Best rugged Bluetooth speakers for your next adventure trip

Heading out for next adventure and want a reliable outdoor speaker? We have some interesting options for you.

Every occasion demands a reliable music companion. Be it casual get-togethers, pool parties, or a hiking session. That’s why you ought to have a reliable outdoor-friendly speaker with rugged qualities, so you don’t have to worry about it getting destroyed by a small drop or splash of rain. With that in mind, here are the best rugged Bluetooth speakers you should consider for your next adventure trip.

Things to consider while buying rugged Bluetooth speakers

Build: One of the first things to ensure while buying Bluetooth speakers is to ensure its build quality. Makes sure the Bluetooth speaker comes with a high-quality build and can take a drop or two since you’ll be carrying it wherever you go. Another thing to ensure here is that the speaker is portable so you can easily travel with it.

Bluetooth version: Ensure the Bluetooth speaker comes with recent Bluetooth versions such as Bluetooth 5.0. Some speakers still feature Bluetooth 4.2, which is a little dated by today’s standards. For instance, Bluetooth 5.0 has four times large wireless range than Bluetooth 4.0. Whenever possible, ensure the Bluetooth speakers feature the latest Bluetooth version so you can take advantage of the new wireless technology.

Waterproofing: Some rugged Bluetooth speakers on the market feature a waterproof build. If you camp near the bodies a lot and want an overall durable build ensures that the Bluetooth speakers feature an IP (Ingress Protection) rating.

Connectivity: Make sure the Bluetooth speakers also feature a range of ports so you can connect your wired accessories. Also, ensure the Bluetooth speakers feature a USB-C port charging port for more flexibility. Some Bluetooth rugged speakers also come with voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. If you want to wirelessly command the Bluetooth speakers this functionality will come in handy.

1. Infinity (JBL) Fuze 100

Infinity Fuze 100 is a compact Bluetooth speaker that is easy to carry around. It supports wireless music streaming via Bluetooth and has a speakerphone for voice calls. The speaker has dual equaliser modes for normal and deep bass output. It gets an IPX7 rating for durability against water, and you get playback support for up to 9 hours at the highest audio settings. The design of the speaker includes rugged and durable fabric material. It also comes with a dual speaker connect technology which allows you to pair two speakers together for even better audio performance.

2. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 

One of the best rugged portable speakers on the market is the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2, which delivers a 360-degree audio experience. The speaker also comes with an outdoor boost feature which instantly increases loudness and clarity for outdoor listening. It comes with IP67 water and dust resistance rating and has a battery life of about 13 hours. Whether you want to use this speaker in the pool (it floats in the water), on a road trip, or a rigorous hiking session, this speaker can keep up with you.

3. Tribit XSound Go

Tribit XSound Go is designed to produce booming and immersive bass with its XBass technology using its built-in powerful 8W speakers. This one also gets Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and IPX7 water and dust resistance rating. Its wireless range can reach up to 100ft. Moreover, with its built-in microphone, you also get support for Apple Siri and Google Assistant for wireless commands so you can easily control the music when it is far away from you. This helps you take calls wirelessly. XSound Go can also give you impressive 24 hours of playback time on a single charge. It also gets handy multifunction buttons to control the music. It is also lightweight and portable and easily slips into your backpack, making it easy to travel with it. And the USB-C ports further provide the flexibility to charge the speakers with your existing smartphone charger. It also gets a 3.5mm audio jack to play the music through an Aux cable. Meaning you can easily connect your laptop, MP3 players and other devices to the XSound Go easily.

4. JBL Flip 4 by Harman

JBL Flip series get its 4-gen speaker from Harman. The speaker produces JBL Signature sound output. The device has been built using durable fabric, which combines nicely with IPX7 waterproof ruggedness. JBL has equipped the Flip 4 with dual passive bass radiators, which results in better bass quality. You also get a button to activate Siri or Google Assistant from your paired device. The Bluetooth speaker offers a backup of 12 hours of playtime without needing to be charged.

5. Sony SRS-XB13

Sony’s SRS series delivers quality and ruggedness. And the XB13 is one of the most affordable and portable speakers in the market you can buy. The company offers Bass mode for extra thumps in your tracks. This compact speaker can be your ideal trek or outdoor trip device thanks to the IP67 water and dust resistance. The speaker also has a mic so that you can take voice calls hands-free. The built-in battery provides up to 16 hours of playback.

