Best waterproof smartwatches under Rs 5,000 in India: OnePlus Nord Watch, NoiseFit Evolve 3 and more

Some of the best waterproof smartwatches do not need to be premium and expensive — here’s our pick among the best of the lot under Rs 5,000.

Over the past three years, budget smartwatches have come to the mainstream in India. So much, that a recent report by Counterpoint Research pegged India as the leading market for smartwatches for the very first time — driven by the growth of adoption of budget smartwatches and homegrown brands. Amid this market, a key metric that has come to the fore includes waterproof smartwatches even in the budget segment.

These devices offer users great value for money, along with the added durability of waterproofing in their making. If you enjoy your lap at the swimming pool, or frequent the beach often, the best waterproof smartwatches in India should be your ultimate value for money purchases for your next (or first) wearable device. Here’s our pick.

Best waterproof smartwatches in India under Rs 5,000

  • OnePlus Nord Watch
  • NoiseFit Evolve 3
  • Boat Xtend Pro
  • Redmi Watch GPS
  • Amazfit Pop 2
  • Fastrack Reflex Play
  • Realme Watch 3 Pro
  • Pebble Cosmos Luxe
  • Fire-Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus
  • Portronics Kronos X4

OnePlus Nord Watch

The top pick of this table is the Nord Watch, from the stable of OnePlus. The smartwatch comes in two colours — Deep Blue and Midnight Black, and offers an Apple Watch-like design of a rounded rectangular chassis. It also has a solo physical button that doubles as a dial and crown, too. You get a 1.78-inch AMOLED display with a smooth 60Hz screen refresh rate, which takes up over 70% of the watch’s body. The zinc alloy body is durable, and adds to the IP68 durability rating of the watch. Key features of the watch include optical heart rate and blood oxygen sensors, fitness tracking through over 100 sports modes, and one-tap measurements of your health metrics. The 230mAh battery claims to offer over 30 days of standby battery time.

Price: Rs 4,999
Buy: Amazon

NoiseFit Evolve 3

Our next pick is the NoiseFit Evolve 3, launched earlier in 2022 in India. The smartwatch offers a circular design, with two physical buttons to control its operations — similar to Samsung’s flagship Watch that costs nearly 10x of the Evolve 3. There are four colours to pick from — black, blue, grey and brown. Key features include a 1.43-inch AMOLED screen with an Always-on display, Bluetooth-based call mirroring from Android smartphones, over 150 watch faces, IP68 durability rating, over 100 sports modes, an inbuilt speaker and mic for calling, the Noise health suite that includes a stress monitor, female health monitoring, sleep monitoring, and more. With calling and Always-on display active, the smartwatch offers a day’s usage on average.

Price: Rs 4,499
Buy: Flipkart

Boat Xtend Pro

Fellow homegrown smartwatch brand Boat is also a great option to pick in this segment. The Xtend Pro by the brand is among the most affordable durable smartwatch to pick, and is offered in four colour options — blue, green, red and black. In terms of its design, it is similar to the OnePlus Nord Watch. Key features of the smartwatch include a 1.78-inch AMOLED display, Bluetooth-based calling with inbuilt speaker and 10-caller fast dialling, fast charging, over 100 watch faces, a summarised view of health and hydration data, IP68 heat, dust and water resistance, and a one-year warranty on the device to ensure that any incidental damages and defects are covered by the brand itself.

Price: Rs 3,499
Buy: Amazon

Redmi Watch GPS

Adding a bit of funk and fun to your daily activity tracking is the Redmi Watch GPS, which too comes with a rectangular design, and two colour options. Among one of the best waterproof smartwatches, the Redmi Watch GPS offers up to 5 ATM water resistance, which makes it an assured device to go on swims with. The inbuilt GPS tracker also ensures that your hikes and swims are location logged, and can be accessed with more details on the Xiaomi Wear app itself. There are 11 dedicated sports modes that can be tracked through it, and the 1.4 inch display with 350 nits brightness offers over 200 water faces to customise your usage. A full charge takes two hours, and can last you for 10 days of usage — or for 10 hours of continuous GPS usage.

