flash on the phone helps it capture a lot of details in low-light selfies, while the portrait mode function does a decent job of detecting where the subject ends and the background begins. This is one of the popular mid-range phones on Amazon India and a great buy for those who love taking selfies.

4. Redmi Note 10 Pro Max

Redmi Note 10 Pro Max is easily one of the best mid-range smartphones in the Indian market, and not without reason. That stands true when we talk of selfies too as the handset captures pretty good photos, with portrait mode getting a special mention for good depth of field effect and accurate edge detection. The 16MP selfie sensor’s night-time performance also impressed our reviewers. However, over-sharpened faces and inaccurate skin tones may be a small inconvenience for some. 

5. Xiaomi Mi 11X

The Mi 11X is a mid-range smartphone with a 20MP selfie camera that can click images with pretty accurate skin tones in wide-angle shots, good depth-of-field effect in portrait mode, and a lot of details in almost all images. Beautification mode is turned on by default on the phone, so you can expect some skin smoothening though. Overall, though, our reviewers feel you will find the Mi 11X a pretty good mid-range handset for selfies.

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