Best USB Type C cable under Rs 1,000 for your smartphone

With its adoption seen across price points, it is safe to say that USB Type C has become the industry standard for phone makers. Most of the phones you get these days feature this port that can be used for charging and transfer data to another device. Because of its reversible design, you will not have to choose a specific side to connect the cable. It can be plugged in from either side and this flexibility, along with faster data transfer speed, has made it popular among consumers. So, if you need a charging Type C cable for under Rs 1,000, these are the best options right now. 

1. Wayona Nylon Braided

Wayona makes some rugged charging cable and this one is no different. This USB Type C cable gives you maximum data transfer speed of 480Mbps and charging speed of 5V/3A. But it is hard to ignore the build quality of this cable, with the aluminium housing that ensures safe connectivity. The cable has passed the 10,000+ bend lifespan test and the nylon braiding fabric ensures a mess-free cable when carrying in the bag or pockets.

2. Mi Braided

Best value

The braided Mi cable supports USB Type-C port gets a strong and sturdy construction and toughened joins make it suitable for your rugged daily usage. It features a tangle-free design as well, and the 10,000+ bend lifespan credibility is a testament to its quality. Overall, you can use this Type C cable without worrying about any damage to the device being charged in terms of overheating or anything.

3. AmazonBasics USB Type C


Like every other USB Type C cable out there, this one from AmazonBasics serves the basic need of charging and transfer data between devices. You can use it with MacBook, Chromebook, Galaxy Note 20 and more. The design of the Type C cable ensures you can reverse slot the port, as the cable works from top and bottom. AmazonBasics has equipped the cable to support data transfer speed of 480 Mbps, with power output of up to 5V. Its credibility comes through because of the certification from USB-IF which makes it compliant with USB 2.0 interface.

4. Anker Power Line

Anker is renowned for its accessories in the market, and the Power Line Type C cable is one of them. The company claims this cable will last you five times longer than regular cables you can buy. Its wide compatibility means you can use it with MacBook, Nexus phones, OnePlus devices and more. The best thing about USB Type C cable is that you can use it both ways, without damaging the port. You also get faster charging speeds along with data transfer in quick time. Anker has built its cable using Kevlar materials, which makes it last longer.

5. Playa by Belkin

Belkin is another name that has built its reputation with quality accessories for devices. The Playa is the affordable series from the company to give you wider options. Its cable comes in white colour for change, but it makes no compromises in terms of device compatibility, especially Huawei phones that offers supercharge. In general, Playa provides charging speeds up to 5A, and 480 Mbps data transfer speed to push through photos, files in quick time. USB-IF certified makes it a viable and affordable Type C cable in the market worth buying.

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