Best smart speakers with Alexa worth buying for your house

  • Smart speakers offer multi-purpose functionality, such as music playback, controlling other devices, updates from Amazon, and so much more
  • These speakers usually need to be plugged in continually, though some models are wireless and come with a built-in rechargeable battery
  • You get Alexa-powered smart speakers from brands like Amazon, Motorola, Lumiford, and more in the market

What if you could control your old AC or fan with a smart device without spending a huge sum? That’s exactly what you get with smart speakers that come with built-in support for Alexa voice assistant. You can do so many things with these speakers, such as listening to news updates from the internet, turning on the TV in the living room while you are in another room, and change music hands-free and so much more. Here are the best Alexa-powered smart speakers that will serve all your needs.

Best smart speakers with Alexa in the market right now

1. Echo Dot 4th gen

The new Echo Dot from Amazon gets a refreshed design that offers loud sound and powerful bass. The circular-shaped speaker comprises four microphones and comes with built-in support for Alexa voice assistant. You also get physical buttons to mute the microphone to protect your privacy. Using the speaker, you can play music, get the latest news updates, and control smart home applications via voice control. The Echo Dot 4th gen in India is priced at Rs 3,249.

2. Lumiford 2.1 Dock

Lumiford 2.1 Dock comes with built-in Alexa support and a downwards-firing subwoofer that produces 26W output. It features 2.1 Hi-Fi full-bodied stereo sound and connects to devices wirelessly with Bluetooth 4.2 version. You can pick up calls from the speaker which offers wide pairing compatibility. The speaker comes with 10 hours of playback time and has physical buttons at the top to control playback. The Lumiford 2.1 Dock is available for Rs 4,199 in India.

3. Eufy Genie

Eufy Genie is an affordable smart speaker powered by Amazon Alexa voice assistant. Connect the speaker to your Wi-Fi network and you will be able to control all Alexa-compatible devices with voice command. The device gets an AudioSmart far-field voice processor which detects sound from 360-degrees, isolates the noise and responds to your query. You can also add new features to Alexa for the speaker using the mobile app and updating its version regularly. The Eufy Genie smart speaker is available in India for Rs 1,499

4. Echo Show 8

Echo Show 8 is not only a smart speaker that comes powered by Amazon Alexa voice assistant but also has a display that can be used to stream videos and control other smart home devices as well. It carries an 8-inch display which also acts as a bigger screen to attend video calls made from the smartphone. Using the screen, you can also get visual representation of a response. For instance, asking Alexa about the weather, shows you the temperature and the name of city on the display of the Echo Show. It has a slider button that turns off microphone and camera for better privacy in the room. The Echo Show 8 is priced at Rs 6,999 in the market right now.

5. Lumiford GoFash

Lumiford GoFash is another Bluetooth speaker that has smart capabilities, thanks to Amazon Alexa. The speaker works paired with the Lumiford U smart app that offers voice control over activities like playing music or checking weather. It gets IPX5 water resistant rating and packs a 3,000mAh battery that supports hands-free voice calling with the built-in mic. The device carries 12W balanced range speakers and offers 11 hours of playtime on a single charge. The controls of the speaker are at the top, while connectivity ports like microUSB, 3.5-mm headphone jack, along with microSD card slot are neatly enclosed behind the silicon material. The GoFash from Lumiford can be yours for Rs 1,999.

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