Best room heaters you can buy this winter season

Room heaters allow you to control the temperature inside the house to keep it warm during the season.

With a big drop in the temperature, it is time to consider getting an effective room heater for your house. These come with multiple iron rods for heating that can keep the room warm during the cold season. You get some heaters that can also be used during the summer season, making sure you get the best value out of the purchase. Room heaters come with multiple heat settings that can be operated using physical knobs. The design of the heater includes anti-corrosive materials. Here are the best options you can add to your shopping list.

1. Singer Quartz Heat Glow Plus

Singer Quartz Glow Plus is a popular product that makes it to our list. This heater has two iron rods that each consume 400W of power. With the help of two rods, you get dual heat settings, depending on the amount of heat you want in the room. In terms of functionality, it has a tip-over safety switch that ensures the heater turns off automatically whenever it falls to the ground. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry and move. But the most important thing to note is the heater runs on silent mode. This heater from Singer is available in the market for Rs 1,100.

2. Usha Quartz Room Heater

Usha also has a Quartz room heater that you can consider buying. This one is meant for spot heating, and has a voltage of 230V. It is ideal for a room size up to 150 sq ft. This heater also has a safety tip over switch that cuts off power from the heater if it tilts or falls. The powder coated finish helps avoid corrosion on it. It offers two positions for heating depending on your need and comfort. Usha has made sure the heater does not consume a lot of power. Additional features include LED power indicator and level regulator to set the heating temperature. The Quartz room heater from Usha gets a price tag of Rs 1,399.

3. Beshine Handy Room

This fan heater is portable that makes it easy to move around. It features two heat settings; high and low that will work according to the ambient temperature. More importantly, this heater also doubles up as a cooling fan that can be used throughout the year. Making this heater useful all the time, be it cold or warm. It even has physical buttons to switch the temperature of the air thrown by the heater as well as the speed of the air. It produces 2000W of power and uses operating voltage of up to 240 volts. And finally, the safety grill makes sure the air blows in straight direction.

4. Usha Fan Heater (1212 PTC)

Usha is a popular brand for these kind of appliances. The 1212 PTC makes it to our list purely for its quality assurance. This heater is meant for spot heating, covering room size up to 150 Sq ft. It features 2-stage safety to protect from overheating and has two heating elements to keep it energy-efficient. It is made from fire retardant strong ABS housing materials, so that you never have to see the heater overheating. You get two knobs to change the temperature and set the fan speed according to your preference. The dual shade of black and brown gives it the extra design appeal.

5. Singer Maxiwarm

Also consider

Maxiwarm from Singer is also a reliable choice. This is more like your traditional heaters, with two heating elements doing the job. It comes with an easy to carry handle, two heating positions and an indicator light to know when it is turned on. It is taller in dimensions than other heaters which ensures the heating is transmitted to a larger part of the room you are sitting in. The overall build quality of the Maxiwarm is sturdy and it also has tip-over safety switch that powers off just in case the heater falls to the ground. The heater gets dual shade of red and black on the sides that does not heat up for easier handling.

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