9 best safe sites to download Android APKs

Here's a list of top websites you can use to download APKs

Android APKs come in handy when the app you have been looking for is not available in the app marketplace Google Play Store. This usually happens if the app is geo-blocked, contains adult content, or is removed by the developer. With APKs, you can still get the app. There are several third-party websites which allow you to sideload the app through APKs, but very few are good enough at what they do. To make your choice easier, we have compiled a list of the best safe sites to download Android APKs. Check it out:

Best Android APK download sites

Let’s take a look at some of the best Android APK downloading websites:

APK Mirror

Best website to download APKs - APK Mirror

APK Mirror has been present for a very long time and comprises a huge library of APKs across various categories. From the latest and most popular games to useful apps, APK Mirror has it all. One speciality of the website is that users can even find and download the old versions of an APK from a couple of years back. Such a need may arise when the phone’s Android version becomes obsolete and the app no longer supports it. Apart from that, APKs downloaded from the website are more than likely to be safe since all the APKs are duly inspected before being made public. So in case, you are willing to install apps from outside the Play Store, APK Mirror can be your best bet.

APK Pure

Best website to download APKs - APK Pure

Another well-established and popular APK downloading website on this list are APK Pure. The website rigorously checks the legitimacy of the APKs before publishing them on the platform. It uses the SHA1 certificate to ensure all the apps are safe for downloading and using on Android phones. Apart from that, navigating through the site is simple as all the apps and games are divided on the basis of categories. APK Pure also comes in the form of an app itself for easy access to download any available app, just like Google Play Store.

APK Downloader

Best website to download APKs - APK Downloader

APK Downloader claims to feature all the free apps available on the Google Play Store. With a creative design, all the apps are well segregated on the basis of different categories and genres. One of the highlighting features of the site is that it allows users to search for their favorite apps through a Play Store URL. One just needs to copy the app’s link from Play Store and paste it on the website’s search bar and it’ll redirect to the APK downloading page. This can be useful when you’re unable to download apps from the Play Store due to server errors.


Best website to download APKs - APK4Fun

Another free and safe-to-download APK website is APK4Fun. The site shows all the latest popular apps and games in chronological order along with some insights in the form of small descriptions. Furthermore, just like other APK downloading sites, APK4Fun also checks the legitimacy of the apps by verifying the SHA1 certificate. Users looking for old versions of an can also find them on this particular app by scrolling all the down to an APK’s page.


Best website to download APKs - F-Droid

F-Droid is a marketplace that contains more than thousands of free open-source apps. Available on both the web and as an application, F-Droid is a one-stop hub for users who love to install and tinker with open-source apps on their Android phones. Furthermore, those who’re into programming can also create their own repository on the website.


Best website to download APKs - Softpedia

Apart from browsing and downloading APKs, Softpedia also updates its visitors on the latest news in the Android space. The website can also be used to download software and applications for Mac, Windows, and Linux giving it an edge over other APK downloading sites. All APKs are fully inspected and verified by the developers making it a safe source to download and install apps.


Best website to download APKs - Uptodown

Just like Softpedia, Uptodown is yet another all-in-one software downloading website for Android, Windows, and Mac. The website even features open-source games for interested users to try out. It hosts a wide selection of all the prominent APKs and even comes as its own app on Android. Using the app makes it convenient to download any APK, just like conventional methods like using Play Store.


Best website to download APKs - APKMonk

APKmonk is a relatively new APK downloading website. But despite that, users may find a large library of apps that can be downloaded and installed with just a click of a button. Also, unlike many APK sites, APKmonk shows a minimum amount of ads when browsing through the site. All the apps are well divided into categories for easy identification. 


Best website to download APKs - Aptoide

Aptoide is one of the oldest app marketplaces on Android. It can be considered a direct alternative to the Google Play Store thanks to a similar user interface and approach. The website gives a detailed description of an app along with the provision of reviewing and rating the applications. Furthermore, users can find those apps on Aptoide that are not on the Play Store due to country restrictions and even download older APK versions. Aptoide can be downloaded on any compatible Android smartphone for free. 

Requirements before downloading APKs

To ensure maximum security and prevent intruders from installing unknown apps on a device, Android by default has the ‘installation sources’ setting turned off. So in order to install apps through APKs apart from sources other than Google Play Store, the user has to enable the said toggle. The naming of the setting may vary from phone to phone but at the end of the day, the functionality remains the same.


Are APKs safe to download on Android phones?

Yes, APKs are safe to download and use as long as they are grabbed from a renowned source. One should stay away from installing modded applications as they may acquire unnecessary permissions.

Can APKs be downloaded on other operating systems such as iOS and Windows?

No, APKs are only meant to be downloaded and used on Android as they are programmed to run only on the said operating system.