Price: Rs 3,999
Buy: Croma

Amazfit Pop 2

Yet another rectangular watch option, the Amazfit Pop 2 (review) offers plenty of features for the dough. Among one of the most reliable names in health metric tracking in budget smartwatch options, the Amazfit Pop 2 offers a 1.78-inch AMOLED display, Bluetooth calling with an inbuilt speaker for handsfree calls, 10 days of battery life, and over 100 sports modes including a dedicated mode to track just your swims. You get over 150 watch faces, and has a metallic mid-frame to add to the overall sturdiness of the smartwatch. The IP68 water resistance ensures that you can comfortably use it for your swims, without being concerned about incidental damages to the device.

Price: Rs 3,999
Buy: Flipkart

Fastrack Reflex Play

A legacy brand in the watch space from the house of Titan, the Fastrack Reflex Play is an effort from the traditional watchmaker to enter the smartwatch space. The result is a fairly impressive effort, with minimal design and a clean overall look — that offers the smartwatch in four colour choices, namely pink, orange, blue and black. You get a single minimal button to control everything on the watch, and IP68 rating for water resistance as well as safety from dust and heat. Interestingly, this is also among only two smartwatches in this list that claims to offer playable games as part of its feature list. It is mostly a list of casual games, but does pad up the list of features to appeal to users — as another way to kill time.

Price: Rs 4,495
Buy: Amazon

Realme Watch 3 Pro

Among the more premium options in the list of the best waterproof smartwatches in India under Rs 5,000, the Realme Watch 3 Pro comes with a 1.78-inch AMOLED display, two colours, and over 100 watch faces to pick from. The smartwatch has an IP68 durability rating that allows it to track sports such as skating, skiing and ice hockey, among others. It also gets Bluetooth-based phone calling, which enables handsfree conversations with a built-in mic and remote. Realme also claims a 10-day battery life with the use of GPS and Bluetooth calling, making it among the more durable smartwatches that you can buy at this price segment.

Price: Rs 4,999
Buy: Croma

Pebble Cosmos Luxe

The Pebble Cosmos Luxe is among the lesser known smartwatch brands, but a notable one nevertheless since it stands out with the design that it offers. The smartwatch offers a 1.36-inch AMOLED display, with a metal finish body and two physical buttons for its operations. It also gets the more premium ‘Always-on’ display feature, and sensors to measure blood oxygen, heart rate, blood pressure, and an aggregate stress monitor as well. Other key features include handsfree Bluetooth-based calling, and a dedicated swim mode with 5 ATM water resistance. It also comes with over 50 watch faces, a quick-access calculator app in the smartwatch, up to two days’ battery life with calling, female health tracking and more.

Price: Rs 3,999
Buy: Flipkart

Fire-Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus

Among the newest in the list to have been launched, the Fire-Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus is also the most affordable in this list of the best waterproof smartwatches under Rs 5,000. There are five colour options to pick from — black, blue, grey, pink and black-gold. Alongside being the most affordable and offering the most number of colour choices to pick, it also has among the largest display of the bunch with a 1.83-inch display to boot. Other key features include IP67 certification for durability, a quick access phone dial pad with call history display, its own AI voice assistant, over 100 sports modes being tracked, blood oxygen and heart rate tracking, built-in camera control and games, and more.

Price: Rs 1,999
Buy: Fire-Boltt

Portronics Kronos X4

The distinction of offering the largest display among smartwatches in this list goes to the Portronics Kronos X4 smartwatch, with a 1.85-inch ‘HD’ display to boot. It also has IP68 dust and water resistance for use in swims, and supports over 100 watch faces to let you customise its appearance. Other key features include heart rate and blood oxygen sensors, 24-hour sleeping and resting pattern tracking, Bluetooth-based phone call tracking with a inbuilt speaker, and a remote controller for your music playback directly from the watch, as well.

Price: Rs 2,999
Buy: Flipkart