Best smart speakers with Alexa worth buying for your house

  • Smart speakers offer multi-purpose functionality, such as music playback, controlling other devices, updates from Amazon, and so much more
  • These speakers usually need to be plugged in continually, though some models are wireless and come with a built-in rechargeable battery
  • You get Alexa-powered smart speakers from brands like Amazon, Lumiford, Harman Kardon and more in the market

What if you could control your old AC or fan with a smart device without spending a huge sum? That’s exactly what you get with smart speakers that come with built-in support for Alexa voice assistant. You can do so many things with these speakers, such as listening to news updates from the internet, turning on the TV in the living room while you are in another room, and change music hands-free and so much more. Here are the best Alexa-powered smart speakers that will serve all your needs.

Best smart speakers with Alexa in the market right now

1. Echo Show 10

The Echo Show 10 is a premium smart speaker in the Echo range. The USP of the Echo Show 10 is its rotating 10.1-inch screen that automatically moves to always remain in focus to let you watch movies and do video calls more intuitively. Apart from that, you still get the usual range of features of the Echo devices such as built-in Alexa for smart assistant features and the ability to control a wide range of home appliances. You also get access to Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music, Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music, and more so you never run out of content to watch or listen to. You can use Echo Show 10 to control smart home appliances. It also gets a 13MP high-resolution camera that lets you remotely keep a watch on your room. And its rotating screen, which includes the camera, ensures you can look around by zooming and panning. It also gets a mic mute button and a camera cover to help preserve your privacy. You can also disable motion at any time with the Alexa app or with your voice as well as from the smart speaker itself.

2. Lumiford 2.1 Dock

Lumiford 2.1 Dock comes with built-in Alexa support and a downwards-firing subwoofer that produces 26W output. It features 2.1 Hi-Fi full-bodied stereo sound and connects to devices wirelessly with Bluetooth 4.2 version. You can pick up calls from the speaker which offers wide pairing compatibility. The speaker comes with 10 hours of playback time and has physical buttons at the top to control playback.

3. All New Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen)

The All New Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen) is a smart speaker with a big 5.5-inch display that you can place anywhere in your home to get vital information at your fingertips at any time. There is a built-in 2MP camera as well that makes video calling your friends and family a memorable experience. The Echo Show 5 also supports Hindi as well as English for easy communication. It also lets you control music with your voice with the help of the built-in voice assistant Alexa. This one also has support for a range of music services including Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music, and more. And since the smart speaker comes with a screen, Amazon has taken this opportunity to add support for Amazon Prime Video and Netflix OTT platforms so you can enjoy your favorite shows with your family. Further, you can use the Echo Show 5 to remotely monitor your home with the built-in camera. There is also a camera cover and a mic mute button to protect your privacy. Apart from that, it can also control a range of home appliance devices with the help of Smart Plugs. Other usual functions of Alexa are also present here — you can get weather and news updates along with other smart assistant functions.

4. All New Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen)

All New Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen) comes with a bigger 8-inch screen to offer expansive visuals. Further, it also has stereo speakers for booming, immersive sound. It can also control smart home appliances and can stream your favorite music from a wide range of music services with just a voice command. Further, you also get Amazon Prime Video and Netflix to stream from a wide range of available shows. This one also supports both English and Hindi languages. You also have home monitoring services and you get a camera cover to protect your privacy when the device is not in use. There is a higher resolution 13MP camera, which can automatical focus on the subject while video conferencing for an improved experience. The Echo Show 8 also makes video calling between the Alexa-enabled devices or Echo Show devices extremely easy with built-in Alexa assistant – just command with your voice and you’re connected to your friends and family in an instant. Lastly, the Echo Show 8 can also connect with a wide range of devices – including lights, ACs, security cameras, TVs, geysers, and more so you can easily control them with your voice.

5. Echo Studio

The premium Echo Studio smart speaker comes with spatial audio technology, for a more expansive, deeper, sparkling sound reproduction. And additionally, Echo Studio also comes with Doly Atmos sound and adapts to the room’s acoustics for enhanced audio clarity and deeper bass reproduction. It also has an expansive soundstage – all thanks to the 5 directional built-in speakers. This is to say, the Echo Studio, true to its name, comes with an incredible sound. It has Alexa built-in, which lets you control smart home appliances and get information on a range of topics with your voice. Booking Uber rides, playing the latest pop songs, controlling the room lights and changing the AC’s temperature settings, or even calling and messaging other Echo devices become much easier with Alexa and Echo Studio. What’s more, the Echo Studio also easily connects to the Fire TV Cube and Fire TV Stick and acts as a standalone audio system to give you an immersive audio experience from your smart TV. Further, it also built-in Zigbee smart home hub and comes with dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz/5GHz) for fast and stable wireless connectivity.

