Best Wi-Fi routers under Rs 2,000 for small homes

  • Wireless routers give you Internet speeds up to 300Mbps
  • You get features like security encryption, parental controls, and remote access.
  • Routers at this price range come from brands like Tenda, D-Link, and TP-Link

Broadband prices in India have come significantly down over the past few years while the reach has grown. But that is not all, even the prices of Wi-Fi routers have become affordable for people to switch from wired to wireless internet at their home. These routers come with single or multiple antennas, depending on the range you need. These offer speed up to 300Mbps which is ideal for streaming videos and connect more than a few devices at a time. Here are some of the best routers from brands like Xiaomi, Tenda, and D-Link among others.

Things to consider while buying a Wi-Fi router

You have plenty of Wi-Fi routers in the market, but knowing which ones meets your requirement is very important. Following are the parameters based on which you should consider while buying one:

  • Supports latest Wi-Fi standard: You must have noticed all routers have this 802.11 written in the specs sheet. And is they support ‘ac’ then you are going for the latest Wi-Fi routers. It promises three times faster data transfer speed than what older routers deliver. They also use different frequency ranges to support multi-user demand.
  • Dual-band is a bonus: Another big aspect of routers these days is if they are dual-band supported. Thanks to advancement in fibre-based broadband, you have different 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks available. And you can only make the best use of such technologies if you buy dual-band Wi-Fi router.
  • More the antennas, the better: Many of us see routers with more than a single antenna. And experts suggest going for a Wi-Fi router with a minimum of two antennas is a must these days. But if you indulge in heavy data usage, and want faster speed with consistent network, it’s better to go for three or even four antenna routers.
  • Buy router based on ISP support: If you prefer to buy own router to connect to different ISP providers, we suggest you check with them which routers they support. In fact, you can also confirm the ISP compatibility with router brands before taking the plunge. Buying an incompatible router is the last thing you would want.

Best Wi-Fi routers under Rs 2,000 for home use

1. TP-link N300

One of the first routers we recommend comes from TP-Link which has the N300 wireless router in the market within this budget. The Wi-Fi router provides you to maximum speed up to 300Mbps, which allows you to connect multiple devices to high-speed internet. Many claim the router is ideal for streaming videos and multi-tasking but we’d say it does more than basics quite comfortably. The router features three antennas which make sure the network connectivity is stable and fast. TP-Link has made the router IPv6 standard compatible and offers multiple working modes like router, access point, and WISP for versatility. You can easily protect the network from unwanted usage by enabling encryption and WPA2 security on the router. In addition to being a router, the N300 also doubles up as a range extender, which helps you boost network signals in dark corners of the room. Buyers found the router offering great signal strength, the durability also gets a mention, but most importantly, the easy of use allows anyone to configure the router for their house.

2. Mi Smart Router 4C

The Mi Smart Router 4C from Xiaomi is also a reliable choice for buyers who need a router for a mid-size house. It comes equipped with support for 2.4GHz Wi-Fi standard and offers top speeds up to 300Mbps for multiple devices. As the name suggests, it has four antennas that result in better network speeds and coverage throughout the house. This router works effectively in an area up to 400 Sqft and lets you connect to four devices simultaneously. But Xiaomi has added a few nifty tools which makes this router different and ‘smart’ from others in its segment. You can remotely control the router’s network using the Mi Wi-Fi app on your smartphone: be it Android or iOS. Mi Smart Router 4C also features parental controls so that you can monitor the internet usage of kids in the house, and also lock the websites that are beyond their age limit. Its 3-step setup interface also comes in handy so that you don’t need a technician to make it work for your house. People who bought the Mi Smart Router 4C suggest this product for its easy-to-use setup, strong network range across the room and reliable speeds to operate your devices.

3. D-Link DSL-2730U

D-Link also comes highly valued from buyers, and over here we are talked about the DSL-2730U model from the company. So, if you are looking for a value for money Wi-Fi router, this one from D-Link has to be right up there on the list. The router carries a port for Ethernet cable, which helps you convert fixed cable internet to seamless wireless network. Anyone can easily configure the router using the WPS button, making sure you don’t need a technician come around to fix it. It supports high-speed ADSL2 connection and offers up to 150Mbps network speed to help you stay connected to the internet and rely on it for streaming videos, surfing the web and work from home. D-Lin has also offered features such as universal plug-and-play (UPnP), firewall protection and QoS that guarantee the network running on the device is protected from unwanted actors. D-Link has made it compatible to run with ISPs like MTNL, BSNL, Airtel, ACT Fibernet and Spectra as well. Like we said, buyers consider the DSL-2730U router as a cost-effective and consistent product, something that D-Link mostly delivers.

4. Tenda N301

Tenda N301 is our next pick for Wi-Fi routers in the market. The first thing you will notice with the N301 is its easy setup benefit, which offers secure wireless network in quick time. The router supports speeds up to 300Mbps as do most others in this range. The N301 is ideal router to set up network in a space of around 500 sqft, so that you get adequate support for multiple devices. And more importantly, you can make it work with all standard wireless protocols. It has two 5Dbi omni-directional antennas that improve the overall connectivity range of the internet connection, giving you fast data speeds consistently. The router gets one WAN port and three LAN 10/100Mbps LAN ports for flexibility and different use cases. Tenda provides you with different set of parental controls to monitor web usage of kids in the house. So what do buyers feel about this Tenda router? It’s effective, reliable and a low-cost option that fits into needs of most users these days.