6. Zebronics Zeb-Sound Feast 50

The Zebronic Zen-sound Feast 50 wireless rugged Bluetooth speaker comes with 14W powerful speakers backed with a full-range 57mm dual driver design for a truly immersive and booming sound. And it also comes with Google Assistant and Apple Siri support to wirelessly command your speakers. Zeb-sound Feast 50 can fully charge in just 5 hours and can provide up to 20 hours of playback with 50 percent volume. It connects over Bluetooth 5.0 for large coverage and fast and seamless connectivity. You also get a USB port to connect pen drives, an Aux input, a Micro SD slot, and a call function as well. You can also listen to FM radio with its FM radio functionality. Moreover, with the True Wireless Stereo feature, you can connect two Zeb-sound Feast 50 for a stereo sound effect. You also get a handy strap attached to the speaker so you easily travel with it. Buyers also recommend the Zeb-sound Feast 50 for its exceptional sound quality and value for money factor as well as great battery life.

7. boAt Stone Grenade 5W

boAt is quite popular with a range of affordable yet feature-packed audio accessories, and the boAt Stone Grenade 5W follows the same line of strategy. Not only is it one of the good-looking Bluetooth speakers with its sleek compact and rugged design it is also one of the most feature-packed on this list. The Stone Grenade 5W comes up to 7 hours of standalone playback and can fully charge in around 2 hours. It gets 5W speakers that provide immersive sound. Its rugged build also features an IP67 splash and water resistant design so it can become your true travel companion. This also means you can take it near water bodies without worrying if it’ll damage the speakers. Its multi-connectivity option such as Bluetooth, Aux, and SD card means you have the flexibility to wirelessly stream your audio or rely on wired or standalone music playback for high-quality low-latency sound. boAt has equipped the speakers with multifunction buttons as well, which let you easily control the music. If you want a minimal yet versatile Bluetooth speaker, the boAt Stone Grenade 5W is one of the quality choices available. And it also doesn’t break your bank as it costs just under a thousand Rupees.

8. JBL Go 3

JBL Go 3 is another quality Bluetooth spear on this list and it also features a minimal and extremely compact build. It comes with 4.2W RMS drivers that produce JBL’s signature punchy sound. It gives up to 5 hours of music playback with its large 2.7Wh Li-Polymer battery on a single charge, and can fully charge within 2.5 hours. The availability of USB-C ports ensures you can charge the speakers with your mobile charger. Its Quick-Connect pairing feature makes it easy to connect your devices. What’s more, the Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity brings improved wireless range as well as lower latencies. The IP67 water and dust resistance additional durability to the already solid build. JBL has also included a strap on the Go 3 so you can easily move it anywhere. JBL Go 3 is another choice if you want a portable, compact, sleek rugged Bluetooth speaker.

9. Quantum SonoTrix 51

The Quantum SonoTrix 51 comes with a rugged build just like the other products on this list. Its portable and compact build makes it easy to carry anywhere. It also gets IP67 water and dust resistant rating to protect it from accidental water splashes. This one also gets the TWS feature, which brings you the functionality to connect two SonoTrix 51 and enjoy a stereo sound. It gets 5W speakers for immersive sound and can provide up to 19 hours of music playback on a single charge with its large 2,000mAh battery capacity. It works over Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for long-range wireless connectivity. Moreover, it also gets an SD card slot, USB port, and Aux connectivity to help with wired connectivity. Users who bought the Quantum SonoTrix 51 highly recommend it for its excellent sound quality and the features it brings to the table for the asking price.

10. Dyanora Thunder DY-BT10-01

This one gets powerful two 5W speakers on both sides along with a passive bass radiator for a booming sound. Its large 1,500mAh battery makes sure you can keep your music going for hours. Its solidly built housing ensures you can take it anywhere. Dyanora Thunder rugged speakers use Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and provide up to a 10-meter wireless range. In terms of wired connectivity, it features HDMI, Micro SD slot as well as Aux connectivity. Duall TWS connectivity lets you connect two Dyanora Thunders for a stereo sound reproduction. Its built-in strap provides makes it easy to carry it anywhere. Users like the Dyanora Thunder rugged Bluetooth speakers for their great build quality, excellent battery backup as well as extreme value for money it brings to the table. And if you’re a bass lover, you can definitely consider these rugged Bluetooth speakers.