6. Marshall Uxbridge 30W Airplay

Marshall is among the popular audio hardware brands when it comes to offering a truly premium audio experience. And the Uxbridge 30W Airplay is a testament to that endeavor. The Marshall Uxbridge 30W Airplay produces room-filling sound even with the constraints of its compact form factor. Further, this stylish smart speaker comes with Alexa built-in and is compatible with other Alexa-enabled devices and Echo devices. It also sports compatibility with Apple Airplay 2 as well – Enabling you to create multichannel surround sound by connecting Uxbridge to compatible audio devices. Moreover, with the ability to play any song on-demand, the Uxbridge could become one of the best music companions for you. Moreover, the smart speaker also gets dedicated brass buttons to customize the sound profile with treble and bass adjustments. Marshall Uxbridge 30W Airplay also comes with far-field microphone array so you can command the speaker from a distance to get a task done smoothly. And finally, the Marshall Voice app allows you to easily set up the Uxbridge and control and customize the music, as well as helps you connect other Alexa devices.

7. Bose Smart Soundbar 900

The Bose Smart Soundbar 900 is an ultra-premium, compact, and sleek soundbar that promises to offer a truly premium audio experience with its immersive and expansive soundstage. And it comes with Alexa, which extends it as a smart speaker. The soundbar operates on Bose’s TrueSpace spatial processing technology that adapts sound to your room for next-level sound reproduction. It also has Voice4Video technology that apart from letting you control the audio on the soundbar, also lets you control devices such as TV, cable, and more. It gets Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support for connectivity. The soundbar also has an HDMI eARC port to let you connect your TV easily. Moreover, it also gets Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, and Chromecast support. The Bose Smart Soundbar 900 gets support for Google assistant as well, and along with noise cancelling mics, each of your voice commands responds swiftly. The company’s Bose Music app can also be used to control the soundbar and set up the Voice4Video feature and browse your favourite music. Lastly, the Bose Smart Soundbar 900 also lets you add bass modules and surround speakers to let you create even more immersive sound.

8. Echo Dot 4th Gen with Clock

The 4th Gen Echo Dot is a feature-packed smart speaker. As usual, it has Alexa built-in to easily control music with your voice and quickly get information on a range of topics including weather updates, current news, latest cricket scores, and even pay your bills. It also has support for a wide range of music platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, JioSaavn, Gaana, Apple Music, and more. With the 4th Gen Echo Dot’s new spherical design, you also get improved bass reproduction in your favorite tunes. All this is to say, the Echo Dot can be a great music companion. Further, you can also use Echo Dot as a standard speaker or you can connect it to your smartphone and use it as a Bluetooth device to play your favorite offline music playlist. And you also have the ability to connect your headphones. Amazon has also added Hindi language support along with the existing English language support for extended accessibility. The Echo Dot can also connect with various home appliances to let you control them with your voice with the help of the Echo Smart Plug accessory.

9. Motorola Sonic Boost 230

Motorola Sonic Boost wireless speaker offers music playback time up to 24 hours on a single charge and produces 5W sound output. It has a built-in microphone that supports voice calls and voice assistant like Alexa for hands-free control. You can activate Alexa using the mobile app on your smartphone; be it Android or iOS. The speaker gets IPX7 rating which makes waterproof and suitable for outdoor usage. It offers multiple connectivity options like USB, Bluetooth, microSD card and FM Radio.

10. Echo Show 8

Echo Show 8 is not only a smart speaker that comes powered by Amazon Alexa voice assistant but also has a display that can be used to stream videos and control other smart home devices as well. It gets an 8-inch display which also acts as a bigger screen to attend video calls made from the smartphone. Using the screen, you can also get visual representation of a response. For instance, asking Alexa about the weather shows you the temperature and the name of city on the display of the Echo Show. It has a slider button that turns off the microphone and camera for better privacy in the room.