Best PC webcams under Rs 2,000 you can buy nowadays

Work from home has been the biggest trend this year ever since companies were forced to close offices. This has catapulted the demand for video meetings from the comforts of your living room. And for this, people have started looking to purchase the ideal gear for work from home setups, which include a quality webcam. These work with your PC as well notebooks and are compatible with software like Zoom, Google Meets, and more. Here are the best webcams under Rs 2,000 worth buying for video meetings.

1. HP w100

HP w100 webcam has a single analog microphone and you can manually adjust focus with a range of up to 20cm. It supports 640×480 pixels resolution at a maximum frame rate of 30fps. You get tripod support with the webcam that expands its use case daily. You can easily mount the webcam at the top of the PC monitor of laptop to get the perfect angle for viewing during video calls. The webcam is compatible with all popular Windows version and Mac OS platforms. You can simply plug and play the device to get started. The device also works with popular software like WhatsApp, Facebook and Zoom among others.

2. Zebronics Zeb-Ultimate Pro

The Zeb Ultimate Pro webcam from Zebronics is another option worth having on your list. This webcam supports full HD resolution at 1080p with the CMOS 5P lens. It features a built-in microphone that has options like auto white balance, night vision, and more. The webcam comes with LED lights that can be manually turned on using the physical switch. You can connect the webcam to any PC using the USB interface for quick plug and play support.

3. Astrum WM720

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The WM720 webcam from Astrum lets you make video calls at full HD resolution with up to 1080 pixels. It features CMOS sensor that shoots videos at 30fps frame rate and comes equipped with options like auto focus, auto exposure and auto white balance. It has an inbuilt noise reduction microphone that works without connecting a headphone and can be used for platforms like Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, and Twitch as well. The most unique thing about this webcam is the ability to rotate the head with the clip design. Because of which, you can mount the webcam on any kind of surface and start video calling.

4. Lapcare Lapcam

Lapcam is another option, available in the budget bracket for buyers. Because of which, you only get support for 720P or HD resolution of video and images. It features 5-glass lens that delivers HD quality images. This webcam is ideal for taking Skype calls, video chat and have video conferences. The built-in microphone supports noise isolation, making sure you catch every bit of the audio relayed through the connection. In addition to this, you get automatic low-light correction when taking calls in low light areas. The webcam connects to a laptop/ PC via the USB interface without needing extra drivers to set up and run. Also, it comes equipped with tripod-ready clips that fit easily on the monitor. Lapcam is available in the country for Rs 1,189 right now.

5. Skyzaar SZ3

And finally, you have the SZ3 webcam from Skyzaar that offers HD video resolution at 1080 pixels with 30fps frame rate. It has built-in microphone with digital noise reduction and supports plug and play connection via USB 2.0 interface. The webcam has a 360-degree rotatable option that offers 110-degree wide-angle footage that is ideal for meetings and conferences as well. The webcam also features auto white balance, auto exposure and auto contrast options to give you best output for video calls.

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