5. TP-Link AC750

TP-Link AC750 is the second option from the brand that caters to all your network requirements. This one is a dual-band Wi-Fi router supporting 2.4GHz and 5GHz standard, for speeds up to 733Mbps in total. Router of this capability works best in 2 bedroom houses thanks to its three fixed antennas which deliver strong network strength, and stable omnidirectional signal. The router supports three different modes like router, access point and range extender, showing its versatility for the price. TP-Link has also equipped with different wireless standards, so that you don’t limit its compatibility. The router features a single 100Mbps WAN port, and four 100Mbps LAN ports. It lets you outsiders to the network via guest access. Buyers feel they get excellent value for their money with the AC750, thanks to its wide array of features, signal range and support for dual band Wi-Fi standard.

6. D-Link DIR-615

Moving further, gives you the DIR-615 from D-Link, which is another brand catering to Wi-Fi connectivity needs of users. Like other routers, it also supports multiple modes such as Access Point, Repeater and Client. D-Link has made it easy to configure the router; both via mobile app or web GUI setup wizard designed by the company for this purpose. The device also gets advanced security features with WPA/WPA2, firewall NAT, SPI, IP filter, MAC Filter, DMZ and DDoS prevention. The company provides latest security updates to the firmware, which makes sure the router stays up-to-date with new vulnerabilities in the market. The dual antennas help strengthen the network within the permissible range. You also get other advanced features like IPv6 protocol, TR-069, VLAN, and static routing as well. You also get guest zone option for people who are visiting the house for a limited period of time. Buyers say broadband cables work seamlessly through the router for consistent network support. The wide range of security features make it ideal for work-from-home or small office setup.

7. TP-Link Archer C50

The next suggestion we have is the TP-Link Archer C50 which is the cheaper of the series for buyers in the market. But the price does not come at the cost of major compromises. It features four antennas for strong network reception throughout the range limit. Acher C50 lets you connect to 2.4GHz network or 5GHz standard, allowing dual-band Wi-Fi compatibility. In total with both the bands you get broadband speeds up to 1.2Gbps. TP-Link has added two working modes: router and Access Point for additional versatility. It comes with four LAN ports for 100Mbps speed, and a single WAN port with similar speed levels. Additional flexibility and seamless control has been provided through Tether app which is compatible with Android and iOS devices. With these speeds, TP-Link caters to heavy users, who remain connected to the internet most times.

8. Mercusys AC10

Another brand we would suggest you to consider is Mercusys which has the AC10 router in the market, providing 1.2Gbps broadband internet speed through multiple connectivity bands for the user. All this power is supplemented with four high-performance antennas that help provide the best internet range with strong signal. Mercusys has added parental controls for safe internet use in the house with kids around, and limit their time on the web as well. You can switch to latest IPv6 standard for connectivity and services, along with IPTV support to help you stream in high-resolution using fast LAN ports. The router has two LAN ports and a single WAN port to help you connect your ISP service to the network. Many call it a future-proof router, delivering on all fronts, especially if you enjoy playing online games. Some also say it is the best gigabit router for the price.

9. D-Link DIR-650IN

If you want more options for a four antenna router in this budget, D-Link has its DIR-650IN up for grabs. Another router which gives you multiple modes like Access Point, Repeater, Client, as well as WISP Client. It supports web-based setup which is made easy thanks to the pre-configured wizard. D-Link has equipped this router with advanced security features like WPA/WPA2, firewall NAT, SPI, IP Filter, Mac Filter and more. In addition to this, D-Link has added QoS Bandwidth limitation, as well as allows you to restrict the download/upload speed for select clients. Like every advanced router in the market, DIR-650IN features IPv6 compatibility, TR-069 and static routing as well. Guest Wi-Fi zone is another handy feature to have on board. Quality product delivering reliable network range, secure digital space in your surrounding and keeping everything in check is what most people have to say about this router.

10. Tenda F3

We end this list with the Tenda F3 router which is more than just a Wi-Fi router for our liking. Tenda has clearly worked on the design part of the router, making it one of the good-looking options in the market for its price. The white finish and the classic edges give it a fine appeal. The device gets a single Ethernet WAN port, and multiple LAN ports to help you connect other gadgets. Tenda has offered F3 with three 5Dbi external antennas which boosts Wi-Fi range and network speed in all corners of the house. You can manually set bandwidth limit for each user in the space thanks to IP-based bandwidth controls on the router. For security purpose, the F3 supports WPA, WPA2, WPA-PSK, and WPA2-PSK that help you secure the network from outsiders and possible attacks. You get broadband speeds up to 300Mbps, making it usable in specific conditions. But the ease to configure interface means anybody can start accessing the internet in around 30 seconds. Value for money, and its good looks get thumbs up from buyers.